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  1. $1600 or best offer...Looks brand new and hardly ever used.
  2. id be leary of possibly ruining a speaker and leaving no resale value. might be better to sell and find a good deal on walnut set. i remember world wide stereo had a sale if you bought the towers at full price the center was free. That's a really good deal. I have mine listed on craigslist but am only getting lowball offers. Maybe I'll talk to a cabinet maker and see how much a set of walnut cabinets would cost and swap everything over...
  3. They are still beautiful! That would match my new furniture much nicer than the cherry. I'm afraid of sanding them because I might not be able to sand far enough to get the old stain off...
  4. Nice! I was also thinking they looked like oak. As long as the color is walnut, the wife will be happy. Maybe I can attempt to just sand mine and stain them, or have new cabinets made out of walnut. I wouldn't want to sand too much though...Hmm. Got any pictures of your center? Thanks!
  5. They are limited edition and I'm not sure if they will be producing more. They definitely should.
  6. So I was hoping someone with a set of walnut RF-7ii's would chime in...are these more than the regular price of the cherry or black? I have cherry RF-7ii's and a RC-64ii. Changing out furniture and going with mostly walnut. I may be willing to trade the three of my speakers for a pair of the RF-7ii s in walnut...probably not going to happen but figured I'd throw it out there. Thanks!
  7. Sledge or Bash amp? It has the Sledge amp. Purchased in 2012 new from SVS.
  8. Moved to a new house and unfortunately selling some of my gear. This is my favorite sub that I have owned thus far. It is in like new condition and absolutely beautiful. I still have the original box and packing material for safe transport. They only offer this sub in black now. I know one day I'll regret selling this but a smaller place and a new child... Asking $1800 or best reasonable offer. I know that's a bit expensive for a used sub but again, it's like new, cherry in color and you can no longer get it. Prefer local pickup in Carmichael Ca. Willing to ship at buyers expense.
  9. I went from the 83s to the 7IIs. I am completely satisfied with the change. I too am in a very small space and can't take full advantage of them but they still sound awesome to me. My 83s were black and a I decided to get cherry 7IIs. I am so happy with the finish which makes it easier for me to justify the $$$ spent on the upgrade. They sound great with the 13 Ultra too. Wish I had 2 of em like you!
  10. Yes $325 is a very good price as long as they're in good shape. They usually go for at least $400 from what I have seen. Very nice surrounds
  11. It looks like a new room with that curtain. Very nice!
  12. Glad to hear you're up and running! Did you get it from Vanns?
  13. If I can gather up the funds in the near future I may be interested depending on your price. I occasionally go to Chico so let me know. Justin
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