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  1. RC52 and RC62 Noise from holes

    It has been 3 years now since I have had The Ref Setup, recently upgraded the centre to RC62, and bought another Rc52 to make a pair and started to use them as rear surrounds. All was fine until the other day while watching "The Great Escape" chapter 3 time being 00:16:40 onwards that a distinct noise could be heard from the centre channel during the loud music playback. I tried all 3 centre channels that i own and the noise came back on all three at high volumes but vanished on low volume, then i tried locating if the horn tweeter or the woofer was making the noise, it was then i pinpointed the noise to be coming from below the speaker. Yes the noise on all three centre channel speakers was coming from the holes given below the speakers to screw the tilt adjuster, when i closed the holes the noise vanished and i could play even more loud without any trouble. Has anyone faced this issue?
  2. RC52 and RC62 Noise from holes

    It resolved guys long time back.. Tape has been there forever, it's been fine since then. And yes it was a whistle type of sound coming through the holes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. RC52 and RC62 Noise from holes

    I doubt cello tape will hold for long. The air pressure could easily push it loose, and then you might get interesting whistling noises from air passing under the tape. I would thread a short 1/4" bolt into the hole, preferably with a small o-ring to seal it. It was just a temp solution to make sure and pinpoint the problem. I'll surely see and fix it permanently. Is it possibly a design flaw i just bought up? if so then I do deserve a little something from Klipsch.
  4. RC52 and RC62 Noise from holes

    I just put cello tape on the holes, my centre channel is crossed at 80hz. The noise did increase when I put it at 50 Hz (i.e., I could hear it at even lower volumes) and vice versa.
  5. my current 7.1 setup consists of: Fr L/R= RF82 Cen = RC62 Side Surr= RS52 Rear Surr= RC52 Sub= RW12D AVR= Onkyo TX SR 705 i am building a new HT room which will be having two rows of seating, so I was thinking maybe I could add another pair of side surrounds (dedicated amp) to give a more enveloping surround effect, even the room is very long at around 26 feet, with width being 16 feet. i would avoid spending too much also by buing another pair of RS52s so i was thinking if Synergy S-20 or Polk Fxi A4 can do the job. Opinions please.
  6. 7.1 + 2 additional side surrounds.

    @ cornfedksboy second sub is definitely on the cards, i'm in India so used stuff is hard to come by, unless you are coming anytime soon, you'll be most welcome. @ elitedemo the RC52s do a fantastic job as rears. they are wider, more effecient and more powerful as well, the RBs sure will go a lot more low than RCs but belive me they are superb. @ TurboGen thanks for the advice.
  7. building a new HT

    Hi, I've a 7.1 rf82 pakcage and an onkyo 705 for which i am looking to build a new HT room of size whd 16' x 9'6" x 25', it is a corner part of a basement that is currently enclosed on 3 sides, i will build a wall on the 4th side to achieve to above room size. i am also using Pt Ax200e and plan on a diy on wall-screen of 160" . How do i get the best sound in the room? do i need to use some acoustical treatment for my room to get best sound i.e. (sound abosrbers, diffusers, carpets etc). Thanks
  8. building a new HT

    thanks cornfedksboy, you mentioned something about un-parallel walls, i mean which side should be narower and by how much, i.e. should the width be narrower at screen side or seating side, since this is the only possibility. Also how do i confirm the need for bass traps, and how to figure where to place them. thanks .
  9. I've just bought a new rf 82II package (7.1), I've shortlisted Marantz 7005 and onkyo 1009 as options to pair with my speakers. which option would be more suitable? thanks.
  10. Marantz 7005 vs onkyo 1009

    Hey Bill i reside in India so A4L is not an option i believe, but thanks for you valuable opinion. I already own a RF-82 pkg paired with Onkyo 705 and i quiet like the sound of 'em, none the less I'll try the Marantz this time.
  11. 4, 6, 8 ohms?

    hi well as far as i can remeber 4 ohms settings is for speakers which have impedance between 4-6 ohms and 6 ohms settings is for speakers which have impedance between 6-16 ohms. regards
  12. I actually bought rf82 pair, rs52 pair, rc52, rw12d somwhere around this time last year from Klipsch autorized dealer (New Delhi). everything worked out fine but i did notice a chipped Vineer at the side of one of my rf82's. I immediately informed the dealer (the same day as that of delivery), and he said that he'll have it replaced. I then stopped an amount of about 200USD which was to be paid after replacement. I called him for six months after that every now and then but he would just linger it on. today he calls me up and says that he has got the replacement. now what should i do, the Speaker is alreday in tune with the rest of the system, changing one speaker for an unused one might bring sound irregualities. so tell me people should i go for changing, or not?
  13. Good choice, even if there is a break-in it's not a ongoing thing the new one will catch up. got it.
  14. yes now i have made up my mind, i'll swap them, thanks guys.
  15. thanx for ur precious reply, still open to more suggestions.
  16. oh my gosh

    just wanted to know if rc-52, rs52 do really have biamping options or is this a typo translated original http://cgi.ebay.it/NUOVI-RC-52-KLIPSCH-CANALE-CENTRALE-DA-95-DB-2-WOOFER_W0QQitemZ300284527928QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCasse_e_diffusori?hash=item300284527928&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A758%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318 just search bi-amping pls throw some light because i've got rc-52 and rs-52 and the haven't got any bi-amp options
  17. oh my gosh

    thanks for the trouble you took.
  18. oh my gosh

    nope, i already own 'em, just wanna confirm if mine are orignal!!, i purchased from an original authorised dealer.
  19. Centre Channel Question

    hi just wanna ask if anyone's rc52 and/or rs52 got bi amp options
  20. oh my gosh

    no replies!!! c'mon tons of people own rc52 on these forums!
  21. oh my gosh

    what about rc52
  22. centre volume : front volume

    hi there, i've rc52 as centre rf 82 as fronts rs 52 as rears rw12d as sub onkyo 705 i'm extremely satisfied with the system, but was just cuirous to know what are the relative volume levels for your centre and fronts speakers, as audessey calibrates my centre to -12 and fronts to -8 surrounds to -4 please post your volume levels.
  23. okay i like the rf 82's more than any other speaker, i've ever heard. but i need a li'l help (who doesnt need?), please tell me the equaliser settings for diff'' bands you use for rf82, rc52, rs52, rw12d, on ur amp + the tone settings for bass and treble. with thanks and lots of love
  24. rf 82 pics

    can anyone please post back side pics of rf82 (with closeup of the label on back), you can ofcourse erase the Serial Number. with thanks
  25. sub 12 or rw12d

    i now need to buy a sub, i've the following options to go with my rs52+rc52+rf82 ; 1 klipsch sub12 2 klipsch rw10d 3 klipsch rw12d 4 elac sub 50 (Cheap price 350 US$) 5 onkyo sl 107 (cheap price 120 US$) i actually narrowed it down to sub 12 and rw 12d (price difference here in India is 280 US$), please suggest price is not the factor, availability here in India is.