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  1. Dr Who you can listen here and buy one used cheap for about $6 including S&H. http://www.amazon.com/Bach-Four-Great-Toccatas-Fugues/dp/B0000026HJ/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/102-0526434-5867302?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1178448048&sr=1-1 Hope the addy is clickable.
  2. It's on My Ebay. It's part of Ebay. There is no link to delete. The winning bid was $710. There was a second bid of eaactly $700. Fits what Fritz said. Thanks.
  3. Thanks! Makes sense! Fritz to the rescue again.
  4. I just sold my Audio Research CD 1 Player on Ebay. It says I'm eligble for a second chance offer. What's this mean? It's sold as far as I know. ARC says the current blue book on it is $950. The buyer got it for $710. Hmmm?
  5. Has anyone had both these amps? Which was the better in your System? Especially if you have Klipsch RF 7's!!!
  6. I probably will be selling one or two of them. The bigger the transformers the bigger the improvement, These are not your best improvement for the buck. But they did improve the sound of my system when I had the 300 watt/ channel tube ARC monoblockks. They are Vpi magic blocks I discovered with forum help. I talked to VPI about them. Thanks guys.
  7. These bricks are black, weigh about 10 pounds each. 4 3/4" X 4" X 2 3/8". Outer surface is wood veneer. When I had Audio Research M 300 monoblocks 20 years ago I had them on top of what I guess were the transformers. Two on each M 300 mono block. Don't recall where I put the other two. Cost was $35 each. Who made or makes them? Whats inside? What do they do?
  8. dcelov. Send Dean a PM. He has a great write up at least for RF 7 Xovers. Cost for 2 RF 7's was $290. He tells you how to get the xovers out.
  9. Yes flash, Oracle Audio is the correct site. Well the air bearing tone arm is working smoothly now. Per factory instructions I cleaned the shaft with alcohol and paper towel and moved it back and forth agressively many many times. Walla it floats. I oiled the motor bearing and am running it for a few days. 80% of the wabble is gone. But I want to get the other 20%. Oracle is sending me some written instructions on what and how to check and fix it.
  10. Thanks Bryan. Nice discertation.
  11. I'm working with the factory techy to get this back to perfect. For the 5 years that "I" played it, I never had to tweak it even once. I just now lubed the motor shaft and will run it for a few days. Boy this turntable is heavy.
  12. Thanks. I was not sure of the name Eminent Technogogy. I'll contact them. Also there is a filter between the pump and the tone arm.
  13. Whoops!!! Found their site. Beautiful gear!!! Oracle Audio Technologies.
  14. The forum threads on vinyl and TT's finally got me to look at my Oracle TT. Haven't used it since CD's came out. Cost new was about $2500. I just plugged it in and there is a wabble on the platter.. Is this an adjustment down inside the unit. . That was about $350. But here is the other observation. This has an air bearing tone arm fed by an air pump. When I last played it the arm moved in and out really freely. Its getting plenty of air but is now sluggish. The tone arm always moves perpendicular to the record so the stylus is in the center of the grove at the outer cercumference all the way to the inner circle on the record.In other words the tone arm does not pivot from a fixed point. Hard to describe but easy if you see it. Anyone have any thoughts on the wabble or the sluggish air bearing?
  15. Not a receiver, pre amp only. I have RF-7's, a NAD C272 or Rotel 990 power amp. and a Sony DVP NS9000ES or a Audio Research CD1 player. And an Audio Research refurbished SP 11 and a refurbished SP 11 power supply due back from the factory in a few days. Was wondering if a SS pre amp could match or beat my Classic Tube SP 11?
  16. Thanks Fritz. I can always count on you. I just spent about $600 on my 21 year old Audio Research tube SP 11 and its power supply. Plus $180 for six of there exclusive Russian made to spec tubes. I paid $5000 for it back in 1986 and the blue book value is currently $1850. My old tubes were shot also. Anyone interested in new JAN SYL 6dj8 tubes. ARC said the JAN SYL tubes would be ok but their Russian tubes would be better. I have 10 6dj8's ALL THE SAME LOT # that I'll sell for $70 [that's $7 each] plus actual shipping cost.These tubes are selling from $10 to $20 on the internet and you won't find 10 the same lot #.
  17. FWIW. I looked on amazon music marketplace for HDCD's and SACD's. There are 32 HDCD's listed and about 850 SACD's. Not much of a selection for HDCD's!!!
  18. The factory advised me to lightly squeeze the connector with a pair of pliers BTW while fumbling inside the cabinet, to reconnect the crossover,I broke a connector tab off the bakelite strip it was anchored to. It looks like I fixed it with epoxy. Before someone came up with this clip on connector Klipsch soldered all the wires like you just did, but they feel it isn't necessary with the tab. You don't need a real tight connection. I don't fumble inside the cabinet. I take the woofers out now and connect and disconnect where I can see what I'm doing. Beware they are really heavy. I lay the cabinet down on it's back to do it after I get the tweeter out while the cabinet was still upright. The tweeter is heavy to so the top screw out last and hold the bottom as the last screw is removed.
  19. From shortest to longest how long do the parts last ie capacitors, resistors, diodes etc.. solder joints? What I'm really wondering is how long, for example, does a pre amp or power amp last before various parts need to be replaced?
  20. Clarification omn my post above. It's the NAD C 272 I am considering selling.
  21. I have NAD's latest model power amp, C 272, that is essentially NEW. List is $799. I bought it new a few months ago and only played it about 30 hours when my Rotel 990 wasn't working. My 990 is completely factory refurbished now. I would consider an offer over $450.
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