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  1. Just curious when you say amp is driven to full power. Do you mean you take it to the point that your clip lights are flickering? Do you have the amp gain turned all the way up?
  2. Carl, Does the sound change quite a bit in each mode? Could you briefly describe the kind of sound you are getting with each mode? Do you always run a sub? Thanks, Randy
  3. LMAO. Sounds rather ridiculous when you put it that way. Do we really sound that bad Mark?[] Duke started it.[]
  4. Risingjay, By the way i am really glad to hear you got it worked out. As you tweak along i am sure things will get better and better. Nice equipment you got there!
  5. Set 12, No disrespect but we established what you were thinking about bass slam with your first post. And what was that? No disrespect, but don't think for a minute that ten watts can't possibly compete with several hundred for slam and just take a look at the crossovers that I use and then take a good look at yours! and thats just the speaker for an amplifier power supplly for a solid state amp you would need a 2-300,000 uf supply to compete with my 10 watt amp supply and I doubt those amps are that big but its possible, the ten peak that I have exceeds 100db at my chair. As i said no disrespect. I just interpreted your post as putting quality over quantity. Maybe it was just my mistake. I like the rock show in my room too[]
  6. This reminds me of a skit from Saturday Night Live. I believe Rosanne Rosanna Danna(sp) said it best. Well EXCUUUUUUUUUUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[]
  7. Set 12, No disrespect but we established what you were thinking about bass slam with your first post.
  8. Gentlemen its what i have been saying for the last 3 threads . Not to take anything away from Duke though cause he does know his pro amps! PAY ATTENTION []
  9. If your into solid-state gear with klipsch's I can steer you in a couple of directions to look at one amp with alot of punch and very large soundstage is a Forte model 4 that I owned it is just 50 watts/channel the amp had a clone of the same circuit only a higher voltage rail to produce some 200/watts channel known as the model 6 the 50 just smoked the 200 in every area so why did that happen? Well maybe because the Forte was biased into heavy Class A some 12 watts I believe when the 200 watter is likely to have just a couple! Higher bias currents allow greater sensitivity to incoming driver stages the Forte all so had 8 output devices/channel and very large power supply although these points are indicative of performance in my book they aren't necessarly written in stone either but if you look at the best amps you will see these things usually you do not see this in AV stuff typically another great performer was a Harmon Kardon PA2200 I think rated at 100/channel this amp is a real sleeper very musical warm for solid state dynamic as heck I owned this as well and my best friend is now using it as a referance amp to design speakers with. Aragon 4004 MKII is a class A first 25 watt high bias design and doubles down as impedance halves and smokes a Forte 4 as far as bass slam. And the QSC he has makes the aragon seem like a powder puff amp. And this is all from personal experience. Now as far as depth, soundstage,layering and air sure other amps will excell easily over this QSC but for bass slam you better try a crown k2 or studio reference to beat it or equal in bass slam. And i am yet to hear another ss amplifier as smooth and grain free as the QSC in my listening room.
  10. pre amp drive / impedance mismatch ..... my Crown K does what you want, but my pre amp can out out 30 volts ... does the QSC have adjustable input sensitiviy..???? No they dont Duke and it really is a shame. Folks thinking that the QSC doesnt have enough guts obviously arent seeing the true potential of the amp or the design. This amp is kickin my arse and has plenty of power to spare.
  11. With the monster sub like you just brought home i can imagine.[]
  12. With this statement alone i would of looked at other candidates rather than the speakers as being the problem.
  13. Is there any way to find another location for the chorus II's? If these were front ported,sealed or bottom passive speakers i dont believe you would be having near the problems with the bass with your equipment and location. But since chorus II's bass is reinforced off the back corner or wall due to rear passive i tend to believe no matter what equipment you use your bass will be lacking. And once again i do not know if your pre is a good match for the 3402. Sometimes these things can be frustrating. You grab ideas that folks throw around and try to incorporate them into your own environment and system and find things to not be as expected. So many variables to achieving that perfect sound. Nice thing is you know what your speakers are capable of so its just fnding the right combination of gear/room to make it work for you.
  14. This is why i asked how the peach performed with the volume travel. I have a 2422 which is basically a 2402 i guess and it kicks my chorus II's with major authority. But it is not with the luxman as a pre that i have this effect. I can go full travel on volume with luxman and it sounds good but it wont kick me. Now when i switch to my marantz 2325 as a pre this thing wakes up and kicks the crap out of me at 11:00 am on the volume control. They talk about this exact situation with various preamps connected to QSC amplifiers over at basstalk.com. Now your 3402 is what 700@8ohms . It should be beating you to death but you might have a pre mismatch going on. They designed these QSC's with such a low output impedance that i believe they are very hard to match up correctly. But trust me this things pushes my sternum back. Glass behind the passives? HMMMMMMMMM dont know i have solid corners behind my passives. I have owned chorus II's for almost 16 years and this 2422 is by far the hardest hitting, cleanest and smoothest amp i have ever had paired to them.
  15. Actually for me it was 1979 Kiss Dynasty tour at Memorial Colesium in FT Wayne, IN.
  16. Chris, Are you using the peach as your preamp? If so, what kind of travel do you have out of your volume pot? Reason i ask is because actually when using the luxman as a pre i can run full volume with much more the amp is willing to give. Now when i switch in using the marantz 2325 as a pre at 11:00 am this amp is slamming me so hard i feel like i am at a concert. And never does a clip light flicker. Just clean and clear as a bell. Its like the darn thing has endless power with everything holding together. These amps rock! Rockbobmel, you must of gotten a lemon is the only thing i can figure.
  17. Mine stays quiet through the entire volume rotation. I did notice a hum when i changed out one of my cd players but turned out just to be an IC issue. Reinserted and everything was quiet. These amps do seem very sensitive to line noise. Plugged an 18" oscillating fan into same line and got a slight buzz. Unplugged it and the buzz was gone.
  18. Just curious, do you remember what preamp or preamps you used with the QSC? These things have such a low input impedance that most preamps dont have enough gain to even realize what the amp is capable of. I bring that up because i followed your link to bass talk and seen that actually there are alot of fans of the QSC. And it appears the biggest problem is matching the preamps. But not everyone is going to like the same things or same sounds so YMMV. By the way, listening to your demos on your website, your band rocks Bob!
  19. Well aragon isnt a krell but its known for its bass performance and ability to drive 2 ohm loads stable and this QSC i have, which as Carl stated is pretty much a PLX series amp, just walked all over my aragon 4004mkII. Aragon doubles down 200@8ohms 400@4ohms and this QSC 2422 i have is 425@8ohms and 750@4ohms and its much smoother and a heck of alot tighter than the aragon. This thing can force my sternum into my backbone. I dont need any tighter bass than this thing puts out in my listening room.
  20. they want a rock solid 500+ WPC Duke, I just bought a QSC 3002 to drive a pair of B&W N801's. It has similar specs to the K2 and has a dampening factor of >500. I just read that the K2 has a damening factor of 3000 up to 400 hz. I keep reading that many like Rotel amps for the B&W's because they have high dampening factors (1000). My bass seems controlled and tight. Any comments? Thanks, Chris Bonso - I don't mean to try to hijack the thread. Chris, The QSC states > 500 but that is up to 1khz. Bob Lee is quoted as stating that if you rate it as crown up to 400hz it is 3000 as well. QSC offers some awefully tight bass. Now i dont know if there is a difference between the larger class H models compared to the AB models as far as bass slam. Maybe you could shed some light on that aspect? I feel QSC is one smooth slammin amp. And instead of getting tired of the sound it is growing more and more on me. I am kind of a middle aged head banger though so like a little slam from time to time. Sorry for the hi-jack as well.
  21. I would look at offerings from other companies. Adcom always tended to be a little too bright for me. Some good tight bass but the highs just get unbearable. Good luck!
  22. LMAO VFTT I like chorus II's as well but you might have taken it over the top a little there!
  23. Thanks Dean. Have to give some thought of which way to go. Always like to get the biggest bang for the buck. What is the normal turn around time for you reworking the networks? Maybe some folks will chime in as to what impact each of the different upgrades have made with their setups.
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