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  1. This won't help anyone right now, but when the TEF comes back, my goal is to acquire a complete set of real response curves for everything we can arrange regarding the stock Klipsch speakers and mods. Sorry if this sounds like pie in the sky, but we will have them!
  2. dragonfyr

    XBox Hacks

    Of course the biggest XBox hack was to turn it into a graphics optimized Linux box. And the peripheral connections are simply USB connections. Anyone wanting this procedure can PM me.
  3. Another indispensable DVD for rock is: Rockpalast Live: Little Feat (Pioneer PA-10507D NTSC www.pioneer-ent.com) Run time 74 minutes with repeat of the show with Bill Payne and Paul Barerre providing commentary over it). It features Little Feat in 1977 during the same period that produced the Waiting for Columbus tour de force live recording on album & CD. And Lowell George is right there as well! I will let you read all of the details from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/6305841446/102-8886131-2267352?v=glance&n=130&n=511444&s=dvd&v=glance And this title is available quite a few places, despite its not being currently available from Amazon. But that may indicate that future supplies may become scare...so, heads up! Suffice it to say, it is the ONLY archival footage available of the band live. And it comes from the first Rockpalast show ever done - sort of Germany's SoundStage in the 70's and 80's. And despite the Amazon review which faults perfect lighting, camera technique, etc., the audio is quite good. And you will see that the stage is small! Little room for them to spread out or for the camera men to climb over things! All things considered, as I am a Little Feat nut, this is truly a must have for anyone interested in period rock. It amazes me how many folks have no idea who this band is, nor that they are still sounding incredible! After all, this was the band that Bonnie Raitt described, upon their breaking up after Lowell George's death, that she would miss "more than ice cream!" Well put! So, in light of this, and having had the opportunity to catch them several times during the 70's, the last time being at Vanderbilt's field house with General Public (a great show!!!) on the Waiting for Columbus Tour, this video is well worth it. Likewise it is truly fortunate to be able to see them about 5 times in the last 7 years in Fort Worth (most notably at the Caravan of Dreams - one of the best live clubs I ever had an opportunity to visit! - where you could see Little Feat, Stanley Clarke, Craig Chaquico as if they were literally in your living room!) as Bill Payne is from down the road in Waco, and like Lyle Lovett, coming to FW is a trip home. ----------------------------------------------- Here I will throw in a general rant about all music videos in general and also about sports video coverage as it relates as well (with only a few notable exceptions!!) Personally, for any video I prefer a simple all inclusive shot that lets me see all of the musicians playing - I mean their fingerings and techniques! But that is a rarity, if not an impossibility in the last 40 years of creative and psycho - delic camera work - more often then not focusing on the wrong musician for any given solo. ...Much like with football coverage - I would MUCH rather see a full field view where I can see the respective defensive backfields, their positioning and adapting for each situation, with perhaps frame in frame closeups for featured close-in coverage of the running backs' belly button, the quarterbacks ear, or the cheerleader without panties (OK, OK, we can make an exception for the last situation!) - but all the camera man and editor do is try to follow the 3 square feet surrounding the ball! And with music videos, the norm is to get some 'cool' closeup upside down view of the inside of the bass drum or a closeup of (fill in the blanks) groin - but seldom do you ever see the actual playing techniques - and forget ever seeing a bass player, period! That part is simply piped in later, if at all judging from the recordings! And don't you love how, in covering golf, the cameras focus in on the ball as it flies through the air, with no inkling of where it is going - all you see is a white spot 2 pixels in diameter and 2 feet of sky around it??? Now what is that all about? But then, who is crazy enough to watch golf on TV!? It is bad enough to play the silly game that Twain aptly described as a wonderful way to ruin a perfectly good walk![]
  4. DeepDiscount guarantees the lowest TOTAL price (including shipping) for equivalent items. Occasionally you may have to provide proof of a lower price, but if you do, they will beat it. It has reduced my local shopping to perusing for loss leaders or titles for which they do not carry. (NOTE!!!!!:Do not rely on their lousy 'improved' search tool!!! Call and ask them the look the item up in their system! It usually is! With many titles you can literally cut and paste from their item description into the search tool and it will not find it![] ) A good place to start, and a good place to head to after you have located a title elsewhere for a price sanity check...
  5. To build on the Roxy Music experience - the Live at the Apollo is a wonderful DVD in all respects! And for those who want to see Roxy in the original live glory, may I recommend to videos from two different collections of DVDs that compliment each other and offer archival live footage of many additional bands which are not available elsewhere! The Roxy Music Special Edition EP ( DVD7000X NTSC www.classicpictures.co.uk) is part of an interesting catalog of videos. The audio is very well doen considering the archival sources they are working with. They mix it hot (both DTS & Dolby) and do as excellent job as can be done. And much of it is superb (ESPECIALLY Big Country!). On the Roxy Music DVD you get 3 songs: Virginia Plain Do the Strand All I Want Is You all from Musikladen - the German Beat Club if you will. ~70 minutes total, of which 11 minutes is Roxy Music You also get a "Jukebox of at least 10 additional videos which serve as ticklers to buy their respective DVDs! And these range from Leon Russel, Steve Marriot, Deep Purple, Alex Korner, Procol Harum, Jack Bruce, Edgar Winter, Big Country, Steve Marley & Cockney Rebel, and Rick Wakefield, and more The other Roxy Music DVD is one that features 1/2 Roxy & 1/2 T Rex! (~50 minutes total) The Best of Musicladen:Roxy Music & T-Rex (Pioneer PA11855 www.pioneer-ent.com )- This has the same Musicladen Roxy videos (albeit with audio that is not as hot - but they also feature video of the leads ins to the performances which the above does not), and this also includesthe British Beat Club performances of Do the Strand, Editions of You In Every Dream Home A Heartache. It is also worth it to check out the original techniques (Moog, reel to reel effects, and the Acoustic The TRex segment features: Jeepster Life's a Gas Ride a White Swan Jewel 20th Century Boy (!!!) Ah, TRex! How do you describe Marc Bolin!? If you are not familiar with the original Glam band (NO! It was NOT Bowie! In fact you can make a great argument for him being a talented Marc Bolin clone!) you NEED to check these folks out! It is not what you have pictured in your mind! But they started the trend and provided some excellent music in the process! The performances are straight up with only one being truly 'psychodelisized'!! (no pun intended!) These videos are well worth it if you want to see the real bands. Both videos compliment each other, and hence why I have both. I would also encourage folks to check out the other titles in the series, as they have done an excellent job of digging them up. My only complaint is that they were not longer!
  6. OK! ENOUGH with all this drooling over Roxy Music!! (Besides, for it to be authentic, you have to have ingested at least 3-4 'luudes!)[] After all, how can you rave over Manzenara as a guitarist? Afterall, how can a guitarist who specializes in playing his guitar specifically so that it does not sound like a guitar, be considered a great guitarist!? [][] Is that why they needed to pick up Spedding?[] Heck, someone's got to play 'guitar'! And no one plays such evocative, haunting sax/winds as Andy MacKay! And on a tangent, does anyone have the all too rare CD re-issue of Sharks First Water/Jab It in Your Eye???????? (Or just First Water!!!) If so, please PM me! And while I know the hard core will recommend the earlier stuff... For the rest you, for the lush layered atmospherics, DO at least get Flesh & Blood and Avalon! Nice to see folks rediscovering the dinosaur bands! And even better to see a reunion show live up to the potential they achieved when actively together![] A treat for sure!!! Have fun guys!
  7. The simplest solution I have is (if at all possible) to place them, toed-in at 45 degrees, in the corner. Many benefits - including the additional spatial loading of the low frequencies. "Toe-in is a real problem. The more there is, the more the midrange just screams at you." Let me interpret this! In order for you to hear sufficient LF energy, the highs kill you! This one is easy! As you toe them in with corner placement, you bring yourself into the on-axis energy of these frequencies!! And they "scream" because the gain you are employing is being used to boost the LF response that is hampered by their being in a space with Q=2 (a hemisphere of 2pi steradians!! By placing them in the corner, the Q is changed to 8!!! With a radiative area of pi/s steradians - 1/8 of a sphere or 1/4 of a hemisphere! A dramatic change!! This loading effectively means that the LF are particularly effected, as the MF/HF are already subject to a higher controlled Q by means of the horn waveguide! In other words, on axis in your present location, the mids and highs are hot and your bass is NOT! By placing them in the corner you effectively equalize the system, increasing the LF sensitivity closer to the MF/HF, in fact by a factor of 200%!!! You will have literally doubled the effective radiated LF energy two times! Let me say this again...you have twice doubled the effective LF energy!!! Then, you can simply turn down the "screaming" MF/HFs and you will have at the same time dramatically increased the bass response! So now you can listen to substantially boosted LF without the MF/HF screaming at you! Additionally, the corner placement dramatically reduces the near field reflections, with only the floor and ceiling being primary early reflecting surfaces with the horn MF/HF sources. Thus, you effectively address both problems with the largest ROI on a single "shoestring" budget! In fact, for free!
  8. While others are most likely to become pretty granular in their responses, may I suggest that any of the higher sensitivity speakers will be fine. There are camps here who swear by this approach and others who are not so keen on the idea, but may I suggest that I have heard (the Heritage) series sound very fine with BOTH tube and SS amps. My only caveat with the low powered amps would be to resist running the amp in a non-linear range (eg at high output levels), as the distortion, while perhaps not being audibly irritating, is not good for the speakers. But as the Klipsch are highly sensitive, the likelihood of your running them in this range is reduced... Bottom line: Have fun!
  9. FYI If anyone is interested, here is one set of instructions and procedures for measuring and deriving the T/S parameters Measuring TS ParametersPDF.pdf
  10. From the description there doesn't seem to be an easy way that I can see. On this one, the only thing to do may simply be to download the removal tool and run it if you happen to have used, or will use any of the Sony media. Maybe someone will find and post more info if and when it becomes available... Thanks Paul for digging up the details and the fix!
  11. All well and good from your point of view (and I am not saying I necessarily disagree!!), but this is not a hard and fast statement of fact, but simply one side of the ongoing debate![] And thus far, fair use has been the LOSER in the courts! So quoting past precedent does not change the redefining of the law as it is currently being redefined! Ultimately, it is a hard case to make that the owner/producer/agent of the material cannot define how it can or cannot be used. And I really don't think many are aware of the incredible degree of control the new DRM laws and the new technologies seek to control the use of the material! In other words, if this very small issue inflames you, you are going to be one incensed fellow as the technology continues to develop! And it is not getting better from your user point of view! I suspect we have already passed the high-point of user friendliness. These are the good old days! Enjoy them while you can!
  12. Max, I suspect that not too many are sourcing records in a forum that supports the ability to examine used vinyl in such a manner. But you are correct, that is the ideal way to buy used vinyl. It is a rare opportunity in the seemingly endless march to having all program material come from Questionable Buys or Wal-Mart! And regarding clicks and pops, I suspect that many may be using the same terms to mean slightly different things. While I believe you are using it to refer to the distinct click or pop, I suspect many are using the term to refer to the increased noise floor - the 'white noise' and lesser, more frequent chatter experienced in the lower S/N 'snap, crackle and pop' of records - especially used records! And DL, regarding that which is more important, the music or the equipment. Yes, its easy and cavalier to say it's just about the music, but unfortunately, the old all-in-one 'stereo' is just not equivalent to a better quality system. And unfortunately, the equipment too can contribute to the sound rather dramatically instead of simply revealing the nature of the medium!! Thus you inevitably reach a dilemma of wanting to drive a car while you glibly dismiss and render the engineer and mechanic who design and maintain the equipment superfluous! If only the music appeared as if by magic without the inconvenience of the 'mechanics'. And some of us are from the technical arena with regards to the medium! And the same can be said from a musician's point of view. And if you followed the long sad tale here, you would note a consistent complaint against positing only one format as the be all end all, and a call for a more balanced approach. And this thread was posted, if I may be so bold as to hazard my assessment, in response to the too common call that vinyl renders the various digital source alternatives worthless. It's simply part of the seemingly neverending swing of the pendulum reacting against the extreme, when the answer is indeed in the middle. So, your insight is actually not too far from what many of us have been saying! (And your response exactly what you rail against! Just as we too have fallen into it!)[][]
  13. In what was intended as an 'automatic innoculant' generated by a 'white hat' source, a worm that was variously labeled by security vendors as Welchia, Blaster-D and Nachi, exploited the same DCOM RPC vulnerability that enabled the Blaster worm. But instead of doing damage, it's intent was to automatically download the Microsoft patch and remove the Blaster worm if it was present. In other words, to automatically innoculate all the machines it reached... Aditionally, the worm causesd system instability due to an RPC call on Windows 2000 machines and compromised system security by installing a Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server on all infected machines. But the main problem it caused was that it generated SO MUCH excess network traffic with the 'phone home' aspect that it effectively spawned Denial of Service (DOS) 'attacks' on servers preventing other network requests from getting through! And the cure in effect became as bad as the disease it was trying to prevent![] But, why do I not see Sony providing anything remotely intended as a cure?
  14. That's because you don't have your equipment connected. Well, something isn't![][]
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