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    • My condolences.   This is always a tradeoff: what is the reverberation time of the room vs. frequency, and how much detail/clarity you trade for.  And larger rooms sound better than smaller ones (at home hi-fi scale).  The listening room next to the chamber in Hope is fairly good size.    I can't remember what the room sounded like from out 2009 get-together (the last time that I was in that room), but I do remember where I was standing/sitting: at the very back of the room toward the right corner (looking forward).  Roy mentioned that there was a lot of acoustics work done to that room (as he said in 2009), and I found that my right back corner listening location was pretty good--maybe not as good as centered on the front row of listening positions, but good enough to hear the differences between loudspeakers/settings, and that's good enough I've found. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________   A comment that I think needs to be made at this juncture as I read the comments here: I find that a few listeners somehow hold their own internal expectations on what the loudspeaker should sound like, over what they're hearing from in-room loudspeakers.  I've learned that there is no such thing as a "perfect internal compass" on how things like vocals should sound, because it varies so much with the recordings that a real baseline is impossible to establish for loudspeakers.    When you think that, say, a certain human voice should sound a certain way on certain loudspeakers, when you do finally get your setup to the quality standards that you think is the best that you can achieve in-room, and then you put recordings on, my experience is that almost every recording has been altered (damaged) by mastering EQ and other "enhancements" that are meant to make the sound translate to some lower quality studio monitors/mastering room than the speakers/room that you're currently listening in.    When I correct the EQ of these recordings using Audacity while looking at the spectrograms (and it's usually blatantly obvious what's been done to the recordings looking at the cumulative spectral plots and the spectrograms), most all the presence and and realism often returns to the recordings...as much as can be recovered from the damage done during recording/mixing/mastering processes without trying to correct for compression techniques that have been applied to the recordings.  When you return back to the as-distributed music track off disc, you can hear what has been done to the recordings, and I have to say that it's a letdown and it feels like a huge betrayal from those entrusted to bring the music to us with its fidelity intact.  Instead, it sounds like a table radio, turning our investments of time and money into our hi-fi setups into a worthless pile of rubbish--not worth any more than a table radio.   The only real thing that I know of is real musicians playing onstage in a large performance venue, being on stage with them playing--and the subjective sense of realism and presence that accompanies that.  I've been in bad auditoriums and halls in terms of their acoustics from the audience seats, but the stage position has never been an issue.  That "fact" (for my ears) has never changed much over the years, except perhaps changes to hearing due to presbycusis, which shaves off the high end a great deal).  I try to use that as my reference, as I've had a lot of hours listening in that position.  When I feel that subjective effect of "realism" appear from the music, I know that I've got a well recorded music track that has largely been unaltered from what was recorded on the microphones.  Then I can trust the recording and my ears.  Beforehand, I wasn't truly able to hear the difference between an unaltered good recording and one that was simply mastered on loudspeakers and in a room acoustics setup that approximately match the ones currently being listened to/inside of.  This is the "circle of confusion" that I referring to above.   Chris
    • Unless the rear ported Heresy IVs would be a problem, I would try the IV against the Classic. I think that would be a better comparison. I would like to hear both in the same room. the only real complaint I have heard about the Classic is the low end, but placing them on a closed base would help that. I almost always had my 4311s on shelves. Best house had a fireplace with deep bookcases on each side. Put them right at ear level and they were superb. Used a 35wpc amp on them.   The Classics have the vertical alignment better than the old models. I was tempted to cut the baffle out of one of mine and flip it over, so I could have a left/right, but the woofer sits in a slight recess, so I would have to make a whole new baffle. I decided to just enjoy they the way they are.   Bruce
    • I have 2 copies of the printed biography.  One has a mistake, ... somewhere.  I can't remember Miss Belle being mentioned at all.    I also met Miss Valerie.  She was almost solely responsible for the "Klipsch Fans Tour of Hope" in 2001 happening.  She was fiercely protective of and loyal to Mr. Paul.  While quaint, it wasn't hard to see how that could become strident and aggressive.  I got a clear impression she was jealous of Miss Belle.  Stories indicate she antagonized KGI, needlessly.  Such a shame.  One of my treasures from 2001 is a picture of me sitting with Mr. Paul that Miss Valerie provided.  It hangs on the wall above one of my Heresies. 
    • Affirmative. But not near the river. Saint Charles is a big place.
    • Excellent deal.  Those should go quick. 
    • Been reading about these guys lately.     http://www.xduoo.com/xduoo/En/Index.asp
    • Time flies when you're having fun... congrats 😊
    • Would love to pair some with my 510s but got too many irons in the fire as it is.   BUMP.
    • I had a GermanShorthairPointer.   A 75lb cat. Coyote smart.   Behaved more like a cat, when left to his own means. After him [he lived a long time, 17years] I can easily say NO to offers of dog.  I can borrow one for as long as I care to pet one. The neighbor has a beautiful hound [of some sort]. She's more white than black. I/we call her Daisy. She gets loose often enough to come visit. Try to confine a hound when they get scent of something. My shorthair used to sit, waving his head back and forth like radar.  I knew he was getting ready to go for a run. could not keep him indoors. He would not stay. Had one place with a Beware of Dog sign on the front door.  What it didn't say.... the dog was coming up behind you
    • Thanks man. Yeah. I was kidding about MWM trade.  I'm more interested in cash first, but a pair of KP301s or older 396s in good shape would interest me. 
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