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  1. Air Blower is so cool! Great jazz timing. Very even bars and transitions. Then, there's that slightly less-audible instrument that goes, "woogie woogie" in the background. That's pretty funky! Now up is Scatterbrain. I always loved the driving drum groove. What great licks on the high-hats. The drums make this song!
  2. She's a woman! 😂😂😂 ... got my lyrics!
  3. Great music! I can't wait for the lyrics to start...
  4. Changes. Awesome intro to that song! Had to go get the lyrics and start over...
  5. Listening to the full album right now. On the 2nd track... I haven't listened to this album in probably 30 years. It really was a great work, even without Steve Howe.
  6. Jeff Matthews

    Checking in

    Hi, Amy! I lurk every couple of weeks or so. Good to hear from you again! A lot of people have died, you know... Celebrities and forum members, alike. It's always great to see an old acquaintance still alive and well! What keeps you busy these days?
  7. I highly recommend you pay a professional to do it. Preferably a real estate attorney. It can't be that expensive AND it prevents you from making errors you never even considered. For example, under Texas law (and maybe the law of your state), a quit claim is NOT a conveyance. In Texas, we use either a general warranty deed, a special warranty deed, or a deed without warranty (which can also be a gift deed). I see you're in Alabama. Read this: https://www.theharrisfirmllc.com/propertydeeds/ Also, you might actually want to only convey an undivided one half interest, or you might be intending to convey to both of you as joint tenants with right of survivorship. Do yourself a favor and pay a few hundred bucks to make sure it's done right. Simple screw ups can cause serious issues later.
  8. I'm a huge Deep Purple fan, but I never listened to this album. The first song so far is very retro Deep Purple.
  9. Those days are gone. People have become so political now that you can't even talk politics. Let's not forget that even Amy banned politics. That was close to the time she decided to pursue a new path. She made the infamous "BS Forum" as a hidden room for veterans who liked to debate and jab at each other. It was good for a while. But even then, there came points when people would go in to play with the riff-raff in BS and come out bruised and threatening lawsuits. All of this was just a matter of time. There really is no place for it on a reputable manufacturer's forum. Let's get real. Do we really add value to Klipsch? I sort of doubt it. Nobody needs to read all of our crap - like this very thread - to find plenty of evidence that Klipsch speakers are good. And on the other hand, I don't lurk here to wait for speaker virgins to come asking how good Klipsch speakers sound. So, that makes me pretty worthless around here I guess... Duke, it's nice to see you back. For that matter, same goes to all you old farts who never left...
  10. I could be wrong, so consider it worth the money you paid me. If a provider accepts Medicaid, I don't think you can be billed for a copay. So, the best thing would be to find a provider who accepts Medicaid and ask what they can supply. It should be that easy. Good luck!
  11. I can't believe I just discovered this! Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! I've been so busy but made my deadline today. What a relief. Just chilling now... The lyrics in this song are deep.
  12. The creators' intent was to decentralize control over the currency (or rather, provide an alternative centralization) to achieve greater stability than the governments' fiat money. Crypto has proven to be anything other than stable. Also, what's the deal with FTX? I understand Sam Bankman-Fried speculated with his depositors' coin and that many depositors are holding empty bags, but why does this result in the value of the coin plummeting? If the same thing happened with US currency, a dollar would still be worth a dollar, and people would want it just as much.
  13. Good article, but giving more money to workers is causing rising prices, especially in this case. If your article's premise is correct that corporate greed (increased profit margins, rather than merely passing on cost increases) explains inflation, all this tells us is prices are rising and labor can afford them. If labor cannot afford to pay, prices should begin to fall, and margins should begin to be squeezed. (I think this is correct logic, but it is complicated.) I don't think you can fight inflation by feeding the demand side of the equation.
  14. I like Zelle. No transaction fees.
  15. Those who cured Polio. Those who ended child labor. Those who developed oversight of the workplace to promote employee safety. Those who ended the Holocaust. Is the world through your eyes really as dark as you portray?
  16. They are, whether you buy it or not. https://www.pewresearch.org/internet/2019/10/28/4-the-internet-will-continue-to-make-life-better/ In the legal profession, alone, the Internet has enabled far greater efficiency and access to knowledge. Non lawyers can Google legal topics and become educated in legal matters in an instant. Professionals have legal research and practice management tools that allow them to provide value 10 times faster and at 1/10 the cost. This has leveled the playing field between sole practitioners and big law firms. The latter no longer have massive advantages due to combining resources of 10's and 100's of lawyers to achieve economies of scale. Basically, the Internet has "democratized" the legal profession and has eroded monopolistic access to knowledge and productivity. In many cases, it has altogether obviated the need to hire attorneys in the first place. It's not perfect, but the imperfections result from misuse and other human frailties. How many of your past customers have benefited by your ability to provide them with cheap and fast technical support over the Internet? Can't you remember the days when people had to hurry through long distance phone calls due to the cost, alone? These inefficiencies were impediments to progress. The Internet prevents the need for them to box up and return products for repair and instead, allows you to quickly educate them and allow them a meaningful opportunity to solve their problems incredibly more easily. "Multitasking" was hardly a concept in the pre-internet era. I'm not going to bother to argue the benefits of multitasking. Sure, you can find a million things to complain about. That life. Big deal! To extend the reasoning of your quote, I will reply, "The world had idiots long before the Internet, too. Nowadays, we have a lot more geniuses."
  17. There's too much worry about what everyone else wants. If they want more cheese on their fries, learn to make peace with that. There's still plenty of safe space left in the world if you just can't handle different wants and opinions. You can even exit the grid and be ignorantly blissful.
  18. If you're waiting that long, your hardware is slow. With a late, high-end laptop, updates are usually less than a few minutes. I don't think they're weekly anymore, either. If they are, it just proves there fast enough to when I don't notice or pay attention. A really good machine goes for about $1,500. Some people might demand more.
  19. Juxtaposed to Mark's criticism, I'd say the Internet is life, itself. Live it. Do good with it. You are given the power to help millions of people with a fraction of the effort it would have taken 50 years ago. Of course, there are also the devils out there, using it as a tool to exploit more efficiently than they could before. Would you rather cede your ability to help people because of the devils? If so, the devils win. God puts it out there. What you do from there is who you are.
  20. That's a surprising belief. Hey, Google. Restaurants near me.
  21. I don't pretend to know the answer as to why they can't just let the cure for high prices be high prices. Why do they have to destroy people to save them?
  22. Giving workers more money increases inflation. Stimulus, anyone?
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