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  1. I remember when I worked at Delphi, they started sending their work to Mexico. The Mexicans were getting paid about $1.50/hr compared to our 26.00/hr. the Mexicans were happy to do our work for a lot less money. After a few years, Delphi decided to move it's manufacturing to China, where they could get labor much cheaper. The Mexicans were very upset that they lost their jobs to "cheap labor" overseas! Will it never end? It used to be that the American Worker would support the company they worked for by buying the products they built. How many Third World laborers can afford to buy what they build? Actually, it's getting to the point where Americans can't afford to buy what Americans build! Corporate Greed is killing off the middle class in America.
  2. Try contacting Greg RobertsGreg's Audio
  3. That thing is huge! What size throat is that? Looks like you could stuff a cat through it
  4. Me sporting the T-shirt from the Guns-N-Roses limited edition vinyl I got from my buddy Clermontcop. Freakin' awesome yellow lp!
  5. Tony, all the drivers have been updated. The woofers are Bob Crites Cast Woofers, the Mid drivers are Selenium D405 Phenolic diaphragm 2" exit drivers, the tweeters are Bob Crites/APT50 drivers.
  6. I forgot to mention, there are some pics of the tweeter build on my Sneak Peek-210hz thread on this forum also.
  7. If you have the tractrix calculator punch in these numbers: 727 for the flare frequency, 3.0 for the ratio, 2.53 for the throat dimension. That will give you a horn that is 3" tall by 9" wide by 4" deep. I just continued the the flare all the way out to make the riser look like one continious piece in front. I'll post some pics on Friday. -Kevin
  8. I listened to the pair for the first time tonite, and I am very impressed. The tweeters sound different for sure. I think they have a wider soundstage than before, and I believe they blend in better with the mid also. They don't have as much up and down dispersion as the other horns. If you stand up, you can hear a difference in the tweeter. But then again, I built these to be directed at the listener while seated, and that it does very well. Come on down and have a listen for yourself!
  9. i may, what are you looking for? Gary Gary, I'm looking for for some single tubes for my preamp. I need something that is extremely quiet, and I'm wanting to get that warm, tubey vintage sound. I'm running a Tung-sol in the center position, with Groove Tubes on the left/right (3 tube preamp with 6x4 rectifier tube). I've tried new EH tubes and a Sovtek 12AX7LPS, and I'm not liking either. I'm thinking I need to go vintage. Any suggestions?
  10. Those are crossed over at 400hz and 6000-6500 I believe. I'm using the ALK Universal design built by Gothover. The mid horn is attenuated at -11db.
  11. Dean, you are right, they are ALK's Universal design. I just wanted to give credit to GotHover since he builds them with parts he selects, not just building a ready-made kit from ALK.
  12. I'm using GotHover's universal crossovers and Crites/ APT 50 driver for the tweeter.
  13. Freakin' awesome, Dude. I knew you could do it! what's the next project going to be? -kev
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