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  1. 3 hours ago, RoboKlipsch said:

    Congrats!  Great to hear you got one and are doing a build.  


    I posted some graphs right above your post, but they require clicking on the link as REW doesn't have great output options for graphs.

    I think EEG then posted some screenshots which will show you the same thing.

    The only thing I did differently was model them using the amount of boost at 20hz that maxes the excursion and thereby provides the most low end bass.  


    EEG and I are looking to achieve the same thing but have different current needs.  His room is unbelievable -- I just saw the pictures and am picking up my jaw from the ground right now.   He has 4 massive ported subs behind his screen, giving him all the bass he needs.  The 4 Legacy subs were put into sealed boxes to give him a special nearfield experience...where he can feel for example, gunshots as a tactile response beyond just hearing them.  Sealed is smaller and this driver really allows for a smaller box is desired.


    In my case, I have 2 great ported subs but want more.  I may use them as nearfield, but will most likely try the 4 corners approach in my room with a sub in each one.  I also wanted to be able to use the 2 in a separate room should the need/desire come up....so I wanted ported for the maximum possible output.


    My 2c is this -- it is very hard and rare to find a high end driver that will go very low - well below 20hz that can be put in a ported box as small as 4cft.  Most, like my 18" UMaxes, want an 8cft box or larger, which takes up huge space.  These at 4cft will be a really nice size, I believe around 18" w x 23 h x 24d.


    The sealed can be made even smaller, which is nice for this driver.  Ask any questions you like, between me eeg and others I'm sure we can help point you the right way.  

    Thank you for the kind words!!  I was thinking about building this for a secondary setup to help the lower end of the Palladiums.  I do have a couple of Stereo Integrity DS4's (one of which is defective and Nick refuses to replace), I just couldn't pass up the deal on the Legacy.  I don't need ultra high output out of it, just something to supplement.  I bought the Inuke3000dsp for it, just haven't decided which direction I want to go with the enclosure.  I'd love to build a curved enclosure, but I believe that's beyond my ability.  Both of you guys' theaters are absolutely incredible!!!

  2. Older Krells used 200°C rated Motorola transistors, they run just fine at junction temperatures of 100°C.


    Capacitorshave reduced life in amplifiers that run as hot as your Krell does.

    So should I be thinking of sending it in for a new cap job?  I think it still has a year of warranty left... 

  3. Supposedly this is just the first of many new things coming out, so hopefully we will see tubes next year.  I wonder if they got Bob Carver to help out any with his short stay with the company.  Also, if you've noticed, they've taken down half of their DAC's off the shopping page.  

  4. I think Jeff is talking about upgrading the parts to better than factory for both an increase in reliability and better sound. The circuit remains the same. It is a matter of replacing parts. Jeff is a great guy and knows his stuff. I wouldn't have any issue sending him something to work on. He has helped me source parts on several of my builds.

    We've already discussed sending him both the amps, I just don't have boxes.  I'd love to be able to do it myself with guidance, I guess, and was curious if we had any guys that could mentor me.  

  5. What's wrong with them?

    This is from Jeff's website--


    Several resistors in the SE-40 are operating at or near their power limit. Some are experiencing voltage exceeding their max design limit. In many cases, the SE-40 comes with low quality electrolytics. Some caps are exposed to voltages which exceed their rating. Either way, your old electrolytics are quite tired. The factory cathode resistors are a recipe for disaster. One of the rectifiers is a ticking time bomb. Aged power switches are known to introduce noise.


    I have no idea if mine have been fixed, or if there's even anything wrong with them.  They both have all new tubes, I have turned them on briefly to make sure they work, which they do and sound great, but being so unreliable has me afraid to turn them on, so they just gather dust.



  6. Hey guys, 


    I have two Gold Tube Audio SE-40 amps that have been converted into mono amps.  I've talked with Jeff at Sonicraft extensively about these things since he is the expert on the SE-40's.  I plan on either sending them off to him to get the fixes done, or if there is someone in the area, teach me how to go about doing it.  Either way, I'll need to be taught how to bias them.  Just curious if there was anyone out there.  Thanks, 



  7. You may get more traffic and better luck if you have the mods move this thread to the "Garage Sale" section.  


    This is the garage sale "Alert" section.


    Good luck with your sale.



    I asked for help in one of the first posts, I'm not sure who to contact to move it.  

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