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  1. 45 minutes ago, Thunderball said:

    Well that is disappointing.  I was thinking of buying that subwoofer to go with my Corn IV.

    Lol, well, I wouldn’t make any definitive decisions based on a bum note from that one particular sub.. A cool thing about SVS is their nice return policy. 

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  2. 13 hours ago, CoryGillmore said:



    Out of curiosity, which subs would you guys get at $1500 each? Maybe I'll reconsider....I don't have space for folded or tapped horns though...so let's stick with direct radiating subs...

    One sub brand worth looking into is Rythmik.  This one, hits your price point, it's sealed, has a 15" driver and is spec'd at 3db down at 14 hz.  They also hold their value very well when the desire to sell arises.





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  3. On a side note, some 18 years ago, wanted to explore Class A amps and the Forte Model 4 was just in the perfect price range at the time. Bought one off of Audiogon for $400 bucks.  Kept it for about 2 years and resold it on the site for $450.  Now, one recently sold on Ebay for $939. I guess I should have kept it a little longer. lol



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  4. On 2/10/2022 at 5:24 PM, al.lloyd said:



    I wanted to bump this older thread up as I am still looking for the CF4.


    I have a pair of black KLF-30 with KLF-C7, or Cornwall 1 available to trade for a pair of Epic CF-4. Let me know if you have a pair to sell or trade. Thanks.

    If you could be happy with a pair of CF3's instead, there is a pair for sale in San Jose, Ca.



  5. Listening to Pandora on my Squeezebox Touch, a station of mine titled -Lisa Gerrard.  This song  comes up from time to time though haven't heard it in years. Grabs me from the first note and always find it moving.   Mazzy Star,  Into Dust.




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  6. Went to a Magnolia today and gave a listen to some  B&W 802 Diamonds, powered by a pair of 500 watt Mcintosh Monos,  Mac preamp, SVS SB16 Ultra sub, a $3200 dollar power conditioner, forgot the brand name.  They had Tidal and played a couple of songs I listen to regularly, one being from The Marias, Hush.    The sub distorted and had to turn it down,  the sound of this system on the two tracks I heard, nothing to write home about.    Not selling my Epics, powered by a Crown K2 for em. 🤘  Later.   

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  7. One word that comes to mind as I listened.  <Lush> The Sound Sommelier.  A  comment below the vid asks,  What do you use to record your vids, the best sound on Youtube. it is pretty good.



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