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  1. I lost power at my office in Miami for about 1.5 hours...fortunately we have a generator.
  2. Tom, Since you are electing to go the higher quality / more costly route, make sure you get a "Broadcast Quality" (ie: Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVCAM, MiniDV) copy of your footage. This way you will be able to make future copies with little or less quality degredation. Dave
  3. As JJKIZAK notes: "If you want the best quality then find a pro lab with the proper 1.5 million dollar machine... " These devices are called telecines and are normally tied to color correctors (normally DaVinci). Most places that have that kind of technology won't have an 8mm gate...(a small handful might?). These places would likely charge by the hour anyhere from $250 to $850 per hour as they are used to dealing with broadcast and film professionals. I work for a pro lab that has 3 such telecine suites, none of them have 8mm gates. On several occasions we have rented 8mm gates and we were not terribly happy with the results not to mention the $500 per day rental fee (2 day minimum!) which we pass on to the client. Although you will get a noticable difference going with a higher end company, I'm not sure it's really worth the money for 8mm home movies. Dave
  4. Tom, I assume you are actually refering to 8mm film? You'll need to use your local yellowpages. Some companies that specialize in VHS or DVD duplication offer this service...also a few consumer level photo labs might still offer this type of service. Often they will offer you a package deal including transfering your film and then editing it together usually with some pretty cheezy music:( You will want to organize you film in some sort of chronological order if possible otherwise the 17 year old kid that transfers the films for you will...and you don't want that;) The device used to transfer your original 8mm to video or digital file is called a film chain or film prism. It would consist of a film projector that would project the film image into a mirror or prism that would have a video or some type of digital camera recording the picture. These types of systems are getting pretty ancient...so the longer you wait...the fewer places there will be to help you. Good Luck! Dave
  5. 0.2126 After 2 cups of coffee and a Tylenol 3 (w/ Codeine)
  6. 3:30 pm in Miami..and all is well...just a little rain so far.
  7. The Jerk How about , "Seven or eight quick ones and your off to boast and brag with the boys" ANSWER: "...Young Frankentein"Love those Mel Brooks films ! NEW QUOTE: "Are you saying that I put an abnormal brain into a seven and a half foot long, fifty-four inch wide GORILLA?"
  8. ANSWER: "Raiders of The Lost Ark" NEW QUOTE: "You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!"
  9. QUOTE: "No more rhyming now, I mean it!" "Anybody want a peanut?" ANSWER: Princess Bride I can't remember if I posted this one already? Countess Alexandrovna: You are the greatest lover I've ever had. Boris: Well, I practice a lot when I'm alone.
  10. IndyKlipschFan, My experience with Frank Capra was over 30 years ago so I only remember certain details. My impression of the man was that he was very grandfatherly and not at all "Hollywood". I'm not sure that my father had even seen "It's a Wonderful Life" prior to Mr. Capra's comments at dinner that night. The very next semester he ordered a print of the film in to show to his film class and it's been a family favorite ever since. It was still many years later (when it became public domain?) when Turner started showing it every year on Christmas Eve. When I was growing up everybody watched "Miracle on 34th Street" on TV during the Holidays not "It's a Wonderful Life". Now it seems "A Christmas Story" is Turner's new must see movie during the Holidays. Dave
  11. I need to get a copy of a schematic for a type AL crossover for my 1985 LaScalas. If anyone has one of these schematics (or even similar) could you please help a brother out? Dave
  12. There are definately some pretty cool experiences listed so far!...As for me: I've worked in the Film and TV production industry for over 21 years...so I met my share of celebrities over the years. My father taught film at FSU and occasionally would bring in a guest lecturer for his class and would always bring them home for dinner. When I was about 10 or 11 I sat next to Frank Capra at my family's dinning room table and the only question I could think to ask him was..."What was your favorite movie that you directed?" He answered saying not too many people know this film...but I made a little film called It's a Wonderful Life and that's my favorite". although the film was nearly 30 years old at that time, it had not yet become the Christmas classic that it is today. In high school I dated 2 time Emmy nominated actress Cheryl Hinds ("Curb Your Enthusiasm" & "RV"). I've opened one of the three locks on the Panama Canal. I sat between Dickie Betts (guitarist for the Almann Bros.) and Tom Dowd (Legendary Producer) at Criterion Studios while Dickie was recording guitar solo over-dubs...Dickie asked me "How that sound?"...I didn't know what to say. While shooting behind the scenes footage of a film called "Russkies" for Entertainment Tonight...I was stuck on a camera barge with a half dozen or so extras & crew in a light cold rain (well as cold as it gets off Key West)...Carol King had a small role in the film and she pulled out her guitar and we all huddled together while she sang for us. Last year when Micheal Mann was in town shooting "Miami Vice" he came by our studio to watch a rough cut of a Miami Vice trailer in our screening room. I didn't really meet him but the sound in our screening room was provided by my Klipsch LaScalas which are on semi permanent loan to the company since I have no room for them in my townhouse. jt1stcav wrote: "Also went to Miami for two days to shoot a commercial for AFN (the military's Armed Forces Network in Europe), making a chain of paper dolls depicting Marines." .. JT I was the VP of Production for that Production Company (Venture Productions) perhaps we met...SMALL WORLD!
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