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  1. Happy Birthday, Amy and Elden! Hope y'all have a great day!
  2. There are probably 80,000 channels of free content out there in the streaming world. Unless you just must have a paid subscription because you can't live without certain programming, I don't see why anyone would spend a dime subscribing to TV content.
  3. 78% of international playboys have their own hi-fi systems.
  4. "How to Wean Yourself from Books in 3 Easy Steps." I couldn't wait to buy it.
  5. I never understood this one:
  6. Yeah, expletives masked by asterisks and acronyms, too. All on a speaker forum, to boot. If somebody doesn't want your prescription for a better life, they're idiots who need to be called out in public. There are many like you out there. That's what the world is becoming.
  7. Yeah. I mean, we gave them all the means for democracy, and look! Serves them right, don't it? (sarc)
  8. Nope. I know only a little. What I DO know is that if I knew a lot about (like you claim to do), I would not turn into an ******* and deride people in an effort to persuade them. That shit is for boot camp, and even these days, boot camp is becoming a little more compassionate.
  9. My point is that the patient deserves more kindness than the attitude of a righteous ******* to tell him how he ruined his own life.
  10. You said it; not me. Now, you are backpedaling. I suspected you would one way or another.
  11. I respect people who do their jobs properly and ethically. I don't respect people who brag about defying MD orders and carrying that as a badge of honor.
  12. It's up to you, the therapist, as to whether to follow the MD's orders? I wouldn't have put that it writing if I was you. Your medical board might not see it the same way. Sounds kind of "Kevorkian" in a way, too. What a guy!
  13. Only you could know... with all your wisdom at 34 years of age. Of course...
  14. What a turd! You could otherwise be a nice guy. But you really act like a turd with your arrogance.
  15. Why do you think you wear some kind of badge by proving you're in the middle of something only you can appreciate? You have the scoop, and I'm clueless? What a great attitude! Anyway, I spent almost every day for a couple of years visiting my mom in her final stage of respiratory failure. She was on and off the ETT numerous times. I had to do YOUR job, believe it or not, when she got to go home - to try, unsuccessfully, for a few weeks to stay out of the hospital. I've suctioned all the snot and crud out of her tracheostomy. Changed diapers and all the good stuff. So, yeah... I kind of DO know what you deal with. Do you change diapers, too, or can I hold my experience over your head? I still consider you high and mighty, though, since you do it for a living.
  16. I'm hoping the vaccine will prove to be safe, and better yet, that it was never really all that necessary. From talking to Westcoastdrums, it certainly appears to be an alarming situation from inside the medical and mortuary business. If you're not in the middle of all the death and dying, it doesn't look all that bad. If 6 out of 1,000 people you know happen to die this year, it doesn't feel like a "pandemic." I realize the view is much different from the lenses of people working on the inside.
  17. I don't know that I would describe a death from Covid as "abnormal" any more than a death from preventable diabetes. I'm sure plenty of health professionals who treat diabetics shake their heads, just like you. Are you becoming one of the old, crusty ones who have pent up frustration, or do you still have patient compassion and accept their ill-fate?
  18. I see. My mom had respiratory issues for years, so I am very familiar with that process. It's tough. You have a tough job if you can't stomach people dying. That's for sure.
  19. LOL! So true. I love our weather. It's like a tropical paradise... without the paradise.
  20. I've visited. California is nice. Your COL is too high, though. I've visited LA. Other than smog stains on all the freeway signs, it's a drier version of Houston with a lot fewer bugs. That's just not worth a half million bucks, IMO. If all my family and friends were there, I'd be attached and have a different view.
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