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  1. WillyBob

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    you listen to the games?
  2. WillyBob

    What's the weather like where you're at?

    fire season coming soon enough. We get to enjoy the flowers for a few days. Pushing 90 tomorrow.
  3. WillyBob

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    did y'all catch that epic, hockey worthy, body check that knocked the ball handler into the 2nd row of seats...
  4. WillyBob

    What's the weather like where you're at?

    Our pollen level are like the "humidity"... They are up... not that you would notice though. We get R/H at 30% and say it's humid...
  5. WillyBob

    Forte I near Milwaukee $700

    and keep an open mind. I was looking for Cornwalls and brought a pair of LaScalas home. .........so, I had wait 6 months and make a 4000 mile road trip to pick them up... I was going there anyway. Well worth the wait and effort.
  6. WillyBob

    What do you say happened here?

    There are those wear marks on the shaft .... I can understand how things "center up" when they are loosely assembled. We used to use that technique for adjusting some long flat belts. The pulleys had a very slight crown. The belt would sorta adjust itself, if you let it. ... you might be surprised how many parts an R/C helicopter doesn't NEED to fly. It either balances/centers or leaves... quickly. My main rotors were running 6000rpm. Looking a bit like one of those Chinese wire puzzles until you spun it up.
  7. WillyBob

    What do you say happened here?

    I'm not an auto type mechanic... I worked Brunswick pinsetting machines. But they did have a transmission. That shaft reminds me of the input shaft.
  8. WillyBob

    What do you say happened here?

    Dumb Q Was the attachment operating properly, last time it was used? ...assuming the shaft is a mechanical "fuse"....
  9. WillyBob

    What do you say happened here?

    How are the bearings?
  10. WillyBob

    What do you say happened here?

    I've seen things break on machines.... Walked away scratching my head. fwiw it looks like there was a crack in the shaft, guessing by the shiny spot of the top of the break, in pic #1 The "polished" spot might indicate movement at that place.
  11. WillyBob

    Chorus II Too Big?

    I have a pair of Scalas in a 12 X 25 room. They sound fine. And at 25in deep aren't as imposing as you might think. When I was shopping, I looked at footprint. With the rear firing port speakers, they take about the same space...
  12. WillyBob

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Air show at DavisMonthan AFB in Tucson this weekend. We'll have all manner of winged aircraft staging out here.. Vintage and new. as much as I hate spending the $$$, I'm excited about getting work done on the house. Hate to admit I ain't got the juice to do that stuff any more. Never been one to ask for help.... Getting over that.
  13. WillyBob

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    kitty was being very subtle she dropped her fetch toy in my coffee. I guess she wanted it to b more lively... idk this cat is nuts. Nothing wrong with her... she's just crazy gotta change my "golf" game. Maybe a cart and caddy. Maybe I shouldn't try to clear an acre by hand... What fun would a machine be? Noisy. Flying rocks... The grass will impale you thru denim. Ya wanna wear chaps when you're running a walk behind "weed eater".
  14. WillyBob

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Most welcome
  15. WillyBob

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    it gets crowded. 3 booths indoors. A couple picnic tables outside. Worth it. The waitress we had was cute, too. Maybe it just me. I think most women are cute. Always tell the wife, if I stop looking, I have lost interest... then, what good am I?