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  1. The Denon 103 is well liked here on the forum. I think the cost should be less than $200. I've only heard a couple of cuts on one at a local Hi-Fi store and can't give a well informed opinion on them.

    I've got a couple of Grado carts that sound pretty darned good I paid less than $100 for new and I have no problem using them.

    One of my old favorites is an AT-14SA but the stylus are getting hard to come by. I bought 2 new ones off Ebay a few years back at a cost of over $100 each for the stylus only.

    I also like the upper end Ortifon carts. You can get a nice cart for that kind of money.

    Just my opinion only. There are a lot of vinyl experts here with a lot more knowledge than I have though.

    I'd listen to them before I would my thinking.



  2. (In no particular order; this was hard enough as it is!)

    1. Everything Must Go - Steely Dan

    2. Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits

    3. Morph the Cat - Donald Fagen

    4. 1812 Overture - Tchaikovsky, Cincinnati Pops, Kiev Symphony Chorus, and Erich Kunzel

    5. Flight of the Cosmic Hippo - Bela Fleck & the Flecktones

    6. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? - Bonnie Raitt & Ray Charles

    7. Sinking - No Doubt

    8. Full Circle - Collective Soul

    9. Surfin' with the Alien - Joe Satriani

    10. Cosmik Debris- Frank Zappa

  3. According to Bob, he's "just another employee" now. I think he got frustrated with the way the company has decided to go. When Carver Corporation first went public & he installed a board of directors, they eventually voted him out of power then proceded to run the company into the ground. He came back a few years later to try to save the corporation, but it was too late. I think he's about ready to retire, but he just loves to tinker too much! He is starting a possible new speaker line with James Sauter, who runs the carveraudio.com website & has been doing ribbon repair with his father for years. I get the impression Bob would be happy to design it and let James run with the ball, with Bob's name used in there somewhere. I think Elan bought Sunfire to pretty much dismantle the company, because a once-vibrant 200+ employee company in Washington state has now been reduced to less than 10 employees & all manufacturing has been sent out of country, mostly to China.

  4. TNR I would of loved this..

    Did he mention anything about the new but delayed Sunfire 401 HT pre amp?

    Or home theater in general?

    I would of enjoyed this for sure!

    You know, we spent so much time on 2-channel stuff, I don't think anyone even asked about the new Sunfire stuff. I got the impression Bob doesn't have much to do with Sunfire anymore. There was talk of a new floor-to-ceiling line array ribbon.....very tasty sounding! It's in the planning stages now, probably NOT with Sunfire....

  5. There is a higher def. version of Morph the Cat available. It is in the DVI-DVD set of the Nightfly Trilogy ($53.99 at Amazon). Sound is far superior to the regular CD if you have a quality DVD player like my Sony ES unit.

    Thanks for the info!

  6. Nominal impedance is the average impedance over the audible range. Are we talking headphones? If so, higher impedance makes it harder for the amp to supply necessary current to drive them, especially with cheap op amps you find in most inexpensive devices (i.e., NOT dedicated headphone amps).

  7. Bob Carver, of Phase Linear, Carver Corporation & Sunfire fame, attended our second annual CarverFest in the Smoky Mountains this month (10-15 Sep 08). Some pics from the event (see details at http://www.carveraudio.com - you'll need to sign up for access to some items):

    CarverFest 08 Group Photo 1

    That's Bob in the hat, top center.

    CF 08 Bob & AL-V speakers

    Here's Bob talking with CarverAudio.com webmeister, James Sauter, and another forum member about James' prototype AL-V loudspeakers.

    CF 08 group photo 2

    Another photo of the group; several members were in and out over the 5-day event.

    Bob with plaque

    Bob with the plaque we all signed & presented to him.

    Skip's Plats

    Gary's AL-IIIs

    James system


    Linn speakers

    F1Nut system

    treitz3 rig

    Bob signed CD Player

    Some member's systems they hauled with them to the Fest. He signed a few items, as well... [:D]

    AL-V prototypes

    AL-V prototypes designed by James Sauter (one of two pair made)

    Tube Amps

    Bob gave held a drawing to give away a pair of these tube monoblock amps he designed! Wow! He also gave away a pair of his Sunfire Cinema Ribbon speakers (CRM-2).

    Bob & Ribbon


    The cabins were FANTASTIC!

    I have to say, Bob is the most approachable multi-millionaire engineer I've every met. He spent the entire 5 days at the event and was most approachable
    & it was quite clear he had an EXCELLENT time! I had an opportunity
    to steal about 30 minutes of his time. We talked about the history of
    how I got my system together (he said of my AL-IIIs "they're MINT!")
    and also about an easy physical mod to counter the 7-8k ribbon
    resonance WITHOUT a notch filter in the crossover/eq. HINT: check out the front of the new Sunfire
    Cinema Ribbons. He came to me on three different occasions & asked
    to hook up his tube amps to my system~what an honor! (It sounded

    Bob relentlessly signed everything
    we put in front of him; I'm certain he was suffering from carpal tunnel
    syndrome by the end of the week! A HUGE thanks out to him for putting
    up with a bunch of drooling goobs falling over ourselves at sight of
    him....he is really just a great person & made everyone feel

    completely as ease. Once we were over the euphoria of meeting him, it
    was as easy to talk to him as anyone else at the Fest. He was
    interested in everyone's systems & eagerly swallowed up details of
    how we did what & what we thought about things. If you asked him a
    question about his thoughts on how something might sound, he'd say "I
    don't know, let's TRY it!" I only HOPE I have his energy level &
    spark of life when I'm his age. James
    Sauter made an EXQUISITE plaque for Bob (see above
    ) that we all signed with gold & silver pens. Bob was close to tears
    when James presented it to him.

    -The surroundings in the Great Smoky Mountains was fantabulous!
    Hot tubs on the deck, plenty of fresh air, things to do within a few
    miles, TONS to keep you busy in audio listening & discussion. Who
    could ask for more?!?

  8. Beware bridging your amp for more power; that usually lowers the damping AND you can rarely drive less than 8 ohms on a bridged amp. Plus, sometimes they just don't sound good bridged. Only your ears can tell you for sure.

    The RF-83s are 250 watts Continuous & 800 MAX. They also supposedly have a dip down below 4 ohms at some frequencies, so if you DO choose to bridge, I'd be very judicious while testing....

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