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  1. I have a vintage JVC QL-50 turntable that I just recently got out of storage and put back into service. Two of the rubber diaphrams on the feet are ruptured and I was wondering if anyone knew if you could buy new feet anywhere. Also, where is a good place to shop for a new stylus and other related stuff? I haven't played lp's in at least 10 years, and need to get back into the analog swing of things. Thanks in advance-kevin
  2. I started making my own wine (with kits) this winter and I'm hooked! I've made 3 batches and am ready to start another soon. There's just something about doing it yourself that is very rewarding! -kevin
  3. It is times like these I wish Michigan had a death penality.
  4. I suspect there are a boatload of Heritage fans out there that don't even know there is a Klipsch Community. I didn't until I stumbled upon it on the Klipsch website, and I've owned Heritage speakers since the early eightys! -kevin
  5. I actually own an Outlaw ICBM which has performed flawlessly, but lately I've been buying older McIntosh stuff to go with my Khorns. Still trying to piece together that " All American" system. All the equipment is BUILT to OUTLAWS SPECS ........... they back the warranty with their own repair shop in Mass. ........ Great Customer Service ...... dependable products .............. I hate to admit it but, It's a Global World out there now , the "Old Days" are GONE !!!!!!!!
  6. I really wanted to get into the Outlaw stuff, but that "Made in Korea" on the back of their stuff just turns me off.
  7. In a more serious note... I recently sold a pair of Cornwall speakers that I thought were too big, and I started to miss them before they pulled out of the driveway. Long story longer, I ended up buying a pair of Klipschorns to replace them, and since then I have bought a McIntosh C39 preamp and a Mcintosh MC2125 amp. Even though I have just put this system together, I'm looking to sell the MAC stuff for tube amps. they say that's the best sound you'll get. My next step will be to get rid of the cd player and buy a turntable. They say nothing beats the sound of vinyl being played through a tube amp. in the end I will have spent thousands of dollars achieving the best of yesterdays technology because they say it's the best. I'm looking for a good wind-up 78 record player because I hear there is less wow and flutter without a motor. But seriously,I did buy the Mac stuff and it's incredible compared to the Big Box Foreign stuff I was running. Take your time, read up, look for bargains. Buy beat up stuff and refurbish it. I have recently bought stuff that adds up to $15,000.00 new for $3,500.00. It's out there.
  8. I think you should buy the Bose system and send me your Khorns. I'll put the screws to 'em! No highs, no lows, must be Bose
  9. I went with the metal strip idea so I could just screw the boards down, enabling easy removal. Of course , then I decided to run a bead of latex caulk on the metal brackets to help seal the enclosure, so it will be a bit more difficult to remove. I'm not planning on removing the boards anyway. Removable speaker grills is a neat idea! By the way, the metal strips on the sides (vertically) are 45 degree drywall corners. The perfect angle and cheap at Home Depot!
  10. Some thoughts on this "clone project". I bought these speakers for $1400. I will probably have about $1700 in them when completed (only got one done so far). I did all this work with basic tools, circular and jig saws, 18v drill/driver, d/a sander. I don't even own a table saw, but it would have made the job a lot easier. I tried out the speaker, and the bass in great even with the speaker in the middle of the room. I would recommed that anyone who doesn't have corners to place their Khorns in do this enclosure. It's not that difficult or expensive, and the results are great. I know many Forum members have done this and are happy with the results. I hope my pics help out anyone who is contemplating doing this project themselves. Feel free to ask if you have questions. Thanks, Kevin
  11. Finished top piece-makes me want to build split Khorns!
  12. Amazing what you can do with a can of Rustoleum!
  13. Amazing what you can do with a little Rustoleum!
  14. Had to square off the grill frames as well.
  15. I boxed in the original bass enclosures using 1/2 inch birch plywood and aluminum angle. Tried to keep the weight down a bit.
  16. I re-did the crossovers with a sonicap kit from Bob Crites. I compared the new one with the original, and I think I gained a little more clarity on the tweeter. Didn't really listen to the speakers much before I tore into them, so I can't really voice an accurate opinion on the changes, but I'm sure it is for the better.
  17. New Jubilee logos bought from Klipsch
  18. I recently purchased a pair of 79 oak laquer Khorns in rough shape I decided to do a makeover. I used speaker cloth and a crossover cap kit from Bob Crites. Everything else from Home Depot!
  19. Buy American-Buy Union! OK, having said that, I am an American worker building American Trucks. Many of our parts are from foreign countries. My job is to assemble the product to a certain specification. I have the right to shut down the assembly line should I encounter a quality issue. I wonder if the foreign worker has that option. Workers are workers wherever they are located. It's in the manufacturing, engineering, and management processes where the quality lies. Of course if you are given junk parts to assemble to begin with, you build junk. There is way too much finger pointing at the worker for quality issues. You can only do the job that you are allowed to do. Quality starts at the very top of any company and works it way down. I'm sure Klipsch has the highest standards for quality. After all, their reputation is on the line. I'm not happy about anybody using cheaper foreign labor, but it is a way of life in our global economy. I will still do my part in supporting the American worker and American companies whenever I can. After all, my Union job allows me ability to buy Klipsch and other quality products. One of the Union's slogans is "buy what you build". How many Chinese workers can afford to do that? Just my opinion-kevin
  20. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced Khorns with B&K 125.2 and 200.2 amps? I am wondering if there is any noticible difference in the sound. With the efficiency of the Khorns, is there a need for all the extra "headroom" of a more powerful amp? Thanks, kevin
  21. David, just to let you know, I've decided to just upgrade my caps and see what that does for the sound. I talked to BEC today while ordering my cap kit, and he is a wonderful person to deal with. 77 bucks for the kit and free shipping! I'll let you know how it goes. -kevin
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