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  1. Going back to boston tomorow. The Marantz record player is from 1975, model 6300, i need to order some replacement parts but found some original Benny Goodman records here as wel! I will hook up the RF7s to the Luxman M-117 for 2 channel. I will test with my standard Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk "Staight no Chaser" For 5 channel music the RC 7 and my RF35s will be added, those being powered by the Denon 3805. (I have a 5 channel SACD of the latest Ray Charles CD and the Eric Clapton DVD I like to use) And for movies, the RS35s on the sides will be included and the RC 35 in the rear center powered by the Denon 3805 as well. (Gladiator and 5th Element superbit edition will probably be run) Report forthcoming!
  2. I am in new jersey I have dusted off my mom's Luxman M-117. I have also found an old Marantz record player. It's her birthday tomorrow, and I've taken her amp, and record player, and can't wait to go home. I feel guilty :-( :-)
  3. By adding 2 extra surrounds, it just takes the surround signal and duplicates it from those speakers. The reason I have 2 surrounds now, is to have dipoles on the side for movies, and floorstanders in the back corners for music. But for movies, i think i want to run both just to have that extra power in the back. As an update, i'm going home to jersey this weekend. I was looking into getting a forum members marrantz 5 channel amp for $525, and using that. But i remember my mom has an old Luxman M117, which is a 200 watt per channel stereo amp. (PERFECT FOR MY RF-7s!!!) Anyone have any experiecne with Luxman or this amp or how it matches with Klipsch. I think this would be an ideal solution for my RF-7s, and then just use the 3805 for the center and surrounds.
  4. What year is this amp? I can't seem to find anything on the Marantz site. I'll definately demo it when I get back if it's still around, but I could also go with just a 2 channel for my RF-7s. I'll let you know next week. Where in Boston are you?
  5. Yeah, I think i'd most likely use the Marrantz for the "bigger" speakers I have (RF 7s, RC 7, RF 35s) and the Denon for the little guys.
  6. With the 5 channel amp, can I Bi-Amp my RF7s with 4 of the channels and use the last to drive thr RC-7? Anyone have advice on Bi-Amping. I'd be using my Denon 3805 as a pre-amp and using it to drive my surrounds and rear surrounds then. I have another post asking what people would do to set up my system. Or I could jsut use the 5 channel marrantz for my RF7s, RC7, and RF35 surrounds instead of bi amping.
  7. I might be interested in hearing this or doing a demo at my place sometime, is it still up for sale? I'm going to Jersey this weekend for my mom's birthday, but we may need to have a little Klipsch play-date. - Jon
  8. After upgrading my Reference 35 system with RF-7s and and RC-7 up front, I decided I want to use all my speakers together. I will have the RF-7s as mains and the RC-7 as my center. I will be keeping my RS-35s as my side surrounds My old RC-35 will be my surround back center and my old RF-35s will be in my back corners pointed in for 5 channel music. I've been running my 5 channel Reference 35 setup with a denon 3805. I now would have an 8 speaker setup, with a 7.1 reciever. The Denon is capable of A, B, or A+B surrounds for multichannel movie playback, but would running all 8 speakers with this 7.1 amp be overkill on the amp, especially with RF-7s up front? I would only be using 5 for multichannel music. My concern is clipping and not having enough juice during movie playback. I'm in an apartment, so I'm not using very loud levels (don't even have a subwoofer), but I will still be using it moderately. Would I need to upgrade to like a 2 channel 200 watt rotel amp for the RF-7s and keep the 3805 for the surrounds, center, and back? How would any of you run this? And should I be concerned about running everything from my 3805 right now? I sent an e-mail to Denon to see what they think as well.
  9. I'm still waiting to get everything set up and in place, maybe in a few weeks. But if you get an offer in the meantime, don't hesitate to let it go on my behalf. But I might take you up on that if you get no one to bite.
  10. Uh oh, I just upgraded to the RF 7s and RC-7 from an Reference 35 series. I've been using a denon 3805 for everything, would the Marrantz make a mutch noticable difference? I live in boston by the way.
  11. thanks a lot for the recommendation, my RS-35s are already mounted on the side, i'll see if i can put the RF 35s int he back somewhere
  12. For years I made fun of the duck tours. I finally went on one, and learned more in 1 hour than I did in a whole year of history class in high school. I recommend it to anyone.
  13. Harvard Square is where harvard is. Right between is central square. I grew up in Jersey a Yankee Fan, came to Boston and went to Boston University, Lived across the street from Fenway park, kinda tough not to grab a quick bleacher seat for $15 and not beocme a fan. I'm a hockey boy though, go BU TERRIERS! and BC SUCKS! I was never a big fan of NY, maybe one day i'll end up there, but for now boston is my home, I just go to Jersey for the holidays to see my family.
  14. I live right in central square in Cambridge, work in Downtown crossing next to Samual Adam's grave. I'm not second guessing myself, I figured the price wouldn't be getting any better for brand new. I bought my RF-35 package right out of college, no way I could afford a flagship series. There's no way I can afford RF 83s now either, getting the RF 7s is like a dream right now. I'm calling the other place today to get the floor model RC 7 for $396, I think they have 2 others if anyone's interested. Free shipping from authorized dealer, Not sure about warranty, but i'll find out.
  15. is $396 good for a used demo model?
  16. Does anyone know what a good going price for a new RC-7 is? I see stores unloading them on ebay for $599, but that still seems expensive. I have a store near me that is selling black floor models in mint condition for $396. That seems a little better to me. Also, how do the new RC62 and RC 64 stand up against the RC7, whould looking into those be a better idea, more so the RC 62 as the price is more in line with what i'm looking to spend. Thanks Guys
  17. I'm not worried at all. To get a top of the line brand new reference speaker for 50% off that I could never have afforded before, I'm as happy as can be! My roomate looked at them and then my RF 35's and said "Wow, those RF-35s were small, our neighbors are gonna hate us!" My reply - "No my friend, they will love us."
  18. So I've had the RF-35, RC-35, and RS-35 for almost 2 years now. I've been living in an apartment, so I never really could have a subwoofer. So far, I have loved my setup, and been running them from a Denon 3805, and using the Denon 3910 DVD player. Recently, since I guess the new Klipsch line is out and the old reference line is discontinued, I came acorss a pair of Brand new, Unopened, fully 5 year warrantied, from an authorized brick and mortar dealer, Cherry RF-7s for $1100 for the pair, no tax, no shipping. Without thinking, I pulled the trigger. Was I wrong? I'm also thinking of using mr RF-35s as my surrounds now, and putting my RS-35s as my rear surrounds. (By the way, now I'm in full force looking for a deal on a black RC-7, and then maybe using my old RC-35 as my rear center channel flanked by the RS-35s.) Also a side note question, How come the pictures of Cherry Klipsch speakers are always that nice dark looking cherry online, but the actual speakers are a very lighter cherry, almost between the dark cherry online and the maple. I saw a pair of RF7's in a store a long time ago that were that darker cherry, but now when I see them they are much lighter, like my RF-35s.
  19. Everyone on the face of this planet owes it to themselves to pick up the new DragonForce CD, it comes with a video for the first song on the disk too. You will hear late 80s / early 90s nostalgic metal, the greatest fastest guitar work ever, nifty effect, amazing keyboarding, and non stop drumming. Album is not bass heavy, but you owe it to yourself to atleast give it a listen to. 8 songs, each one is 5-9 minutes, with up to 3 solos per song. Just go out and get it.
  20. Did I read that wrong, or did anyone else notice at the end of the review, where they show the hardware they used, the system was driven with a Denon 3806 (Not even THX certified, as great an AVR as it is), not even seperate amps like the B&K or Rotel 200w as most people use even for RF7s on this forum, and the review was still glowing?
  21. "Big Broadcast of 1938", with one of my favorite tunes "Thanks for the Memory", starring W.C. Fields (Rodney Dangerfield molded his characters directly from him, his character in Caddyshack is identical to Fields in the intro to this movie), also stars Bob Hope. Brilliant Movie. "A Place in the Sun", from 1951, one of the best movies ever made. Starring Montgommery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor (absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking in this). These are 2 of my favorite movies. I love them so much I've even incorporated them and referenced them into my own screenplays. Louis Malles "Elevator to the Gallows" is a brilliant French Noir film with a score that is done by Miles Davis soloing in the studio to the film, it really brings out the seclusion and lonliness of the female lead wandering through the city looking for her lost lover. Brilliant Film as well. Also, any Hitchcock or Kubrick you're bound to see something good. Hitchcock's "Rear Window" is a stunning film, and spawned one of the better Simpson episodes (The one where Bart breaks his leg and thinks Flanders killed Maude) with one of the greatest Simpson lines ever "You're epidermis is showing". Also, how has NO ONE made mention of "An Affair to Remember" One of the best love stories ever told. This was THE Titanic for 50 years before James Cameron came along and overdid it.
  22. I have a 3910 and think it is outstanding. It is paired with a 60 inch Sony LCD projection TV and Klipsch reference 35 series all the way around. DVD-Audio, SACD, DVD movies, and regular CDs. i use it for everything. Can't comment on the remote, cause i use the universal remote from my 3805 reciever. i use the denon link for all audio since my 5.1 input on my reciever is occupied by my PC for surround sound gaming on my new sound blaster x-fi card. Video picture on 720p output is prestine, and also i use the sub-pluge below black level since LCD projection TVs can't get really black and it looks awesome this way. Sound is awesome as well, fills my 14-20 ft room perfectly. I really can't fault it for anything. It's sturdy as anything, firmware upgrades on Denon.com, (i now can use SACD through the denon link as well, so i have a DVI cable and a denon link cable and that's IT!) Works for me. Paid ~ 1,000 the day it came out from my klipsch dealer who gave me 20% off.
  23. You all forgot to mention that War of the Worlds completely sucked ***. All your reasons for boycotting the theater are valid, but let's be honest, those reasons don't matter if there's NO MOVIE YOU WANT TO GO SEE IN THE FIRST PLACE. I used to go 3 times a week, I'd be shocked if there's 3 movies I want to see in a season now. If you need justification, i'd be happy to rant and rave more. The refund policy for Cindarella Man is a great idea so far. Also, when I saw LOTR II, the theater was so crappy, or so poorly maintained, that the projection got so hot it melted the reel 20 minutes before the end of the film. We all got our money back.
  24. Denon has recieved the final OK from Sony to pass SACD through it's Denon Link 3rd edition. The 3910 DVD player and 3805 (as example) can now pass all digital signals currently available through them. The upgrade is available now or shortly.
  25. Went at midnight ... thought it was ... AMAZING! Don't know what you guys are takling about with questions unanswered. I watched Episode 1 and II and clone wars prior to walking out the door for this one. Totally blew me away. I actually loved Episode II twice as much as last time I saw it on this viewing through, not sure why, lots of subtleties picked up. Anyway, if you guys got questions, let me hear em.
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