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  1. Al, Give a man a fish/Teach a man to fish.... Google "Tom Brennan" together with "Eleanor Powell" at the same time. Good luck, luck, luck, luck, luck....
  2. Post a thread to let us know how you think they compare w/your Cornwalls.
  3. Hey, Tofu. I got to thinking, and it dawned on me. You have the "delayed" LaScalas. You probably would want to accelerate and see what happens.[]
  4. Hey, TBrennan! Did you see I got my KHorns? I'm proud of 'em. There is definitely a noticeable difference in the base. Not so noticeable in the MF and HF, though - except on sudden stops w/quiet - then, crash! The bass sounds like it's coming from everywhere between the two corners. Really neat! Sorry the thing got crazy enough on the Rating thread to make you mad. My advice? Take whatever I say in jest. It was a strong debate, but I didn't get personal. In a good debate, my style is very sarcastic, but never hateful. Wonder if Tofu's really going to follow through on this delay issue and confirm or refute Dr.Who's uploads?
  5. That's you talking to yourself! Mr. Brennan's back on. He gave a very diplomatic summary of the dispute and extended an olive branch to keep discussions limited to "avoiding political discussions and sticking to hi-fi." Think it'll last? I hope not, or I'll have to find another forum.
  6. Back into the foray? Hey, it's all good fun. Try not to get bogged down too hard. Congrats up there! Your Sox beat our Astros. The funny thing is your crowd is so mellow compared to ours. Go, Astros!
  7. Well, yesterday was apparently a "get even" day. This is an odd day. I went and got those KHorns, brought 'em home and hooked 'em up. You know, while I was playing one of my favorite Santana CD's, I could swear I heard Carlos tapping twice. Is there something wrong with my new KHorns? Craig??? Tofu??? EdwinR??? I know, let's ask Tom. He'll say anything. BTW, Craig, where's your new avatar?
  8. Tofu was there as it unfolded in all of its glorious, naked beauty!
  9. I agree - Belles are the best-looking loudspeaker. They seem to be so rare, too!
  10. Parrot, it's impossible to summarize. You had to be there!
  11. I thought it to be the most informative discourse between "audiophiles" and "common-sensers" there ever was. Plus, I'll echo Craig. It was definitely the most humorous thread I've ever seen! Sorry to those of you who missed it - especially the cartoon (my new avatar for these lifelong memories of such blissful insignificance)! It was definitely a Classic!
  12. If I understand right, and I think I do.... Easy! Go to Home Depot, Ace or Lowe's and get yourself some mollies. Make sure they work for the screws on your legs. There are different kinds of mollies for different screws. Cost? A trip to the store and $1.50.
  13. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll take a look inside the cabinet. It is definitely not some other object. It is the speaker or something inside. Grills are actually linen material stapled to box and trimmed. All is tight outside. I'll check inside. Somebody wanted to know other components. Crown Microtech 1200 amp. Yamaha pre-amp (I'd have to look at model, but it's good (and just a pre-amp anyway). Ands a decent Harmon Kardon CD-Player (single disc). I'll post again after I look inside.
  14. Do I have a bad speaker or what? The left woofer on my Cornwalls will flutter when a specific bass frequency is hit. I know it's the same frequency because the stanzas in a tune repeat for the bass guitar, and it will flutter on particular songs at the same note in repeating stanzas. It sounds a little bit like bending one of those spring door stops and letting it go. Doy-y-y-y-y-y-ing. The flutter lasts as long as the note... or less, so it's not like the system sounds bad all the time. Actually, it plays great on most everything.... Just that certain frequency.
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