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  1. Aussie, I just looked. It wasn't 1080 vs 1090 but RF 7 vs RF 83. RF 7 won that one. FWIW I was at a local rotel dealer about 5 months ago and he liked the 1090 better than the 1080 and he had 1080's to sell and no 1090's. The latest 2 channel Class D, RB 1092 at 500w/ch is the only one he put above the 1090, but they are too pricey for me.
  2. I havn't heard the 1080 but I'm sure it would be good from many favorable comments. Since Feb of 2007 I had a Nad 150w/ch, a 990 200w/ch and now the 1090.which is about380w/ch. The Nad was good, the 990 better and the 1090 better still. With the RF 7's the 1090 runs luke warm and uses .6 amps [yes that's point 6] or 72 watts. I have no trouble plugging the 1090 into my power conditioner rather than directly into the wall and it sounds better. I asked the same Q which would be better the 1080 or 1090 and as I recall those who had heard both more voted for the 1090 about 2 to 1. I'll try to find the thread and bump it up. Make sure the 1090 is packed well and double boxed.
  3. 45" high 16" deep 11 5/8" wide
  4. What type/size/quality speakers were the KG4's in the late 1980's?
  5. Does Dean G do these H I xover upgrades? What is the cost?
  6. There is a pair of rf 7's in Kenner Lousiana local pick-up only. On ebay for $850 cherry.
  7. No Canyon man, I live in Butler Pa. Brrrrr.
  8. On Ebay local pick up only. New condition. Sorry if this is already posted.
  9. I'm trying to post 3 more pics in my garage ad and they are not posting.
  10. If you post a picture in an unintended place in forum A are you blocked from posting that same picture in forum B?
  11. Whoops!!! The last 3 pics were to be posted in garage sale.
  12. Another Pic! Guess I'll do them one at a time.
  13. That's part of my alarm system. It plays loud when we are not at home.
  14. How do you post more than one pic at a time?
  15. Well I finally found out how to post a picture. Thanks Arky and Mas.
  16. You can also check the phase by placing the 2 RF 82 facing each other close together. If they are out of phase they will cancel out each others base. If the bass does cancel out then change the +/- connections on one speaker at the amp "OR", at one speaker.
  17. When you see an ad with several replies, how can it say 0 views? What removes an ad is it lapsed calander time? Is it OK to post an ad again if it becomes buried in past posts? Is it OK to mention that one has a garage sale ad in some other forum so people know about it?
  18. Thanks for your comments. The reason for my question!! My brother has been listening to my system(s) for 30 years. I have made some recent improvements that I think really caught his attention and now he has started down the slippery path to improve his system. He loves my RF-7's as do I. Having never heard the 83's I asked the question for him. [MY RF-7s are going nowhere! ] So based on everything, price a consideration, I will recommend the RF-7's to him, giving all the feedback you gave me. I have made some serious tweaks to my system. I cannot believe the RF-7's had what I am now hearing, in them. I'll post that separately. Stay tuned. Thanks for the help once again.
  19. Has anyone owned both or heard both? Which sounds better or do they sound almost the same?
  20. They are walnut. Original crossovers. Two dings in the vaneer ie small chips. What is fair price? Located near Pittsburgh Pa..
  21. My brother has a new Marantz CD 5001 and an old Nakamichi Receiver 3 with his Heresys. What woud a good Receiver be new or used for $500 or less in a 2 channel system?
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