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  1. How much is this single? Also the grill...mine seem to be stapled on. How did you remove the grills?
  2. I bought these somewhere around 2005 from an elderly gentleman outside of Portland Oregon. He shipped them clear across the country in amazing double boxes. I used them for a few years as surrounds in a 5.1 and for a brief time as a dual center channel. Truthfully for the last 7-9 years they have been sitting in boxes not getting used. I just pulled them down from the attic (not climate controlled!! 😳) tonight and unboxed them. And with 3 kids under 5 I don’t have the heart to have them in my living room (they’ll be destroyed in no time!). It may be time to let someone else enjoy them. Is is there anything I should do to prep them before connecting them and seeing how they sound? Any idea of a fair valuation? I know they are pretty rare but also know they aren’t going to fetch $2800. Model H-12-WO serial #s 7B40 and 7B41 I would rate condition a 7/10. The cane grills have a few spots on them and the cabinets have a few scratches here and there.
  3. I’ve been away for about 10 years. What happened to colterphoto?
  4. Thanks budman. What about bottom dollar price for a similar vintage set of la scalas?
  5. Oops, got confused with my old Heresy II's. These are 1983.
  6. Pretty good shape, standard C-WO, original stock crossovers. What is a fair asking price on a pair?
  7. I was inspired by a recent ad on my local craigslist to resurrect this thread. Check out this beautiful MATCHED pair of 58 shorthorns. Serial 885 and 886. Gorgeous!!
  8. Well it looks like this was a mistake after all...price is now back up to $4000.
  9. Unbelievable! It says they only have 5 left, but more on the way... I wonder if the price is only good for the remaining stock?
  10. Frzninvt, I think I found your speakers' long lost older brothers...on the Boston CL. These are 69 Maple (according to the owner) verticals with cane and the pieslice. Very nice! If I was closer I would pick these up...
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