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  1. then you pull the "parking/emergency" brake
  2. Folks come here and act the idiot, too. We do have a pretty liberal code of conduct, but it does have it's limits. the locals know ... perhaps why Cindy only let Mugger to come to town once in a while... 2 or 3 times a year, if he promises to behave
  3. didn't cost anything but... a solicitation from dishtv at 6:30AM. Then they hung up before I got to tell them how happy I was ... so I called them Didn't need to speak English to understand me
  4. we're suffering ... well maybe you aren't suffering.... experiencing might be better, the same weather today. sposed to fair up this weekend. 70's. Our average, Tucson, high is in the 60's thru Dec. I know Indy is warmer than than The Heart City, but as a kid, it seems there was snow from mid Nov. My sisters concur. yeah ... and we walked 5 miles in cardboard shoes, thru snow, uphill [both directions] to/from school... Winters have been fairly mild the last few years/decades. 76-77 had a cold snap. I remember them turning the temp at the factory down to 45. Felt warm compared to the outside -25, but you never warmed up. Work ground to a halt when the pneumatic tools failed The good ole days. to be 21 again... lucky I survived.
  5. We could, as easily , add cannabis,, too mornin' folks. a damp morning. Won't go so far as to say wet. High temp at midnight... 55` Whoopee How much difference, in performance, is there between RB-61II, RP-160 and RP-600? The cost diff is considerable
  6. close, Mike South of GreenValley, elevation goes up, the cactus disappear. It's subtle. 1000ft higher than Tucson. US Ag call us "Semi-arid grassland". A little higher and you get passed mesquite and into oak and juniper. the want for Christmas carols led me into a project. I dug my old Casio keyboard out of the shed. So I could play some... Cleaned it up. Kicked the wasps out of all of the wells for screws. If I'd been thinking, I bet those larvae would have made good fish bait. Like a cross between "spikes" and waxworms... Then, to find a power supply.Found something close. Correct voltage anyway. Had to reverse polarity and modify the plug a little. Alrighty... we have it lit up. No sound. Display shows the machine is registering notes. Oh... volume is at 00. Bump it up... still nothing. Check the mixer... channel is on. Moved the slide pot for volumes again. Scratchy noise.Deoxit to the rescue now, I don't feel like playing. nah nah I banged around for a half hour or so. Just jamming to the rhythm section.
  7. if you include "metropolitan" Arivaca, about 1500. Roughly 500 in "town". Nearest city is Tucson. GreenValley/Sahuarita don't count. isolated? Not really. Strong sense of community. I have lived in larger towns. And got along fine. I prefer the freedoms afforded here. I have been out here since 2000.... in the immediate area for 50years. This has been my backyard for a while.
  8. you mention frustration being a problem I can see that. His outlet for expression was "limited". He did a movie, too... "The Man Who Fell to Earth" And I wanna say he dabbled in paint. You might fact check that one.
  9. Only had a couple coffee makers I would not have again. A GE that spit water everywhere but on the grinds. Mr. Coffee. Mud was passable, if you could get it in the cup. Carafes dribble bad. Bunn makes a very nice machine.
  10. My "system" is vintage. LS from '76. An H/K630. I use a Sony DVD/CD player. Wish I still had that Pioneer 6 disc player. I do stream. Not too fond of the quality. Better than nothin'.
  11. Somehow I don't feel too sorry for him and his feeling he should be more recognized. he made a fair living playing. That was his day job. plenty of good musicians busking.
  12. An artist does not create with intentions of being popular. They do it for the shear joy or emotional outlet. Yes, artists do take commissioned works. One has to eat.
  13. Bikes are near worthless here. Dirt roads. Lots of rocks and unless you have solid rubber tyres, flats are a way of life. And cattle guards. Those must be real bad. I see signs warning of them on dirt roads. AZ at its finest. ADOT puts signs on dirt roads so you know the road isn't or ever was, paved. We have several bikes. ... I'm thinking of trying to make something useful of them.... wind turbine or a lightweight boat trailer, a lawn sculpture... something??? the world's gone to hell. WillieNelson quitting smoking pot. Not saying he's giving mj up.... vape and edibles are still on his menu. Just doesn't seem right, though.
  14. I saw him on the DiamondDogs tour. Sound system was bad. Not good "bad". The show was interesting. The crowd costumed. I hung with the cops... they were the most normal looking folks in the arena.
  15. that's why we use kids for that type of thing. They bounce pretty good and mend a lot faster than we do. I was that guy when I was a kid. Guess Grandma called us monkeys for a good reason
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