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  1. 1 hour ago, Pinball_pw said:

    The only reason I was avoiding a full LCR La Scala setup is the need to add more subwoofers.

    You are correct, the LS definitely need a quality sub or subs to handle the low end.


    1 hour ago, Pinball_pw said:

    The Cornscalas dig lower.

    I have heard the benefit of the Cornscala is it combines the best part of the Corwalls (bass) and the best parts of the LaScala (midrange and highs).  What kind of "lower" are we talking about?  I really don't see Cornscalas replacing dedicated subwoofers though.


    With that said, if you have the SVS sub that had the dual down firing 12's....that sub is no joke.  LOL.

  2. I didn't hear a big difference going from 5.1 to 7.1 in my setup.  Now my rears aren't ideally placed as they had to be mounted higher, but I do have them angled down towards my listening position.


    Dolby recommends going with 4 In-Ceiling as opposed to 2.


    I feel a proper 5.1.4 would sound better than a 7.1.2.

  3. 3 hours ago, Aplante said:

    Hello, I joined the forum to learn more about Klipsch speakers and building my first system. It is a little overwhelming looking at all the different speakers that Klipsch offer and trying to figure out what model is better than the other.

    Welcome @Aplante.  You have come to the right place.  Lots of friendly guys here willing to help.


    3 hours ago, Aplante said:

    Im starting on the used market to try and get the best bang for my buck.

    Definitely a great way to save some money.


    3 hours ago, Aplante said:

    Ultimately I found a RC-64 series I. Asking price is $250. So i started to do my research.... and i can't find anything on the series I for this model. My first questions are 1.) Is this a typo and he has a series II, and 2.) if its not a typo, is the series I a good starting center speaker?

    The RC-64 is an incredible center channel.  It was designed to go with the RF63 or the larger RF83.  I owned the RF83 with RC64 for many years and only sold them after purchasing a pair of LaScalas.  $250 for an RC64 (even the Version I) is a great deal.  I believe it retailed for around $800 - $900 new.  I bought my RC64 in Jan of 2009 for $571.00 when Klipsch was discontinuing the Cherry Finish and was able to get a great deal on it.  It would be an EXCELLENT center to start with (and likely finish with) unless you want to upgrade to the LaScalas.  ;)


    3 hours ago, Aplante said:

    With that said, there is also a RC-62 series II for $130 asking. Is that something I should considered. 

    The RC62 is a great center channel. I  personally would not go with anything smaller than the RC62 (like the RC52, RC42 etc).  Is the RC64 worth $120 more, I personally think but $120 is a fantastic price for a very good center channel too.


    3 hours ago, Aplante said:

    Reading around the forums it seems like you need to "Match" up speakers with similar models, but I am not sure on the logistics of that means. 

    You will hear the term "Voice Matching".  Typically you want to have at least your front three speakers voice matched.  This basically means they have the same sound characteristics (same type tweeter and woofers, similar crossover etc).  If you have RF82 (Reference Series) and try and use a KV3 (used in the Epic Series), they have a completely different tweeter so when sounds pan across the front three speakers, you will hear a change in sound going from one speaker to the next.  The absolute best setup would be to have three identical speakers up front that way there is an absolutely seamless transition from one speaker to the next but the reality is most people do not have the space or ability to have a vertical center channel, thus the reason for horizontal center channels.


    As you can see from the screenshot below, I have owned a few Klipsch over the years.  I say this not to brag...but to forewarn of the addiction.   LOL.



    Hope that helps,



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  4. 4 minutes ago, Emile said:

    Haha ... $100 from CraigsList sound a bit better ... maybe you can adjust your pricing for a fellow Klipsch fan :D 

    The Craigslist Ad I posted has the SF2 for $100.  His Academy is listed at $150 but has been listed for over a month.  If it is still available, the seller might be willing to take less.

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  5. 27 minutes ago, twk123 said:

    I second this. Personally, I like the Monoprice 14 gauge 100% copper wire. Its probably the best bang for the buck.

    I agree.  I typically buy the 14 gauge CL2 Rated (since some runs are in the attic) but it also looks nice in the room as well - https://amzn.to/2OVw0CX


    Definitely a great bang for your buck as mentioned. 

    I LOVE using banana plugs but I'm constantly comparing between speakers, reviewing different receivers, integrated amps and external amplifiers so it's essential to me just for the convenience factor.  As mentioned, there is no sonic benefit by using them.   I made a video about them on my channel. 



  6. 21 minutes ago, roaddog359 said:

    I wonder if it will run cooler if I power my speakers with emotive amps?

    Nope.  First time I noticed it ran hot was after I first hooked it up, I turned the unit on (without anything playing through the speakers) and went into the other room for maybe 20-30 min.  When I came back, I happened to feel the top and it literally was almost too hot to touch.  I did run the Parasound A52+ with it for awhile and it still got crazy hot. 


    As K5SS suggested, the AC Infinity Fans are the way to go.  I still need to buy one for my Marantz.


    24 minutes ago, roaddog359 said:

    What made you choose the Marantz over the denon?

    At the time, I was reviewing the Denon 6400 ($2200), Marantz SR8012 ($3000) and the Anthem MRX1120 ($3500).  I decided on the Marantz due to it having the large toroidal transformer and supposably Marantz uses higher quality parts so I was thinking longevity might be better with the Marantz.  I tend to buy not the cheapest but not the most expensive but somewhere in the middle with just about every purchase.  As far as sound quality, I can't say I heard a difference between the Denon and the Marantz.  Lastly, I just think the Marantz looks sweet!  LOL. 


    27 minutes ago, roaddog359 said:

    Also you think the RF-7III is a noticable upgrade over my RF-83's ?

    I owned the RF-83 for many years.  They are fantastic speakers with a lot of slam but are VERY laid back compared to most other Klipsch speakers. I sold them after buying my LaScalas as they were no comparison in detail, midrange and higher frequencies.  The RF83 killed the LaScalas it in the slam factor though.  My ears prefer the RF7 II and RF7 III over the RF83 due to the added detail and the larger tweeter.


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  7. 12 hours ago, roaddog359 said:

    Thanks to one of my old friends Youthman.

    Who are you callin' old?  LOL


    I haven't heard the 6500 but reviewed the 6400 and it's a solid unit for sure.  It was able to power my 7.2.4 Klipsch system with no problem at Reference Levels.  I really like the setup and Audyssey implementation.  I ended up choosing to upgrade to the Marantz SR8012 but would have likely been just as happy with the Denon 6400.  The ONLY thing is that it gets ridiculously hot so you might want to consider buying a fan for it. 

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