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  1. Stumped are we? I'm crashing soon, so I'm going to drop a hint... If you can't figure out what tune this is, don't let them see you cry, you can make it!
  2. Gilbert, ditto on just about all that. If it were me, I'd be looking for Belles, but be ready to take less expensive LaScalas in a nice wood grain. You can do a little modifying (grill-adding) in the bins to pretty-up the LaScalas. That supposes you're inclined to be a little bit of a handy-man with the speakers you buy.
  3. I'd say $1300-1400 would be perfect for both buyer and seller. Just picked up K-Horns locally for $1650. They are in solid birch, and the birch is pretty close to flawless. Side grills need to be re-constructed, but that's not all too complicated. The Belles are rare and a very pretty speaker. Somebody make this guy a $1400 offer.
  4. Lyrics: "And if it's bad, don't let it get you down. You can take it." Name that Tune!
  5. Having troubles, are we? You've got to know the band by now. Here's the next hint: If you live near the ocean, you're not far away. Scratch the hint. We have a winner and new challenge. I know this one. I've got to narrow it down. Be right back!
  6. Looks like a hint's in order. The lead guitarist of this band, and formerly of the Yardbirds, is said to have derived the band's name while conversing with the Who's drummer, Keith Moon, who made an idle comment that would forever change the history of rock and roll.
  7. "Tightrope" by Leon Russell. Next: "The snow drives back the foot that's slow. The dogs of doom are howling more." Name that Tune!
  8. Oscar, you are the man! You have 10 minutes to post your challenge....
  9. This is the current challenge in play submitted by Olorin. Name his tune! Olorin, give us a hint.
  10. This is the current challenge in play submitted by Olorin. Name his tune!
  11. Okay, we got it. That's why I answer and then say will post my challenge in a sec. Because while I am thinking of a tune, someone might pop in w/the answer.
  12. Next Lyric: "Feeling like I ought to sleep. Spinning room is sinking deep." Name that Tune!
  13. You're right, but I was able to identify the song with certainty. I fashioned this rule to keep people from disputing answers when it's clear the person knows the tune. Good to know the name, though. I knew it was the first tune on Hemispheres. Lyrics: "Treating people just like pawns in chess. Wait 'till their judgement day comes, yeah!" Name that tune!
  14. Plus ca Change, Plus C'est La Mem Chose... The more that things change, the more they stay the same. by Rush I'll post the new challenge in a second.
  15. You can look up a song and check the lyrics. You cannot look up the lyrics to find the song.
  16. Looks like the tune was done by a band who also did an old Merle Travis tune.
  17. Don't know the tune, but looks like something Tenessee Ernie Williams did. Okay, who knows what song TEW did that was copied by a classic rock band?
  18. Okay, time for a hint. Drop a hint about every 1/2 hour or so when you can.
  19. 10 min. Rule violation for posting new challenge. The game must keep moving. Next Lyrics: "And if I say to you tomorrow, take my hand child come with me." Name that Tune!
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