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  1. Sorta like the hairspray idea but use automobile starting fluid. We used to call them tennis ball cannons. Small hole in bottom of metal 3-tennis ball can. crimp the perimeter of can about 2" up from the bottom so the tennis ball got "stuck". Starting fluid in the bottom of the can (if night time on top of the ball from the open end too). Kid with drawing the short stick had to put the match to the hole.....boom! Tennis ball would go about three stories up. Flaming if night time as a match had to go in the open end as well as the hole at the bottom.


    Tomorrow's physic lesson  - Draino bomb! Gather up a glass bottle with a screw on top (the thicker the glass louder the boom) some aluminum foil, water and of course Draino. I can't believe I ever made it to driving age.


    Absent the success of starting fluid I'd configure a Block and Tackle to raise the @$$-end up with the open end facing down, and lightly raise/lower the open end on a cement garage floor. I bet the tapping will dislodge it....or crack the floor.


    Long drill bit and an "easy-out" (broken bolt remover)?

  2. 1 hour ago, henry4841 said:

    The F8 is supposedly an improved J2


    I have the J2 and really like it. Got rid of my VRDs and Wright 2A3 mono blocks and have zero regrets. My only beef with the First Watt lineup is that more of them don't have balanced connections. I'd likely try a few more variants beyond the J2 if only they were.


    EDIT: Just looked back at the first page. I'm now so old I'm repeating myself. 😲

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  3. 15 hours ago, CWelsh said:

    When I read the article, something troubled me regarding artist compensation


    Just my opinion, but I see it all the time online. Everyone pretending to be concerned for the artist missing out on $$$$ when you copy a CD/Download from a friend. All very virtuous and self-righteous.  People thumping their chest that I always buy every CD from the artist at the show so every penny goes in their pocket. Anyone who owns a bunt CD rather than buying it, is the same as if they walked into a store and shoplifted it.


    None of us ever copied an album to cassette and gave it to our friend when we were 17 and money was tight? none of us ever checked out a LP, Cassette, books on tape, CD, DVD from the library and made a copy? That mix tape or CD you made for your girlfriend should land you in jail because she does not have a legally bought copy of every album you made hers off of?


    15 hours ago, CWelsh said:

    Author's Quote:

    Peer-to-peer file sharing networks have receded to the underground, and while that’s largely a good thingartists should get paid!—they’re often the only place to find music that’s no longer available to buy or stream.


    Obviously, P2P sites like Napster in the late 90s are/was/were wrong. And actively going to a torrent site with the intent of getting for free which you would otherwise buy is cheating the artist. I did not read the article that way. I saw it is spreading the joy in small amounts. Not burning 50 copies and selling them out of your dorm room. A lot of the file sharing he talks about came directly from the producers of the material because it is not available on streaming sites. Legal battles over samples keep many works of art from being redistributed. Something produced on cassette or CD long ago in small quantities that people loved in one part of the world are not available today in any other way than getting a copy from somebody that has it. Maybe I'm wrong but I didn't get the feeling that he was saying it was okay to give 5TBs of Taylor Swifts entire catalog to 50 people you don't know online.


    I think you missed the bigger picture of the article. The love of the music, sharing with others to broaden their horizons was a small part of it. The bigger part was collecting and curating your own music. Then slicing and dicing the data in ways you see fit. No different, in my mind, than deciding to reorganize your LP collection in a new way that means something to you. Though with a properly digitized library you can have it a dozen different ways in the same day.


    I must confess. I was working with a guy probably 20 year ago, and we were talking about all sorts of music/groups. He asked me about Beth Orton. I said I did not know of her. He gave me a copied CD of Trailer Park. I've since bought probably 4 or 5 of her other albums. Had I not "stolen" that one, illegal, CD and learned of her I'm, sure she would be a lot better off financially. I think I gave him a copy of Radio Head's In Rainbows a few years later. Send the SWAT team to his house.


    If you really care about the artists financial well being go see them live at a show. Its about the only way to make money as a band these days. Unless you are at the very top of the food chain streaming royalties are a pittance compared to the days of record sales. And even then the studios were ripping off the artists.


    I'm not directing all this all at you @CWelsh, sorry if it comes off that way. I just see so many online "music lovers" quick to jump on anyone with the hint of sharing/trading. Some old dude said something about throwing the first stone. Seems like most should practice what they preach. If you have never copied anything I guess that let's your toss some rocks.

  4. Excellent article.




    I know there are a few here that keep a digital library as well as physical media. I'd be curious to hear everyone's take is, and if you never did it, did it and gave up or still chugging along.

    As for me I can't imagine ever going back. 100,000+ songs instantly available in every room of my house, in the backyard, even the garage. I've done the vinyl thing for 40+ years. Still love it. I totally get the physical media connection. I think I could go the rest of my life and never slide another CD in my cars slot or open the tray on my Oppo-play-every-disc-type magic machine. 


    Convenience is a factor, but strangely I have very little interest in streaming services. I still want to be in control of my music. After all once I buy it, rip it, download it....it is mine. I can't see renting music even if that means I have access to 20X what I currently have. If I've taken the time to own it, it means something to me. Lots of good talk in the article about how watered down the services actually are.


    The article is a bit long but worth the time to read. I'd really be interested to hear different opinions.

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  5. 6 hours ago, Shakeydeal said:

    Aren't these indeed AK-2? 1986


    Think so. His add even says XOs replaced with Crites AK-3. My 87s had AK-2 XOs I'm pretty sure.



    and the crossovers have been replaced with Crites AK-3


  6. I have four (4) Carver TFM-25 amps. All recently (2018) underwent a no expenses barred restoration at Many Moons audio. Not actively trying to sell but have been thinking of downsizing for some time. PM if interested in starting a discussion.

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  7. 8 minutes ago, jimjimbo said:

    OK, America.




    VF-102 (my squadron) took the picture with a camera system that mounts to the bottom of an F-14 where one of the missiles typically goes. I "tasked" the photo lab to make an enlargement spanning 3 11x14 prints. I spent the better part of my 12 hour shift cutting, sanding, lining up the three photos and gluing it up. Today it would just be a couple of mouse click. Given everything that went into that photo it probably cost the taxpayers 10 grand.


    Just another fun day floating around the Med.



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  8. 10 minutes ago, jimjimbo said:

    Ranger?  Constellation?  Midway?  Island is hard to make out.  I only see one E-2 which is normally where they were parked.


    AT1 (NAC)


    13 minutes ago, MicroMara said:

    looks like the uss nimitz class if I´m not wrong , but not sure, seen a nimitz once in the german northsea, travelled a whole day just to see it once in a lifetime



    Ha, you two have just about all of them except the right one. Didn't think it would take @jimjimbo long to join the fun. Another hint. Sadly towed out to sea in an undisclosed place and torpedoed and bombed to see what it actually takes to sink a super carrier. IIRC, the only super carrier ever sunk.




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  9. 8 minutes ago, Schu said:

    shall I just start throwing out names like cvn-65, cvn-78, cvn-64.


    Hint, no N in letters before your numbers. I'm somewhere below deck but above the water line when that picture was taken.


    8 minutes ago, Schu said:

    I see Tomcats... so it's older, right?





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  10. 39 minutes ago, Schu said:

    Modular couch assembly?


    Yes. Dozens of fabrics. Soft or firm options. Limitless configurations. Huge storage under cushions. Coffee/Cocktail (no cable) holder options. Integrated "table" for ottoman. Very livable vibe. Probably not for the formal or highbrow crowd. 


    3 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

    After watching the video I'm thinking a kid is gonna be one rich dude in a couple years


    I was shocked to find out they have been around 20 years.

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  11. 10 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

    Rut roh!  ^^^^^^^^^ Can't wait to see this one unfold!  :)


    Pretty ingenuous how modular it is. I was skeptical looking on line, but once I went to the store I was hooked. Any tinkerer, DIY-er or shade tree mechanic would appreciate them, I think. Still waiting on two sets of the covers to show up. Due in Friday. I ordered it on May 6th and got it May 10th and 11th. Crazy fast. Most couches I've bought took 6 weeks to 6 months. They said welcome to the "cult" when we purchased...for now I can see why, very impressed. Time will tell in the long run. Already thinking of replacing the 4 dedicated HT recliners in the theater with a "sac". We went in looking for outdoor furniture and ended up replacing our couch in main living room.

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  12. 7 hours ago, MicroMara said:

    You bought the Hypex ready built or as a diy kit ?


    I bought them from a forum member. I believe they were originally a kit....preassembled for me😉

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