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  1. I ran two DBX BX-1's at one point one in 4-channel mode and the other in 3-channel mode.  Fabulous amps that can essentially be run into a dead short.  No the BGW amp is not the same not even close.  I have service manuals and schematics for it but good luck finding someone to service it or find parts.  The remnants of the DBC company that moved to CA with Gene Raymond the Lead Engineer was sold off to The Sound Room in Berkely. CA then they turned around and sold what was left to Musician's Service Center.  That was a number of years ago though.  Perhaps the only reason that I sold them and purchased a Sherbourn 7/2100A 7 Channel True Mono Block amp to replace the duo.  Good luck in your quest.


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  2. My brother in law just performed the complete Volti upgrade on his Klipschorn's (WOW) and has the entire driver complement, network, K-401K horns and motorboard he is willing to sell.  


    So two K-77M's, K-55M's, K-401K's front motorboard assembly with grill (no badges), AK-3 networks complete with woofer circuit, Klipsch K-33 woofers all in perfect working order.  Essentially a Klipschorn sans the cabinet.  He is not willing to part it out at this time as the leads from the network are still soldered to the MF/HF drivers.


    He is in Laredo, TX  It will be tricky to ship obviously so pick up is highly encouraged.





  3. I picked mine up years ago for $400 to play with my other two HGS-15's supporting a trio of La Scala's.  The servo in these units ensure extremely low clean distortion free bass as it monitors cone movement thousands of time a second.  Yes they are old but even the new Klipsch subs can't dig as deep regardless of what the specifications indicate.  I owned one Klipsch subwoofer a KSW-15 that I bought new and it was a POS.  Boxed in back up and sold it.  The only worthwhile subs Klipsch has ever produced are the RSW line and the THX Ultra's.  The rest are mediocre at best and the self destructing plate amp issues have plagued Klipsch for years.  However, the eBay asking price is well beyond optimistic maybe $500 to $800 tops if it is in perfect working order.  If the servo circuit goes in these getting it repaired will be difficult as the woofer and amp need to be sent together in order to calibrate the servo properly if you can find someone to repair it as Velodyne no longer services these.

    Velodyne HGS-18II.jpg

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  4. On 6/28/2023 at 10:57 AM, Dave69 said:

    I was told the kv4 was a match to the kg series. All but the back rears are kg series and when I go to stereo mode only the sub and the 4 kgs play unless I select the option to power all of them

    No the KV-4 is timbre' matched to the Epic Series CF-1, CF-2, CF-3, CF-4.  The centers for the KG line are KG 2.2 and KG 2.5.

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  5. This setup has no synergy so it really doesn't matter.  Nothing matches with all the different series of speakers your timbre will be all over the place until you get all similar speakers.  Sell and start over with timbre matched speakers it will be well worth it and will make a tremendous difference.

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