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  1. ledzeprep - probably because Page got his fingers on the mixing board and he's freaking deaf. ------------------ deanG
  2. Hear No Evil - Klipsch ------------------ deanG
  3. U2's War - bad, very bad ------------------ deanG
  4. Nice post Max - isn't if fun hanging out with lunatic friends? I'm glad you found redeeming qualities in the RF3. Not bad for $800 huh? Looks like I may have to break down and find me an old set of Heresy's somewhere so I can give them an honest eval - in my home. It's impossible to simply ignore all the good things I hear about them. Hell, Even Ben says they do good after a good breaking in period. ------------------ deanG
  5. My bad, I missed Ears reference. I just saw 'Grado' and thought SR-80, which are the ones most have heard. ------------------ deanG
  6. Well, I couldn't stand it anymore - I just bought an AE-25 Super Amp with the upgraded caps and a volume control for preamp by-pass. The volume control on the amp will get me by until I can afford another preamp - sometime around the year 2030. ------------------ deanG
  7. any opinions http://www.jolida.com/catalogue/jd801a.html ------------------ deanG
  8. I would only do multichannel if I hit the lottery. I have enough trouble getting 2 channel to play at a level I find acceptable. My two channel amps weigh more than most 5 channel amps. ------------------ deanG
  9. He didn't actually help design the AR-1 - that was Villchurs design all the way. However, he did convince Villchur to market the AR-1 and was actually responsible for founding the company. Kloss was also the 'K' in KLH back when they mattered. The Advent Loudspeakers were great but what he should really be credited with is the whole home theater thing. He was the first to bring the big screen concept into the living room with the Advent projector. ------------------ deanG This message has been edited by deang on 02-12-2002 at 09:13 AM
  10. Ears, surprised to see you give the Grado's the nod over the HD600's. I really don't think the Grado's are in the same class as the 600's - ------------------ deanG
  11. Well, everyone here knows I'm electrically declined. Will the following preamp specs work with my Bryston. Bryston: Input impedance: 50 Kohms AE3: Gain: Line Stage: 20dB Input Impedance: 100Kohms Output Impedance: 560ohms I'm guessing no - did I guess right? This message has been edited by deang on 02-16-2002 at 11:21 PM
  12. http://history.acusd.edu/gen/recording/loudspeaker.html ------------------ deanG
  13. The input impedance of the Bryston is: 50 Kohms unbalanced 20 Kohms balanced Great advice from the both of you. I will hang back, learn, and enjoy the music for a while. thanks guys ------------------ deanG This message has been edited by deang on 02-11-2002 at 11:25 AM
  14. He died yesterday at the age of 72. As I was growing up I owned several things he designed. I actually had some AR1's that my dad gave me, and I owned all versions of the Advent Loudspeaker. He's one of my hero's. Bummer. ------------------ deanG
  15. huh...this is embarrassing -I really didn't think there was anything wrong with the Anthem, but several (including Mobile) felt I could do much better for not much more money - so I sold the Anthem. At any rate - the Bryston is VERY clean and has a somewhat incisive, penetrating kind of sound. The Anthem was shipped off before the Bryston arrived and so I didn't have a chance to play them together. I just read that the CJ doesn't really have enough gain to run SS amps correctly and that it is very tube sensitive. How about Audible Illusions? I just need something to soften the edges a little and get the in between spaces a little darker. Maybe I should buy an Anthem Pre1L ------------------ deanG
  16. I wanna be smart like mdeneen and mobile. I'm looking for a tubed preamp for $700 or less to run with my Bryston SS amp. My list so far is the CJ pv10al and the Quicksilver. I was figuring that either of these might be more musical than the Anthem Pre1L I just sold. I guess nothings for certain. ------------------ deanG
  17. I've spent the better part of the afternoon and early evening checking out tubed preamps. Something that is really confusing to me is how you can have something like a CJ pv10al that only uses two 12au7's, or a Quicksilver that only used two 12ax7's - and then see a BAT 3 vk3i that has 4 6922's and 2 6v6's!! What's up with that!!? I mean - they're all line stage preamps. Shouldn't the simpler circuits sound better? Yet people rave about the BAT stuff. ------------------ deanG
  18. Audio Flynn said: "Even at low volumes the transients were more pronounced" It's really the truth and is especially noticable watching movies. This message has been edited by deang on 02-10-2002 at 02:09 PM
  19. So jethro - what happened to your DQ10's? What prompted you to make a change? ------------------ deanG
  20. Wives are people too. Mine puts up with me well enough - she's a real sport about it. My real problem in the past was getting dedicated time on the system without everyone making me nuts. I decided the best solution was to move everything out of the living room into our bedroom upstairs. Now I can listen and play in peace! ------------------ deanG
  21. if you build it they will run ------------------ deanG
  22. Speaking of Creek Audio. One would think folks here would be big fans of their integrated units with passive preamps and MOSFETs - but I don't recall ever hearing them mentioned here. About every couple of months I'm tempted to try one out. ------------------ deanG
  23. nice to see you back tom - you been missing some fun now i must say - surely Heritage is a notch or two above whirlpool ------------------ deanG
  24. No problem and you are absolutely right. ------------------ deanG
  25. Crash - before you throw any cash down you probably should try to hear some of the bigger Heritage stuff or some Legends. That way you can make more of an informed choice. I have my idea of the 'ideal sound' and I would have to say that the RF7's come closer to that ideal than Heritage. However, everybody else has their own idea of that 'ideal sound' and it's not the same as mine. As a matter fact - I'm outnumbered on this board 10 to 1. Jethro - My friend Mark has had DQ10's for over 20 years. During that same time period I had Advents, powered Advents, AR11's powered by a GAS Ampzilla amp and Thalia preamp, and then Magnepan 1.5QR's driven by my Luxman amp and Athem preamp and CDP. Where I was always chasing refinement and detail - Mark was always pacified by the DQ10's. The DQ10 certainly throws a huge soundstage and is one of the best overall sounding speakers ever made. However, they are not that transparent sounding compared to some other offerings and they do tend to sound a little shrill at the higher SPL's - of course, Mark thinks they sound great even when they are begging for mercy. When I first got my RB5's, running them with a Boston PV1000 - I really felt it gave me 80% of the Magnepans transparency and over the top dynamics that blew the DQ10's away. It was the first time I heard a system that I thought sounded better than DQ10's all the way around. Mark agreed it sounded great but really likes the DQ's throw sound everywhere approach. Well, when I decided to trade the RC7's in on the RF7's I have now - Mark decided to ****** up those RC7's and is running them with two Boston PV1000's. He loves the sound but can't get used to the directional imaging. He's running the system with an original Adcom GFA-555 and a Toshiba DVD player and so you can say that the Klipsch aren't playing at their best. I just can't convince Mark that the upgrades really make a difference. He is caving a little however and seriously considering a CD player. So what about those DQ's? Well, Mark wants to set them back up and so I talked him into buying the upgrade kit from Regnar and changing out the caps. He then picked up two more GFA-555's off of AudiogoN to bridge in mono for them. I wanted him to buy a slightly used GFA-5802 or Bryston but he wouldn't go for it. He just loves those 555's. After listening to those RC7's for a month or more - I think what Mark is going to find when he rolls his DQ's back out is that yes - they really do throw a nice soundstage, but they also sound compressed, a little dull, and more like speakers playing recorded music. ------------------ deanG
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