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  1. 27 minutes ago, Dawson's Ridge said:

    Maybe you need to get your hearing checked. :huh2:

    It has been a long time since I had them checked and getting old:D  but they are two different speakers that have a different overall sound.

    I think the different midrange horns used on the Forte and CHii are one of the things I will have to get use to.  Also the Forte's bass goes to 32 and the CHii  is 39 .  Eventually I may decide I like the Fortes better and sell the Chorus iis or the opposite.     

    29 minutes ago, Dawson's Ridge said:


    24 minutes ago, jjptkd said:

    Higher sensitivity will do that to you. The good stuff sounds exceptional and the garbage sounds like, well, garbage.


    If you can run youtube thru your system try this acoustic guitar video sounds very good on the chorus ii







  2. 20 hours ago, MORE KLIPSCH PLEASE said:


    What are you powering them with?




    MKP :-)

    I have a Denon 4800 AVR that I use as a preamp(good but need to find a true preamp) and a Amps and Sound Stereo 15 tube amp.  The link is for the special edition and mine is one of the first he built and is not the special edition.  




    One of the things I have noticed so far is the Fortes room placement was easier to find than the Chorus ii(still working on it) and the Fortes are more forgiving of the source material.  Back in 2003 when I bought new La Scalas(LS) so much of my music sounded bad on the LS and the same is true on the CHii.  


    So far I have one crossover switched to Bob Crites new one and will do the other tonight.  I was going to wait to put in the diaphragms for the tweeter/midrange but I think I will do it this weekend.  


    Over the next 3 months pick a preamp and then around June next year get it.  


    Thinking about trying to veneer the Fortes(never done this before) and if I don't screw it up then try the Chorus iis. 


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  3. Bought my first Heresys back in 1985 in the base exchange for $570 when I was in the Air Force.  Then I had to worry they would make it home okay after shipping them from Dhahran Saudi Arabia to Montgomery Alabama.  They made the 7467 mile trip okay and since then have had KLF 20s, La Scalas, Fortes, and last week picked up a pair of nice Chorus IIs.  


    About 3-4 years ago I bought new crossovers and diaphragms for my Fortes.  Improved the sound was happy!  Until last week saw a Craigslist add for Chorus iis and all of a sudden they were in my living room!:o    


    I knew the Chorus iis were bigger but until you put them next to the fortes you don't realize how much bigger.  


    Today in the mail were new crossovers, tweeter and midrange diaphragms From Bob Crites.  Going to put in the crossovers first and give it a month and then the diaphragms.  Trying to post pics but they are over 4 MB.


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  4. On 9/1/2016 at 0:13 PM, derrickdj1 said:

    The Jungle Book: This movied surprised me.  It was not a boring remake of the original.  The actor thay played Mowgli was very good and should be up for an award but, that won't happen since he is not well know.  The characters were all well developed and the cinematorgrahy was excellent along with the computer graphics.


    This is a great family movie!  Excellent use of speacial effect and great surround sound to boot.



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  5. I agree with what Carl and others said about the Transcendent GG preamp.  It isn't often that I'm impressed with gear at this point (too many years in the field!), but will tell you that the performance of that unit is beyond outstanding.  I seriously doubt that you will find another preamp which can match its sonic capabilities at anything approaching even five or six times its price (other than Bruce's new offering).  And, with its output impedance of only 200 ohms and low gain, it should interface beautifully with virtually any tube amp you could think of.  For what Bruce charges for it, spending more almost seems ridiculous and hard to justify.




    !!!!!! :D  People have also used the GG base and then upgrade some parts for not much more money for a great preamp.  


     I bought the GG used and paired it with a Welborne Labs 2A3 Moondogs and La Scalas for a outstanding sound!   I bought a Juicy Music Merlin preamp but returned it.  The GG sounded just as good and a little better.  


    Too many choices!! :wacko: 

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  6. In Houston there is this pair of LS on Craiglist.  Pretty beat up for $900 but if can get them lower price they might be a good fix up and upgrade parts project.  




    I have never done any kind of cabinet work so it would be a learning experience.  


    Money wise it would be a long term project at least a year.  That way could spread out cost of upgrading parts.  

  7. I have a 103 and a one terabyte harddrive that has all my music, pictures, and videos on it plugged into the 103.      


    I also have the Sony S790 and run a hdmi cable into the 103.  Also I run my ps3 into the oppo(two hdmi inputs and two hdmi outputs) so I have one hdmi cable to my tv instead of three.


    103 also has three usb ports.    


    The Sony S790 is great choice if $500 is too much.  



  8. I still have a Dynaco ST70 in pieces, waiting for a rebuild/upgrade.


    My Moondog 2A3 amps are currently not in use as I sold my LaScalas last summer and haven't finished rebuilding the other pair of LS I bought for $100. Use a JM Merlin for the preamp on them.



    Enjoyed those amps when I had them!!  I used them with a Ground Grid preamp with great results.  Glad to hear you still have them. :emotion-21:   

  9. Justin Weber from Amps and sound gave me a discount on a pre production model Stereo 15 he had and I have been enjoying it for the last 5 days now.

    I do not have a preamp so first I hooked my Oppo 103 up to the Stereo 15(ST 15) and used the volume control on the Oppo remote with very good results.

    Next I tried the passive preamp Justin provided with about the same results as the O 103.

    Finally I tried the pre out of my Denon 4800 with the best results.

    It had been 5 years since I had used a tube amp and I have been enjoying the ST 15 since I got it!

    I plan to use the tubes Justin sent with it for 2-3 months and then try some different EL-84s.

    I want to thank Justin for answering my questions and the quick responses to my emails! I want also want to thank him for adding the passive preamp to the deal at no extra cost!

    Here is two links on the Klipsch forum to other people who have bought or used one of Justin’s amps.





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