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  1. I'm asking this for my brother. What are these two digital outs intended to feed? In a 2 channel system what would the reason or benefit be to using either of these over the L/R analog out?
  2. So what are the highs and lows in that 19 volt swing? Until you corrected it to the steady 120, what was it doing to your sound ie, before and after results?
  3. How much fluctuation to call for a voltage regulator? X volts change over the average 24 hours? Y volts change evey 5 minutes? How does too much fluctuation affect the sound?
  4. What tube dampers do you recommend?
  5. I think I found the problem. I moved several of my components and when I put them back, forgot to reconnect the grounding wire I use between my tube pre amp and its powersupply. I'm still puzzeled in that I could eliminate the hum often by pressing down on top of the speaker or rocking it side to side.
  6. Now it's in both speakers!!!???
  7. Well speaker wires are real tight.
  8. I have a fairly loud hum from the right speaker. Originally if I pushed down on top of the speaker it would dissapear for days. Now it is much more frequent but moving the speaker gets rid of it but in a few minutes its back again. Strange. Any ideas?
  9. Yep they are there! Very hard too see because the shaft is real shiny. I'm removing my $12 furutech spades and going to try the bare wire. If it sounds better I'll have 12 large gold spades [biwire] to sell in mint condition. They have two set screws that clamp onto the wire. Thanks Colter.
  10. Does the center shaft on the terminals have a hole in it so you cann thread the speaker wire through it? If there is one I can't see it. My speaker cable is a stiff solid copper 14 AWG wire.
  11. One clip is larger than the other so you can't put them back on reversed. Be careful taking them off and back on. They are attached to a tab that is definately breakable. Don't let that be # 3.
  12. What is the diameter and # of threads for the RF-7 speaker spikes? Thanks.
  13. What is the average price for used Classical and Jazz LP's In EXCELLENT condition? What would be a "RATHER", low or high price for one?
  14. I was going to say exactly what wpines said. The book is incredible. Highly recomended. Critical listening is just one item. There are hundreds more covered. There are 3 issues of this. I bought the 2nd edition on ebay for $10. The retail on the 3rd edition is around $43 but You may find it on ebay as well. Written by an "EXPERT who makes his living as an EXPERT". He may be the current editor of Absolute Sound magazine, or perhaps it's some other highly regarded magazine.
  15. Has anyone auditioned both of these speaker cables?
  16. How about unbleached muslin used to make quilts. It's 90 inches wide and about $5 a yard and close to the right color. Try your local fabric store like Jo Anne Fabrics.
  17. Fritz or anyone. Is this 4 conductor ultralink wire approach what you use? Do you bi wire? Any idea how much those bananas cost?.
  18. http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_10_2/ultralink-CL414-cable-5-2003.html
  19. Go the whole 9 yards with the KINGCATS. The silver cats could also be great, but I didn't want to do it twice. Doug is a great guy. I posted some kingcat comments on his site 'CAT CABLES'. Let me know what you think of the cables?
  20. UFObuster. Over the past 3 months I have been listening, many hours a day, to my system. I have 74 year young ears. I listened to different interconnects from the CD player to the pre amp and from the pre amp to the power amp. All three, CD, pre, and power amp are pretty good units. If they weren't perhaps my observations would have been less dramatic. Momoprice were nice, sounder good, and were cheap. I wanted them to win. But blue jeans were obviously better. I sent the monoprice back. I then tried anti cables. They were quite a bit better. So I sent the blue jeans back. I was very happy with my anti cables for about 400 hours of listening. By dumb luck, I heard about these rave reviews on Cat Cables. I gave there best ones a try. The silver Kingcats. Not cheap at about $200 for a one meter set Amazing improvement. It made my present $ 6K system sound better than anything I have ever heard or had. My system in the mid 1980's was about $28K. Yes I had K horns then and monoblock Tube ARC amps. Now I have RF 7's due to space changes were I live. These IC changes would probably sound different had you made them in your system, with your ears and listening preferances. I'm just talking me, here. My wife noticed the Kingcat cable improvement. That is definately a FIRST. My very skeptical brother even agreed its the best sounding my system has ever been. He Heard all of the system changes over the past 22 years. That's my story to date.
  21. I had a very good sounding system, see below. I switched from some pretty good interconnects to Kingcat silver IC's. Stunning improvement!!! About $200 for a 1 meter set. A real wow factor. I have no affiliation with Doug who has Cat Cables. Nice guy. One man operation.
  22. I have RF 7's and had the Nad C272 new, and rotel 990 bx used. Both were fine but I thought the 990 had a slight edge plus my mind said 200w is better. The 990's are frequently available for $450 used. For some reason there are FAR more much newer 1080's used at $750 than 990's Hmmmm. Currently I have the 1090 380w and love it.
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