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    • Pretty sure I asked all of these questions above and didn't get a response.... If you play one speaker at a time and bass improves significantly, it is liwlly polarity is reversed internally in one speaker.  I did ask about source quality as well (not just Amplifier) and what type of music is being played to determine that Cornwalls with large internal cabinet volume and a 15" woofer sound like Bookshelf speakers.  Do you have the ability to run then in a little (turn them up a bit and leave) to give the woofers a chance to get moving? 
    • If you're going the AVR route look for something near the top three models or so no matter which brand you go with.  I have been a Denon buyer for decades and it seems their AVR's actually dont fall on their face with 5 or 7 speakers hooked up from prior bench tests. They also have very good SNR values.  Also, when you get near the top in Denon and Marantz, the build location changes to Japan rather than China.  In most cases, you get what you pay for in an AVR these days.
    • What source are you using MP3's, DVD Player, turntable?  Amplifier's are only one part of the equation, preamp type?  I do not see that mentioned or the music type your system is only as good as the weakest link.  Have you verified the polarity of the speaker wire perhaps reverse one and see if there is any difference.  So quick to blame the speakers when there are so many other variables at play.
    • Bare breast always makes me smile 😀
    • Given the treatise above on the colors of zip ties, I offer the following:   KEEPER: Stop! What is your name? GALAHAD: Sir Galahad of Camelot. KEEPER: What is your quest? GALAHAD: I seek the Grail. KEEPER: What is your favorite color? GALAHAD: Blue. No yel-- Auuuuuuuugh!
    • Gonna be a "New Day" in Cbus this year with Ryan Day replacing Urban Meyer.  Even picked up a couple U of M Coaches who "jumped ship" in the off season.   They are workin well in the scheme and respected by all.  U of M picked up a "cast-off" from OSU so we'll have to sit back and see how that pans out for them.  Good man but just didn't fit Day's program so we'll see.  He definitely didn't fit in Coach Day's plans.  Justin Fields named as the starting QB, receivers are on point as well as the O and D Lines.  The supposed "weak spot" is in the LB's but I think that will repair itself as the season progresses.  It's a game at a time here and I really can't believe Blue is shooting off their mouths already.  The "revenge" tour was an epic fail last year.  It's game by game but there are MANY good teams on the OSU schedule this year and you can't count on a win every week yet you "expect" it.  "On ANY given day" is always there haunting you.  Pre-season picks are out the window it's the END of season stats that mean the most.  Yup, haters gonna hate and I love it!  We're bringin it that I do know!  Peace, Love, Dove!  GO BUCKS!       
    • Since you purchased them from a dealer, I would give them a call. These are new cabinets, so do not open them up. Obviously, if what you are saying is correct, something is wrong.
    • Better to think about the Woodstock experience, and the music. And bare breasts.
    • Planning on doing some work on my Forte IIs and making new speaker stands is on the list. Right now I have a very simple setup with a pair of heavy old 2x4s, vertical, between a double layer of mdf on the bottom and a single layer on the top. Probably not important but they get the speakers up about 8-10" and work okay.   One key is they sit on suspended wood floors. My current plan is to build a very solid box with a double layer of mdf (1.5" thick) filled with sand. I would put thin rubber furniture feet under the box, then spikes under the forte's to couple them to the box. The reason for putting the spikes between the speakers and the box is it seems like a lot of weight on the spikes and floor. I'm open to any suggestions.   My goal is to bring the speakers up 8-10", not create a void under the speakers, and make them sound as good as I can.   Am I on the right track with either of these designs?
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