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  1. missed the big week event but i did finally spend a hour last night with natalie and terry morre , and of course the awesome palladiums. they were magnificient. terry has a home theater design/install enterprise and has the full palladium home theater line up in his main demo room. the hour passed fast and i was invited back with a special invitation to bring my own amp/pre and cd player and terry would set up the 39's for just 2 channel , and i could go at it with my own cd.s. i am definetly going to do this next month. later for now. paul
  2. p.dow

    p-39f cost

    scott - wow palladiums and citrus.... no palladiums, but we have mennello tangello (2) , marsh white and ray ruby grapefruit, naval (unsure of specific) and sunburst hybrid tangerine, and 2 key limes. the tangellos and tangerine are hurting this year. lack of water and the heat has limited yield. the tangerine set blossoms seems like 3 distinct times , but because of weather each time they would loose most all blossoms or tiny fruit. and now i think the tree is stressed after blooming so many times and the continuing heat spell.recent rains and watering has helped but i wont see much product for this tree this year. i think some birds ate some of my grapefruit babies too.oh well. home depot and lowes dont seem to get the one gallon stock like i used to see in the 90's. but i did just pick up a root bound one gallon page orange at lowes last week for $9.xx . .i can imagine my citrus problems are quite small compared to your operation. do you have any links to pics/chat about your palladiums. thanks regards paul
  3. they look fantastic. i love that warm color of the wood.
  4. colin - can we get your experience listening to the palladiums? thanks paul
  5. i have a sansui G7700. i like it. it drives my rf-7s sometimes. i have sampled a few ss amps with my khorns and settled on a 9w 300B tubed integrated amp . i think khorns do have a upper limit for watts per ch...... its 100 (400w peak) i think peak is for transitory passages , not sustained. do you listen to your music with headphones off of your sansui ? if so how do you like that ? just curious. happy listening. paul
  6. roger is spot on... location and conveinence of looking over and pick up is important. meeting the owner and getting a idea of the units history is good too. saveing the owner the hassle of shipping can mean a good deal allaround. paul
  7. well put. lps in 2009 (esp old ones in your collection) do require more work to enjoy. interestingly cd's require more effort than down loaded or other high tech programing. each with differing degrees of auditory satisfaction for the listener paul .......... by the way ! who are those people anyway!!!!!
  8. mr. thump great job. you can pat yourself on the back for sure. recently read the vendor reply by klipsch to the fine p-39f review in stereophile magazine. a little winded and shamelessly selfserving ...... but that is what the space is for. at least klipsh doesnt have any roy halls responding for klipsch ( on the vendor comment pages of stereophile)..... hehe would have been nicer (imo) if there was more specific mention of the forum and the real people who did the palladium. paul
  9. hello - fyi the product page is showing the rf-7 as discontinued ... looks like the new product info (when it gets up) will need to include a link to the original rf-7 ! i like the rf-7 i wonder if the new crossover is identical to the original ? paul
  10. fyi there is a tangental discussion of these issues over a diyaudio if interested here is the link www diyaudio.com/forums/showthread/t-118666.html paul
  11. marvelous marvel... what a cool trick. rolling papers. i will have to dig around... but i think i have some JOBES around well about the actual damage. i got these off of ebay some time ago. owned by a salesman from 'sound advice' store. he had purchased them new. they were located in a near by town so it was to easy to do the deal. he auditioned them for me and they rocked. his wife had 3 cats and he pointed out to me the damage the cats had done to the grills ( got a good deal $800 for the pair and the center... the center was in ex. shape). i looked at the speakers at his place ... they looked ok. got them home and discovered cats had clawed through the rubber surrounds on one speaker. the seller made it right by me and i got a klipsh replacement. one of the other speakers had about a 2 inch sparation of the surrond , i think that was a weakness in the original assembly. i found a replacement for that on ebay. so i have these 2 speakers . one with about 10 cat lacerations in the butyl and one with a butyl separation. looks like it may be worthwhile to try to fix at least one and attempt to salvage the other. thanks the rolling paper trick idea. paul
  12. thats what i'm thinking. i refoamed some medium size infinity speakers awhile back, it was kinda fun , and i think the sound was not noticeabley changed but i dont think i want to redo these with a different (not butyl but polyfoam) product. thanks for the observation. paul .......hey .. wait a minute - your cat is waaayyyyy bigger than mine. and rudy weighs 20lbs.
  13. no problemo. i am not to savey on all the information highways available and sometimes really dont think i have the time or brain cells to explore it all. anyway. i am discovering the p-39f's and i am kind of cranked right now because... a local highend a/v business ( a soundecision in tarpon springs, florida ) is takeing delivery of the palladium p-39f hometheater lineup this week and i have been fortunate to be invited to its premier openhouse thursday evening. a new day is dawning.... needless to say i am looking forward to the listening experience. paul
  14. speakerexchange got back to me. here is what they say. no speaker manufacturers provide replacement surrounds. its all aftermarket. no good butyl surrounds are available in the klf 30 size. and even if they were they are difficult to redo. what is available is polyfoam. if they have the speaker measurements they can provide polyfoam. hmm. i wonder if anyone has done there k-31-k's in polyfoam ? paul
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