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  1. Speaking of cars I'm going to drop a little over $1000 next week to remove and replace transmission fluid and filter on the BMW Z4.  Pan has to come off and the bolts replaced.  Have a small leak.


    Replaced the air filter, cabin filter, and wiper blades this week.

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  2. Mornin JohnJ......didn't want you to think you were talking to yourself🙂  39 degrees and clear.  May warm up to mid 40's by LF's tennis session.


    Just wondering how long this post Covid fatigue will last.  Don't have the energy to swat a fly!  No music and only a couple of drinks in the past month!  Guess I need to start shopping for old age homes😑

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  3. On 1/18/2024 at 7:02 AM, MassiveG said:

    So, I'm kinda stuck in my boom box coffee phase and need an upgrade. I'm a two-cup morning person, not too loyal to brands, and my idea of expensive coffee is anything over 10 bucks a pound. Don't grind my own beans, rocking a Keurig, and occasionally a Mr. Coffee.

    Where have I read this before?  Maybe on page 1 first post?

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  4. I've wondered about Tommyboy.  Young guy off to Afghanistan as I recall.   Was a regular on CC&C.  I have sent him a couple of messages over the years with no response.  Hope he is well and enjoying other interest.

  5. 1 hour ago, Bhai said:

    Hi guys,


    I really don't know much about amps, but I'm looking for some advice in selecting an amp to pair up with my brand new Klipsch La Scalas. I'm trying to decide between the Evo 200 and Evo 300: https://www.primaluna.nl/tube/integrated/


    In terms of price the Evo 300 is 60% more expensive. Is it worth it? Can I expect a significant improvement in sound quality by shelling out the extra bucks?

    There is not much difference in the EVO series and the previous model.  If budget is a concern look for a Dialogue HP Premium used.  8 power tubes up to the KT-150.  I bought one used a couple of years ago with 8 EL-34 tubes and 8 KT-120 for $3000 shipped.  The Quicksilver Horn Monos are a great match if you can find them.  They are now discontinued.  25 wpc and self biasing.  I have good luck on usaudiomart.com.

  6. I was president of a softball league (the Bar League) in the 80's and our league was sponsored by a beer distributor.  Since he gave us money I tried to drink his products at our games.  The problem?  He sold Old English 800, Weidemann, and Pabst.🤮

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