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  1. WillyBob

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Mashed potatoes, taco seasoned hamburger, sour cream, shredded cheddar, and cilantro rolled in a flour tortilla and baked in green enchilada sauce. technically, they are enchilada style mashed potato and hamburger burritos in green enchilada sauce. My own recipe. You don't see mashed on Mexican food list. folks seem to like them
  2. WillyBob

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    the wife was out the door like a herd of turtles this AM.. telling her slows her down lol boy seemed to enjoy his first day on the job. Seems pretty casual. Told to not take it too casual. Gotta earn your keep. I have a few things to do. A tray of my MexicanShepard'sPie and do some digging in the garden. the food is for my friend's family. My dinner isn't a thought yet.
  3. WillyBob

    Mona Lisa Vito’s expert testimony

    The Blues Brothers I will watch it en Espanol, even you have hit most of the ones that catch me..
  4. WillyBob

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Sounds good... maybe too easy I did not enjoy having tenants. My situation was different, tho. The money was nice, but not worth it
  5. It only a few hr from me...... My wife would shoot me. She still getting used to the LS I brought home.
  6. WillyBob

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Smoke detectors seem to go of if you broil, too. Made it thru the weekend. Had a nice unplanned b'day. Wife was working, at home, I didn't plan/want anything special and had a nice day. That was tempered the next AM by the news that a long time friend, 50 years, passed unexpectedly - for no apparent reason, was in good health. his boys have been getting earsful of "We used to ..." Boy got a job. He had two offers... A dude ranch and a "Boys' Ranch" took the job at the dude ranch. Told him I think that is a good choice. The folks at the dude ranch are there voluntarily and expect to have fun. The job at the boys' ranch was called "wrangler", also ....in that case, it is a polite name for guard.
  7. WillyBob


    I have the opposite problem...I do not gain weight... not unless I let my hair grow and/or bulk up with extra clothing. Never been over 140 @6'2". I'm around 125lb. I can relate to having to run around in to shower to get wet. And those water saving shower heads.....ARGH!!!
  8. WillyBob


    I'm gonna try. if you dare... thinking about a line from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.... "they can only come in, if they are invited".....
  9. WillyBob

    Moving La Scala II upstairs solo?

    Depending on how stout you are and how badly you want them moved... you can do it yourself... Prolly not the smartest thing to do... I would enlist some assistance... sez the guy that moved a pair of LS by himself. I didn't have stairs to deal with. One step... and it presented a challenge. I weigh about a buck and a quarter
  10. WillyBob

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    we have grackles... not so much fun every day all year... my wife doesn't like spaghetti. I asked what she does not like. ... She does not like the sauce....or the pasta now it gets confusing.... She likes mine. It traditional style in my family. I really don't know what to think. Maybe I should have her secretary tell me whether it is good/authentic or not. She is a professional chef. I am thinking of offering my service as a sous chef for her when she goes to Kona over the holidays. She has folks pay her to cook for them there. Yes, they do pay her air fare, too
  11. WillyBob

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    best to them... if I was a foraging type, I have a wheelbarrow full of wild/black mustard. Since I'm not... green manure. I gave a young leaf to my wife... after tasting it, she ID'd it w/o any trouble... It spicy yeah... been crawling the yard pulling weeds. They are trying to bloom already.
  12. WillyBob

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I'm not the only one.... warm up the kitchen. LR has the woodstove. That keeps the coffee warm Not bad this AM. Warm and overcast. 70` is predicted. Felt rotten yesterday. Kinda how it is for me. Feel good and over do it. Then pay ... Back on my feet today. Trying to get the garden turned. Season coming up fast. Should have tomatoes started already. Need to have them established before the heat sets in. It's a little too warm to grow them. Oh, they grow... produce is the trick. Won't set fruit over a certain temp.... and those conditions don't happen until July, here. And then we do OK until the frost.... or grasshoppers.
  13. instead of locking the thread, maybe categorize the material so it can be referenced.
  14. WillyBob

    When does "X" become an addiction ?

    a little levity the last time I went down, it takes a couple weeks to get back to "normal", I was so proud of getting to the toilet w/o crawling... Finished my business and ,only then, realized, I couldn't reach the toilet paper ... immediately to my side.
  15. WillyBob

    When does "X" become an addiction ?

    that can be a simple solution. My wife tells me that. Except, little things, like standing up, reaching can put me to the floor. I can't count how many times I have been turtled for no real reason. I do temper my activities, but can't stop living because I might hurt myself. I don't know when I will go down. I can understand shoveling rock and lifting bags of dog food. But, when I have 3 frig bananas take me down... You can't stop because there is a chance.... there is another thing to consider when you take the "I might hurt" course. Exercise is good. Doing less is an easy downward spiral.