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  1. Funny I just saw this, I was on the phone with AT&T last night for over three hours. They're sending me a Galaxy III S and a voucher for the new iPhone5, since I have two lines. I supposed I'll have the best of both worlds. I've never operated an Android based phone, so it'll be an interesting experience.
  2. I have the UltraII set at my house in DFW, but it will soon be moved to my new place in Houston. What does your time frame look like? David
  3. Count me in with the Focal group. Completely amazing!!
  4. It makes me wonder how the response would change if they were stacked. I'm running four of the Ultra2 subwoofers, but its only feasible to have one of the pairs stacked.
  5. In the next few weeks, possibly the beginning of summer, I'd like to have another get-together here. New house, the Ultra2 sounds superb here. I'm flying now, so I'm only home a few days out of the month. Better to plan this sooner than later. We can fire up the grill and smoker. Let me know!!
  6. I'm thinking the little Energy would be perfect for condo living. ~104db at 42hz would get you in enough trouble as it is, or at least here in Dallas it would. I've never bought anything from newegg, but if you don't like it, you'd have the option to return it, right? Plus it'd give you the opportunity to give others some insight on the dead Energy forum =)
  7. As far as Audyssey goes, the only thing I can think of would be using the SVS/comparable Audyssey products, you could use a Y cable on each of the two outputs, and utilize the four subs in two stacked pairs. Otherwise, I would again reiterate talking to Chris K. at the Audyssey forums. He's very helpful and reasonably prompt in his replies. The Sunfire has three subwoofer outputs, so I believe I'm fairly good on that end. Plus, each amp has their inputs/pass-throughs. I will get ahold of Chris though! Thanks.
  8. Umm, these subs are not wimpy by any means, sir.
  9. So what are my options? I do agree that everything should work in compliance with each other, but then again, I still don't know how to get to that point, much less if my Sunfire TGP-V allows me to do such options.
  10. Granted maybe I'm just thinking too far into this, but what is the deal with Audyssey (sp?) and timing and what not? I have the THX Ultra2 system with four of the subs, and everything sounds more than perfect to me, but a few people have asked if I've "calibrated" it. Well, no. I don't have the first clue on what that includes, so can anyone enlighten me? Is it worth the trouble? Or, rather, will I even notice a difference? This is in the sub section because of possible phasing issues with the four subwoofers =P
  11. I also vote against anchors. I tried it with the mounts for my KL-650's, and was a miserable failure, even though I used four anchors.
  12. Alright guys, the brisket is up and smokin'!!!! =P
  13. Tomorrow is the big day!! Any body else coming??
  14. Just wanted a quick update on who all is coming, and if we actually want to cook out as well. Sending out PM's for my addy and phone number. David
  15. Hey David, I was thinking like you said, early afternoon, or we could even start a bit earlier to get more listening time in. Its all up to you guys, I'm an open book. I'm excited!! David
  16. Hey Jim! Will you be back by August 6th? David
  17. No responses yet?! Come on guys!!
  18. I'm sure we can arrange to have plenty more =)
  19. August 6th it is, I believe. I need to figure out what's wrong with my smoker, as well haha. You guys are welcome to bring whatever you want. If all else fails, there's still the grill =P Sadly, I let the McIntosh MC2102 go. I had no use for it since I'm running all HT now. The only power source I have right now is Krell, which I believe will sound amazing on anything we throw at it. I do need everyone who is coming to PM me, and let me know what you're bringing so I'll know if I need to rearrange anything. Also, it might not be a bad idea to bring some lawn chairs or something, as my couch only sits so many people I look forward to hearing from you guys! I'll respond with my address and phone number. David
  20. I really do hope everyone gets to come! And of course, you can drink whatever you want. My house is y'all's house, we are all brothers on here haha.
  21. I think 126db is as loud as she'll go
  22. Hey David!! Hopefully we can work around everyone's schedule. I would love it to be a big event =)
  23. I'm closer than you may think!! Just right off 35!!
  24. I'm going to let you guys name the date. I'm free for the most part any time. I think this will be a really fun event!!
  25. Nope! Krell has been working just fine!!
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