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  1. You get a few more dB from the PB2+ due to the 2 drivers, but it has a much larger footprint than the Ultra. The Ultra (I have not personally heard) has a better driver which may lend itself more to music. I was in the same dilemma as you as to which of the two to choose. After several e-mails with Tom at SVS, I went with the PB2+ due mostly to the room I was using it in (4500 cu.ft.). I can not imagine being disappointed with either one. Carl.
  2. The RC7 will not overwelm the RF5's. As long as your system is calibrated correctly they will compliment each other nicely. That is the set up I had untill today when I upgraded to the RF7's. I liked the RF5's so much that they will be going back to the bedroom for a 2 chanel system. Be sure you get a good sub for your .1, Carl
  3. The 16/46 will dig deeper, the 20/39 will give you more SPL. How big is your room. If it is not too big and SPL is not your main concern, the 16/46 will give you a more tactile response during movies. If you have a larger room you may want to go with 2 cylinders or a box with 2 drivers. Carl
  4. I believe the purpose of the spikes is to penetrate carpet so that the speaker sits firmly on the floor. If you have non carpeted floors, rubber stops should do fine. Carl
  5. Musta struck a nerve my bad. Guess he missed the LOL.
  6. Jan, the best thing to do is go to svsubwoofers.com, click questions then contact us and then click technical. You will be e-mailing Tom (one of the founders/owners). Give him your room dimensions and any openings to other rooms. He will make a recommendation that should fit your application. He will not try to oversell you. Normally he responds in a few hours. Their customer service is awesome. Good luck!
  7. Jan, one thing to consider. SVS is an internet company only with no distributors. If you are planning on shipping any distance whatsoever, weight should be a consideration. As a rule, to get the same performance from a box that you would from a tube, you will have a large weight penalty with the box. 50 pounds or more may be saved by going with a tube instead of a box. Carl
  8. ---------------- On 5/18/2004 8:40:11 PM TheEAR wrote: What guidande can you ask for from people who own a few Klipsch and SVS? LOL ---------------- People that can spell? LOL
  9. Michael makes a good point. That's a LOT of bass. It's also a very good article from '01. The article points out the reason that SVS is becoming so popular. If you stacked 2 RSW-15's (MSRP $3600.00) you would still have less output than the SVS CS-Ultra set up(MSRP $2295.00). The down side is that you can not go and audition one like you could the Klipsch. Also, even though you can return it you are responsible for freight (theyr'e not light!) Carl
  10. I personally think (just an opinion guys, no flaming) that Klipsch's specialty is their horns. That is what I like about them and that is why I bought them. I originally had a Klipsch sub and it could not produce enough bass to keep up with the 7 other speakers. I wanted a more tactile presence from my sub as well as more output. It was mostly noticed during HT applications but occasionally with music. At that point I went with SVS. They specialize in subs. I figured the rabid following they had on the net couldn't be all hype. Now I could not imagine ever buying a different brand. They blend extremely well for music and have no problem with the sub 20Hz stuff that you occasionally find on DVD's. Carl
  11. SVS PB2-Ultra, hands down. Reaches well below 20Hz, has a PEQ built in and some of the best quality drivers (TC Sounds) money can buy. You can also have custom finishes on the cabinet. I can say first hand that the SVS's blend well with Klipsch speakers. I would have the Ultra instead of the PB2+ if my budget allowed. The PB2+ is an incredible sub and the Ultra one up's it. Carl.
  12. I have not heard the RF35's however, I had the RS35's and the RC35 before I went to the RC7 and RS7's. There was a LARGE difference in sound quality. I would think that it should be expected with the difference in price. The difference in the center speaker was the most dramatic. The 35 was a very good center channel speaker however the 7 will make you think that there are people speaking in your living room as opposed to in your TV. The RS7's seem to envelope you in sound more. As a note, I set the crossovers the same (80 Hz) for both types. Let your pocket be your guide and beware of the upgrade bug, it bites hard and demands to be scratched. You will have excellent sound no matter which way you go. P.S. The RF5's are no slouch and complement the other 7's nicely, mine are going in the bedroom when my RF7's come in. They are definate keepers and most likely compliment the 7 set up better than the RF35's. Carl
  13. I can't speak for the RC3 II, but I had an RC35 before I got the RC7. I thought I would be getting a speaker that was slightly more efficient and could go louder but not much difference in tonal quality at similar volumes. What I got was a speaker that was noticeably cleaner at all levels of listening. The 35 had a type of "man talking in a box" sound, whereas the 7 removed the box...... if that makes sense. I feel it was well worth the money considering how much the center speaker is used for voice reproduction. Carl
  14. To sum it up, gobs of power. I think Sound and Vision measured one at around 190 (high current) watts in stereo mode. Big is another way to describe it, at around 60 lbs. It is also very deep. I wouldn't recommend putting it in an enclosed rack as it gets rather warm. The best thing however is the sound. With the intro of the 7300 pending, you can get one for less than half of m.s.r.p. You can download the owners manual at there web site if you want more details. I really enjoy mine. Carl
  15. Do yourself a favor and check out the SVS's. There are tons of reviews and specs all over the web. They also have a no questions asked return policy, but I've never read of someone using it (although their B-stock must come from somewhere). I am not affiliated with them but I do like to pass along a good thing when I see one. They are pretty awesome. Carl
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