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  1. Thanks for the info Picky! However, I own one OLD (400mhz) PC, but I own two of the newest Macs - dual 2Ghz G5 and 17" 1.5Ghz powerbook. So I like to keep it in the family, so to speak...by getting the airport express.
  2. Hey, great suggestion T Shoemaker! That is a pretty ideal setup for 3G's.
  3. ---------------- On 6/15/2004 7:07:15 PM thebes wrote: Sounds very cool. But what I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want is a wireless rear speakers for HT. Something like a Bluetooth transmitter to get sound from the reciever to the rears without runnig wires all over the place. Anybody know if Klipsch or anybody else is working on this? ---------------- Well you don't need Bluetooth, but Brookstone, RCA, Sony, and a few other companies already have wireless speakers. They require you plug the transmitter unit into your receiver/preamp/tv/whatever, and you can place the speakers up to a certain distance away. Then the speakers either plug into a socket or you can power them with batteries. The sound quality, however, will probably leave something to be desired...
  4. Yup, we're all here to learn and exchange knowledge and good conversation. I joined this forum because I saw the link when I was buying my Promedia 2.1's online! Those were the first Klipsch products I ever bought. Now I'm 2 reference systems from that. So high five!
  5. I gotta hand it to the Pistons. They played like they were possessed. And the Lakers simply were the inferior team. They will never be the next Chicago Bulls.
  6. Wow, I wish a had a spare RF-7 sitting downstairs.
  7. Anyone got a picture of these 350K amps? Personally, for that price, I'd rather pick up a pair of Focal Grand Utopias.
  8. Skidmarks - very nice, clean looking room. Definately a zen feel. Prodj - do you know if 420 is Bob Marley's birthday or the number of chemicals in Mary Jane? I need to know once and for all.
  9. The game's tonight! And since no team has ever won all 3 at home...go Lakers!!!
  10. Thanks guys for the responses. I called up Apple and asked them about it, and they basically reaffirmed what Skonopa said. Yes, it's entirely possible. And it's mostly for the convinience factor. I think once the product comes out in mid-July, I'm gonna pick up 2 (one for the main system, one for the bedroom system) so that I can play MP3's from my computer through whichever system I want to fit whatever mood is appropriate.
  11. Also called "Airtunes" in their new product "Airport Express." In theory it sounds like the best thing since sliced bread. If you have wireless internet set up around your house, which really isn't all that expensive now, with this device you can supposedly connect an analog or optical cable from the airport express unit (which plugs directly into an outlet) to your preamp or receiver. Then you simply use your computer's MP3 player to play whatever song you want, and voila! It'll play on your home stereo. So imagine being anywhere in your house, and you have your laptop sitting with you out on the porch, on the crapper, in the kitchen whipping up a gourmet feast for you many concubines...and you decide to play a song. Just hit the button on your laptop or computer, and the music will play in whichever room you designate. That is, if you have multiple stereos. If not, then just on your main unit. It's awesome since people have thousands and thousands of songs on their computers, and it would be instantaneous. No need to wait for the CD changer to search and play. So what I'm wondering is how good the sound quality can actually be? For one thing, while MP3 is the new "music revolution," I think that only refers to people who don't spend thousands on stereo equipment, or waste their life on these boards (haha). Secondly, how can it possibly transmit digital signal via optical cable, if it's receiving the MP3 data wirelessly over internet? I mean, is that even possible??? At lastly, it's a given that unless MP3's are encoded at 192 bits or more, the sound will be noticeably crappy on a revealing system. Or to golden ears. Oh, and here'st he link to Apple's product: http://www.apple.com/airportexpress/
  12. haha, funny you ask, since you're the one who works at bestbuy, i think we're all waiting for YOU to give us the skinny.
  13. ---------------- On 6/14/2004 6:27:45 AM Audible Nectar wrote: I don't think the Pistons will win Game 5. Here's why....... 1. No home team has won all three "middle games" (Games 3, 4, and 5) since the 2-3-2 format has been played in the Finals. 2. I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist here, in that we KNOW that TV wants the Lakers to extend the series......along with being Laker fanboys. 3. The Lakers play best when the HAVE to....they seem to bumble and stumble until thier collective backs are against the wall. I'm still amazed at how they won vs. San Antonio...the Lakers pulled that series out of thier collective hind end. I will be as pleased as anyone to see the Lakers lose.......but I got a hunch they will be playing in LA again before it's over. And if it goes to LA, LA may well win this series. ---------------- Very good points, and while I obviously want the Lakers to win also since I live here in LA, the other statistic is that none of the 27 teams in the past who were up 3-1 have ever gone on to lose a series...which makes me very upset... ...cause I HATE THE PISTONS!!! PS - oh cool, this is my 500th post. I'm no longer "insane poster" but a "freak" now. dope!
  14. Someone needs to kill William Hung. This fool puts asians back 10 years in terms of reaffirming stereotypes. Jackie Chan too.
  15. Devil dog! That's why my cat disappeared!
  16. I used to have a 15" JBL sub in my college dorm room. It rocked the building like nobody's business. Then it blew out.
  17. Ken, funny you mention that. I usually had problems in the past finding DVD players that had coax, not toslink, since I was under the impression that coax was slightly more secure a connection.
  18. Another tip. Many prefer the SVS PB2+ set to 16hz but with only 1 port blocked, otherwise it becomes too "stuffy."
  19. What's funny is how many people I've met that are straight up band wagon-jumpers. They once loved the Bulls. Now it's the Lakers. Wonder who it'll be next? Random question: how many people on this forum are actually LIVING in Los Angeles or Detroit right now? Do people in Detroit drive their cars around with big Pistons flags sticking out of their windows like they do here in LA?
  20. 1.5 minutes left in overtime...looks like Lakers are gonna pull through at 99-91
  21. Good Lord, I was sitting back thinking my response was quite informative and then Mr. McGoo comes and talks like a true professor. I think I'll go sit in the corner now.
  22. To many, it is our ears that dictate our wants.
  23. 120W certainly is not underpowering the RF7's due to their efficiency. You'll probably never come close to utilizing the full 120W of your receiver. Just like the similar post about amps "do I need an amplifier?" You don't NEED one, because your 3805 is more than up to the task of powering the towers. But you may WANT one...especially since the addition of an amp may make a world of difference to your ears. But then it all depends. It may not. 225W certainly won't blow out your speakers, since the RF7's are rated at 250W RMS, I believe (too lazy to check my own haha). My amp puts out 250 watts per channel, and even to my RF3's which are side surrounds and only 125 watts RMS. So unless I was trying to fill a stadium with sound, I have no fear of anything ever blowing out. So neither should you...unless of course...you are trying to fill a stadium with sound. And out of your shortlist, I would personally choose the B&K 2003. I've heard only good things about it, whereas I've heard both good and not so good about Bob Carver's stuff.
  24. Unless you live in LA where half the tough guy biker bars are all gay bars.
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