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  1. habaneros are good. nice citrus flavor. good for nibbling on. I wouldn't chuck a whole one down my face. Not in one or two bites...Not worth $20. I "grow" chile pequin... related to the tepin. They grow themselves. Those are some hot little [about the size of a pea] buggers. A NativeAmerican friend saw them and was eating them like popcorn... I bit. I crack ONE between my teeth [no mucus membranes involved], gag reflex kicked in. I spit before it touched much..
  2. wait until this next one gets to yas... Monday, it is sposed to barely make 70` and a chance of wet... slight but a chance I could say our weather is crappy, but, it is OK. Cool/ish
  3. me too. One so bad, I had to look twice to make sure. That poor woman. is it possible that speakers grow their virginity back? These have been sitting since last Oct. After playing these r15Ms a little, they're sounding better. I know I have juggled placement and the sub... but they sounded horrible when I first fired them up, again. Thinking about a significant upgrade from the Scalas.... a pair of Jubes... who doesn't? I can fit the Scalas in the doghouse lol How big of a room do you need to house them? [I know... any room you can fit them in] I was looking at my livingroom... It is 12 X 25. There would be one on one end of the room and the other at the opposite end... giant headphones
  4. oh darn !!!! I feel so sorry for you.
  5. ... only the one in the top photo you know what to expect from the lads in pic #2 oh... that's your son? jk jk nice looking young man best wishes for his college adventure I have 2 stepsons. One quiet and the other like photo #2. I know what the one is going to do before he does it...
  6. That looks like Willie packing for a road trip setting up the little stereo was a mistake these R15Ms do NOT satisfy any more. Even with a [junk] little sub, they sound woefully small. These LaScalas will spoil ya in a hurry... and w/o you realizing it. Thanks y'all[?] I spose I'm in the market for a pair of cosmetically challenged Heresy for out here. I'm half surprised to be getting wifi out here.. The "doghouse" is covered in tin. @JohnJ I instinctively bow. It only takes 5 or 8 times before it starts to sink in. I blame it on my dad's Sicilian half. lol we used to hang out with bikers who resided in an old adobe. One night [day?] there was a crowd gathered there. I headed to the kitchen for a beverage.... next thing I know, I'm on the floor with a bunch of bikers laughing. that doorway will never be the same.. short people... grrrrrrr I'm not as tall as horizontally challenged. I tease about losing a dimension.
  7. that 10` ripple in our weather... now that it got some Gulf moisture all we got was wind and "cold". That's been the theme for this year. We're averaging 7` below last May. Strange weather this year. Setting the little stereo up in the doghouse. Those little R15Ms will be OK, with a sub, in a 12 X 12 room. Find a place to put... that gonna take some figuring. Doghouse is pretty well stacked up with stuff. A sofa, large office desk. 2 school lockers. 2 cabinets [metal] a bookshelf and my keyboard. The speakers may get hung from the ceiling. and Yes... I can still walk around in there... as long as I remember to duck for the low doorway. You MUST bow before entering the doghouse, if you are over 5 1/2ft tall.
  8. this stupid vid cracks me up every time.
  9. I saw that, too. went to get something to eat... all I could find was poptarts. poor substitute ... Was/am digging thru my vinyl. Some old copies of classical from the library. Had to be dad's... Point is, they have a note on the cover stating you need to adjust your machine to 33 1/3rpm. How old is that? I have 78's. Just nothing in the transition.
  10. only streaming I do, is .... well, I'll leave that alone
  11. ... as long as there's someone to appreciate it, it's OK. was about to go off on a rant. self-censored Was laughing at myself. Yesterday, popped Steppenwolf7 on the turntable. Enjoyed it immensely... except some of it was missing. A large chunk.... then I remembered to turn the LP over. duh Found a relatively obscure LP in the collection... "Truce" RobinTrower, JackBruce. Listening to it. Need to flip it over.
  12. WillyBob

    foreign language

    Who actually spoke Latin? As in... where did the language originate? Please don't say Lat.
  13. I musta gotten lucky. My big black LaScalas met with a positive WAF. Surprised me. She likes the looks. I kinda think she is telling fibs. She balked when I suggested another pair... "You already have some of those" Wonder how she would feel about some Khorns or Belles? I don't have "some of those"
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