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  1. kinda looks like some cigars I have met Never tried 'em or know if it was real, but I have seen lollipops with scorpions cast is clear sugar They [the scorpions] looked real.
  2. I know there are people here that know these things. 'most everything I know, I learned the hard way. I blame my Italian and Swedish heritage my question relates to our 40` AM to PM temp swing. Which is normal here
  3. Hi All car people I have a Q How much difference in tire pressure to ambient temp? Yesterday, wife head off to work, at 7AM, 40`. Tire pressure idiot light comes on. She parks it and gets a ride with a co-worker. I get to it around 10AM, 80`. Put the gauge on all tires ... 32psi. 33 is recommended. So, I did not add any. This AM, I checked them .... 23 - 24psi. Brought them up to "cold" spec. Brings another Q What constitutes a cold tire?
  4. and my wife likes them. looks and performance
  5. took the words from my mouth. You won't be sorry
  6. Hi Cristiano I have had my LaScalas in the house for a little over a year. I'm still smiling, and no subwoofer. They're kickass speakers/
  7. mine used to have a non-stick aluminum wok. I found a cast iron one for her. It takes two hands to lift. these worth anything.? Sez they are CW cabs refitted with different drivers? https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/d/scottsdale-klipsch-cornwall-copies/7018040361.html
  8. that's too funny, Steve normality has returned Wife is gone to work. Kid is off to school and boy has gone to work. Was telling boy that he should have worn his fatigues to work yesterday. He suggested his ClassA. He still pulled a 10hr day. Have half a mind to crank up some music. 7AM is a bit early to rattle the neighbors, though. 8 - 9AM is OK. I let the AirForce break the quiet before I start making noise. They usually start around then. Weather has "cooled down" to average temp. We get a bonus... 25mph breeze. Still needing to gather some fuelwood. Fired up the saw a couple days ago. The fuel is getting a wee off smelling. Saw lit up in spite of it. Not that we need a fire right now. There will be a few weeks of wet cold, I want to be ahead of that. Cold and rain make for a spirited cutting session. Lots of incentive.
  9. I wonder who decided cranberries are edible. can't eat them w/o a lot of help from sweeteners 1:1 I don't mind the canned sauce. Once a year is OK. Wife likes it. I have a cranberry salad recipe that is good. Not good enough for me to eat the whole thing.
  10. You can send him my portion. Cold is beyond my ability to cope with. Our house is fresh during the winter. The fireplace is quite popular. funny as the cats stare at it when they get cold. Come to think... they stare at it when it is lit, too.
  11. fun!?! Lake effect? I think I saw a map where Valpo is getting dumped on, as usual remember how snow was fun when we were kids. As adults, it's a pain...
  12. Glass??? That's a league above us. You getting that white stuff? Seems early. but I remember trick or treating in the slush. Thanksgiving was generally snowy. We movd here in '70
  13. Milk makes them tough, from what I hear. Mine get cooked straight up. S&P, in butter. Low heat. I use cast iron. And metal utensils. That non-stick is a bunch of hoooey. And the plastics spatulas. Those are worthless. If the pan is actually non-stick, you end up chasing the object around, trying to shove a 1/4inch thick spatula under it. Someone told me that the non-stick cookware needs to be seasoned??? Never had any. My cast is heirloom. Some from great-grands.
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