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  1. Might be the fact that they're some of the heaviest speakers Klipsch makes. Some macho sales guy thinks he can move them by himself.

    Or maybe the macho customer trying to convince his wife to get them. "See, honey, I can lift them all by myself....oops! Sorry about that! Hey, you guys ever do scratch and dent sales?"

  2. I've had my best success selling things on eBay with auctions that start at $1.00 with no reserve. I was going to put a $75 buy-it-now on a pair of Definitive Technology surround speakers and they ended up selling for over $200!

    Just be sure to take plenty of pictures and describe any defects in the speakers in detail. Also, try and end the auction on the weekend in the evening, around 9-10pm or so.

    Trust me, they'll sell for what they're worth. There's enough people on eBay these days that you'll get what you want for them, and maybe more!

  3. Its not a very long run, 3 feet at most. I just won a set of Monster Cables on eBay for $3.01. I'll be looking for another set and then I'll see how it goes.

    I used to have cables coming out my ears. I guess the last couple times I've moved they got legs. [:(]

  4. Right now I have two sets of pretty thin, generic interconnect cables going from my HK 730 to my subwoofer and then back to the 730 (pre-out, pre-in loop).

    Would I notice any improvement in sound if I purchased a decent set of cables? I know that with speaker cables the general consensus is not to worry too much about them. Is the same true with interconnects (RCA cables)?

  5. Thanks J! With the one I went into, I asked the guy if they had it and he just said no without even checking. The one I called, the lady put the phone down and came back 5 seconds later and said no.

    I found some places to buy it online. I'll probably go that route. No wonder brick & mortar stores are closing left and right. Hire idiots and don't train them, what do you expect? Neither one offered any type of alternative cleaner that I could buy instead. Just said no and that's it.

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