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  1. 20 minutes ago, DizRotus said:



    I agree with the excerpted quote above.  As I get older, the quality of the music is paramount, followed by the quality of the recording, and then followed by the quality of the equipment.  Excellent music from a clock radio is more enjoyable than crappy music and/or a bad recording played through a SOTA system.




    I've always been a "gear guy" no matter if A/V equipment, bicycles, cars, guitars, power tools, etc. As I get older (hopefully wiser) I'm trying to put that behind me and get to an enjoyment state of being. When I think of the 100s, maybe thousands of hours spent on reading, searching, buying, storing and sorting just tubes that might make a "difference" it boggles my mind. I should have been listening to more music. Make that more GOOD music. One of my latest purchases was a Lyngdorf Tdai 1120. It is so simple and so fantastic sounding. If I were starting all over, knowing what I know now I'd stop right there and focus on finding the definitive version of every recording I care about not the hardware.

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  2. Randy will be along shortly to tell you they are EASILY worth $15,000 and you better hurry.


    Being close to you is worth a lot. So is the remorse of "what if". In 2018 or 19 I sold almost perfect WO Khorns and a single matching Belle center in nice but not perfect condition for $3,500. They had all original parts + custom crossovers for all 3 and "upgraded" tweeters. That was a while ago and 1987 models. Prices have no doubt gone up since then. I'd say Budman is in the ball park 6,000-7,500 and another +/- 1,500 depending on if just a passing curiosity or I gotta have them. Again, proximality is a BIG deal in my opinion. What is your time worth if you have to make a weekend out of a multi-state trip. In my book easily 1,000. If I'm remotely close that should give a range of 4,500 - 10,000. A big swing depending on motivation. Knock that last 1,000 for being close and you are 4,500-9,000. Me, I'd be a buyer at 5-6K only because I had them for 14 years and moved on. Truth be told I don't miss them as much as I used to.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Islander said:

    Sounds like Ottawa and Hull/Gatineau:  more fun on the other side of the river!


    Depends on your point of view and age. Back when I was in High School the drinking age was, I believe, 18 or 19 in Canada. Pretty easy in HS to look 18/19 and they were very lax at checking IDs close to the border. Bars not Customs/Border crossing agents, that is. Way too many bad choices on Fridays and Saturdays. Drive, drive, drive....BAR,....Drive, drive, drive. Can't believe jail/death was not part of somebody's fate in my entire universe of friends, classmates, etc. Different times for sure. Seemed like a good idea at 17 I suppose.


    Canadian lingo introduced me to the term "peeler bar". Too funny. I hear over there the dancers only wore a smile.

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  4. Was your seller with Germany anecdote the original owner?


    If not, that part of US/Canada is so close could be U.S. serviceman bought for CDN friend knowing he was coming back and shipping on Uncle Sam. Or US serviceman/woman bought and used during time abroad shipped back for their own use and sold to CDN buyer in classified, garage sale, etc. 


    I grew up in that area of Detroit. Was not uncommon in the 70s-90s to go back and forth several times a year. Super easy in and out. If I were Canadian I'd easily travel across the bridge or under the tunnel for some fine Klipsch speakers. 


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  5. 59 minutes ago, Tarheel said:

    Loving those gas prices.  Will post a pic of my fill up later.


    I drive till the low gas light comes on. I can no longer fill up. Pump cuts me off at $125.


    Until recently it was always between $65 and 85. About 6 weeks ago I got my last full tank for $116. None of it bothers me in the least.


    I'm really quite sick of the chit chat on TV every four or five minutes about gas prices. Who around here is truly going to change their life for the difference between three and five even $10 a gallon? Some of you spend several hundred on a single tube for your multi-thousand dollar amp. This is the thread that proves the excess. Guilty myself.


    I truly feel bad for the people it's making a 20 or 30% difference in their weekly budget. But for most people I know it's just a reason to b!tc#.


    Not directed at you @Tarheel in any way, just a general observation of the noise out there the last several weeks


    Back to your normally scheduled programming, old man shaking fists rant over.



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  6. 4 minutes ago, Coytee said:

    black powder, fuses, primer nearby


    Now we are talking. Stuff that goes boom!


    I actually know a bit about this. For well over 50 years my recently departed dad was BIG into 18th century reenactments (Think Grizzly Adams trading furs in silly buck skin costumes, not civil war clowns in silly costumes). Since I was able to walk I've been throwing a tomahawk, melting lead into musket balls, listening to flint lock how-tos, keeping your powder dry and tracking down the elusive 1840s Green River knives.....but I digress. 


    I think the cannon will just be a bigger version of the flint lock rifles, I now have gathering dust. Much like your cannon too much family history to not have them around. The gun like the cannon loads a ball from the "business" end. Though you put the black powder and wadding in first. I think good that you don't have any cloth/patch between the ball and barrel sides (less force when shot out). I'm curious how you plan to get the powder in. I'm guessing the cannon is one piece and the back end is fixed. Otherwise you would be opening it and pushing the ball out.


    With the ball already in, how do you plan to "load" it. Maybe just a small amount in the fuse hole. This, I'm guessing is where you have been trying compressed air.


    When you say "primer" is that some sort of percussion cap? Newer muzzle loaders use a primer cap that the hammer hits to (hopefully) ignite the powder in the rifles barrel. That is cheating in my dad's world. You had to have a piece of flint that sparked on a piece of steel to ignite a small amount of powder on a pan that acted like a fuse to set off the bigger load in the barrel. I suspect your fuse replaces that flint-lock mechanism. Please elaborate on the "primer". Really curious now...but not enough to actually google anything 😉 

  7. 6 minutes ago, Marvel said:

    You really don't want to do something stupid.


    He owns a cannon and his name is Richard (same as me and @richieb) of course he wants to do something stupid. Though I must admit the "cannon worm" is a pretty cool name....but no way to resolve this problem.


    BTW, this is the best Lounge thread in the past 5 years. I can't wait to see how it winds up. I hope with a bang!

  8. 13 hours ago, Escoffee said:

    I did see the black narrow back against the corner has some kind of rubber seal, is that what you mean for sealing it to the wall? If not I’m not sure what would be sealed up, but happy to try!


    Yours should look like weather stripping on a storm door. The idea is to get it really tight against the walls. Others often suggest pipe insulation or pool noodles to provide more spongy-ness. I went the pipe insulation route with my 86/87 AK-2's. I had good luck tipping the khorn slightly toward me from the top and forcing the bottom hard into the corner then standing the khorn up straight....if you can visualize that. There is a cut out at the bottom for baseboard/molding, with it tipped forward it can help you get closer. I had a purpose built room with perfect corners. They were as tight as you could get them.


    Interestingly enough I never thought my Khorns had the same bass response as the handful of others I've had a chance to listen to. I "upgraded" XOs from long time forum member and still never got where I thought I should be. After 14 years of loving the midrange we parted ways. Moved to bigger horns for a time and then open baffle. Can't say that I miss the Khorns after going 2-way active. I am glad for the time we had together.

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