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  1. AVG for antivirus. Its free and I have cleaned up alot of computers with it. The firewall, I don't run one on dial-up.Norton and Mcafee run too many processes.
  2. Bidding ended. I don't think he sold them
  3. peshewah


    I bought one(RC62) and got it home and hooked it up. It sounds amazing with my RF62's. Next I will need a sub woofer. The movie "The Lord of the Rings" is a whole different movie now. Thanks for all your help and for putting up with me.
  4. I have a pair of RF62's and they sound great. I bought them because they where in my price range. If I would have had the money I would bought a "higher class of speakers", maybe the RF7's, but with the 7's I would have had to buy a bigger reciever. I really love my 62's and don't know if I would trade them for a bigger speaker unless I was to move into a house with a bigger living room. But, these guy know there stuff. I'm pretty new at this. I thought all Klipsch were made in the USA. I'm disappointed.
  5. You both made good points. RC62 it is.Thank you guys for your time.
  6. You both made good points. RC62 it is.Thank you guys for your time.
  7. I have a set of RF62's and I was wanting a RC62 but I was wonding how RC3, RC3II, or RC35 would sound compared to RC62. The reason I ask is I've been seeing a lot of 3's and 3II's for a real good price. Or would I be happyer with the RC62. This system I'm building I will keep for years to come. I don't like to sell things once I get them. I would more than likely give it away. I don't have money to burn. I always worry about something not working or breaking after I sell it so I rather not mess with it. Thank you for any response
  8. Like Blue-Midnight, I am looking into RC62. But if that RC3II was a good match for my RF62's I might jump on it. What are the flaws. I only get dial-up(24kbps) service out here in the sticks and it would take all day to pull up these pictures. I'm sorry, only if Blue Mid night didn't want it. I spoke out of turn.
  9. Thank you my friend. Do you think $359+tax is a good price for a new one from a Aurthorized dealer?
  10. A few miles south of Springfield Mo.
  11. In a few weeks I will be in the market for a RC 62. I have a RF 62 and I had a Klipsch IFI sub woofer but the amp went out in it so I'm without a sub. But I have my heart set on a center channel. I was quoted a price of $359 + tax new. But I would buy used, if the price would was right. Does anyone have one that is in good shape that they want to get rid of?
  12. My amp inside my IFI sub is dead according to the tech department. My control pod lites up but no sound. Its a refurb so its had a 90 day guarentee and I had it about a year. They don't work on the IFI anymore becuase they are discountinued. I can buy a amp for it for it for a little over $100. I had it hooked up to my reciever and it did a fine job but I hate to put anymore money in it. I just bought a set of RF62's and was saving up for a RC62 center channel but this really put stick in my spokes. I'm bummin'
  13. Hang them from your ceiling. I would make sure you like the way they sound first. Good Luck Friend.
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    Athena does not come up for me. Did Klipsch buy out these other company? I thought Klipsch was Klipsch and no other. That was one of the thing I liked about Klipsch.
  15. It is amazing. I hear things I never heard before from CD's I've listen to for years. My kids and there movies. RF62's sound better spread apart. Right now they are about 4 feet apart. But soon my brother is going to build me a stand for my components. I want the front and back open because of heat. Once that is done, it will give me more room to move my speakers around. I'm using RSX 5's for my center channel. It sound pretty good. I can't wait to get a RC62 and then a good sub. Its summer time, my wife and I like to set on the front deck with my stereo playing and drink a few beers and listen to music. I think the farther I get away from my speaker the better they sound. I live in the country. It don't get much better than that.
  16. Then I guess rap it is. I have all day and every one is either at work or school. Thanks for your time and advice.
  17. All I can say is WOW. They sound better than I expected. My next thing to buy is a center channel,RC62. But that will be awhile.The RF62's are well worth $500. My wife says there ugly. I wondering about how long I should allow for break in time?
  18. I'm not really from Mo, I was raised in NE Oklahoma. So I have no relitives or friend in Arkansas. If you don't want to mess with shipping, I fully understand. But if you don't mind shipping them, then I'm ready to get the ball rolling. Paypal, Phone Number, Email? I'm ready my friend. My email is peshewah@yahoo.com. I would like to put my money down on something by Friday evening. If I can't get the RF82's from you then I'll pay on the RF62's on Friday or else it will be another week before I can make it to town.
  19. I wish I lived closer to you Fastlane. Or you had the boxes to those F82's. I would love to buy them.
  20. Thanks for explaining about the Hz's.Its a little more clear now. And thanks for all the great responses. I get excited just talking about it. And to Fastlane, 82 sounds better than 62 no matter how you look at it. Used speakers don't scare me at all. I would buy those F82's, But I live a few miles south of Springfield Missouri. But thanks anyway and thank you for your time. Right now I'm waiting for Friday to roll around so I can get a day off and I'll put my money down on something that that has a Klipsch signature.
  21. I don't know much about Hz but it sounds interesting. You guys know your stuff. I will learn.Do you think the RF 62's are worth the money($500 a pair)? Will I be able to tell a big difference between RSX 5's and the RF 62's? For me, like others, money is hard to come by, so a 5 year guarentee look good over used.You see, I caught this bug and I have to have better sound. I can't explain it. Espically to my wife.
  22. I have a $600 budget and I'm looking for Klipsch floorstand speaker. I read a lot of info on this forum but there is still a lot of things that you good people know that I haven't read so I come here for help. My current system is (please don't laugh) Denon AVR 1803, 85 watts per channel. RSX 5's front channel, Pair of RSX 3's center channel, and a Klipsch IFI Ipod subwoofer.......well for my sub. Gotta love that system! LOL. Anyway, when my family goes to town I like to listen to my music as loud as I can. I also watch a few movies. I just got a call from a retailer and he said he could get me RF 82's for $360 each which is a little out of my budget. He can also get RF 62's for $250 each. But he has none in stock. He has no Reference speakers in stock and thats why he sells them cheaper. So I guess I can't listen to them before I buy them. One more thing, I am wanting to building a HT a little at a time. The price of the RF 62's sound good to me. Carlo Santana is my hero. A little input would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  23. Hi, I'm new here and I was reading some other threads about hooking up IFI sub to a A/V reciever. I have a Denon AVR 1803 and it works. Along with some RSX 5's and the sounds is great. I picked up the reciever for $100. Using the pre-amp connects on the reciever, I have a poor mans system that sounds great. I'm grateful for information I've read on this thread. Thank you guys (and girls).
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