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  1. I can't see anything but that iced coffee from those inferior beans as being anything but worse. Some heavy flavorings might help. ...or drink it like one approaches a Coors. Make it ICE cold and slam it down I feel sorry for you folks with the heat and humidity. It isn't unusual for us to see heat index over 100`.... considering the average temp is 100` and wind chill doesn't help much over 105`.
  2. my mood dictates where I'm good here/now. can't say I don't enjoy the beach/water. and forest and corn fields I really like this part of the country. Not many people, either. I'm not terribly social. Cities are not me. I presume you are in the middle of the heat wave? my computer shows me pics of snow country and asks if I like NO!
  3. cut the humidity in half..that's our monsoon this is going to sound silly, but our heat index is generally lower than most of the country at this time of year. Was telling boy that this is siesta season. It doesn't interrupt the wrk day. Folks start at 5AM... 1 or 2PM, you're done for the day Mexican beans today. Been waffling on pulling the trigger on a sub/s. Not having a sub out on my amp threw a wrench in the works. I guess I'm looking for 2 subs, one per channel? And a dongle/adapter to step down the output from #2 speakers out? my junk sub has provision for running it "in line" with the speakers. SVS doesn't.... But you can adjust it with an i-phone... which I don't have, not even a mobile flip-phone
  4. hot... sunny... cloudy... rainy ... and sunny again. Just in time to make a nice sunset love the monsoon it's not as hot or humid as the SE...
  5. they have devised all manner of sophistication to neutralize drones... Shotgun is prolly the best/easiest. make it count or you might make it angry I participated in the early stage/s of drones... Building. Got out when it started getting too easy to fly them... and a "Sorry, wrong number" call from Raytheon. That scared me.
  6. we got cemetery plots when we bought this place... beat that!
  7. I heard something about sales ...if you are having trouble selling it, raise the price those white horn speakers were pretty. for the price, they should be ivory
  8. we get to look forward to that kind of thing, too. We can get them from the gulf or eastern Pacific. They're just rain... that can be enough. Flood of '83 was caused by a dead hurricane. There was one last year [?] went west of us... coulda been the same all over.
  9. It's sunny and warm enough to rain. A little sticky, too. Can't complain. Tucson was 83` at 7AM... It was 68` here.
  10. now you know how I feel. I'm the poor country cousin..... less than $1500 in my whole set up.
  11. yeah... we get them, too as far as critters go, they aren't too bad. If ya know their habits. They can show at inopportune times... like your situation. We ran into a bunch under a highway bridge we intended to sleep under ... ah, hitchhiking daze.... scorpions and centipedes are different. Way more mobile hunters. no love for them. Snakes get more courtesies. Leave a rattler alone, it will go on its way. I have to admit to killing a shoestring rattler in the yard. They're nervous and bite anything with a full load of venom. That was a few years back. Best way to avoid snakes is keeping the rodent population down. Cats fill that title.
  12. I remember some lean years. Once, the mesquites got leaves and flowers, then dropped everything. Took care of business and went dormant ...in July I have to wonder what constitutes drought in a desert? That's kinda the definition of desert.
  13. my BIL told me, "Having spiders in your house is a sign of a healthy house" this place must be on steroids. had a hatch of daddy long legs. tiny things running all over the place.... and mini cobwebs. We have a resident tarantula, too. A one inch diameter hole in the yard with webs. A sign of occupancy. Oh, after the rain, the toads came up. Sounded like a swamp. talk about hurry up and wait. Their tadpoles go off in a week... and hope the mud puddle lasts that long. Then they have to eat enough in the next 2-3 months to last them until next year.
  14. +1 threatening rain. it is the monsoon.... see it! feel it? "monsoon" is no guarantee of rain. Some years you could set your watch by the rain. Might be my memory glossing over stuff, too
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