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  1. They can take tons of power. But what they can't take is distortion. If you are halfway on your receiver i bet you are getting pretty close to clipping. I have ran as much as 300wpc 8 ohm /450wpc 4 ohm without any problems whatsoever into my chorus II's. So two things to be aware of. 1)Distortion 2)Prolonged listening at high volumes Good luck and have fun.
  2. ---------------- On 8/6/2005 8:46:35 PM BS Button wrote: Where there is? Yeah, I've heard that this amp is one of the better Adcoms. Don't ask me what better is...maybe you know what they meant. So maybe the pre-amp is what astonished me? ---------------- I shouldn't of came down on adcom so hard. I did listen to them for years and enjoyed them for a long time. I agree the 535 was one of their best sounding amps paired with klipsch. I never tried a tubed pre with adcom and that might of been a very nice pairing. I tend to get caught up in the what i am listening to now trend. I had picked up an ST-70 from a dealer years ago and tried it for about 30 days with my chorus II's. AT that time in my life i was enjoying adcom. The ST-70 was so much smoother but didnt have the "slam factor" of the adcoms. So at the time i dismissed it and moved on. I am still yet to own a scott integrated. I haven't even given those a chance and i would probably be pleasantly surprised. BS, by no means did i intend to come across as if adcom is inferior. I have just moved apart from them and as always am still searching for the "holy grail". If you listen to it and like it buy it. It's all about the enjoyment. Good luck and by all means have fun.
  3. ---------------- On 8/6/2005 3:19:25 PM BS Button wrote: Auditioned several pcs of music before with solid state Adcom. I'm going with Tubes for two channel ASAP. ---------------- I hope your decision isn't based soley on the adcom as far as ss goes. There are worlds of other options that put the adcom to dust when paired with horns. But by all means if you like what you've heard and want it in your home go for it. Good Luck!
  4. The chorus II is just a sweet speaker. Give it a back wall and it's ok. Give it a good corner and some distance and it's in a league of it's own. The chorus I isn't near as room boundary dependant.
  5. ---------------- On 7/27/2005 9:53:13 AM nateg20 wrote: I didnt have a chance to play with anything yesterday. Like I said I threw every amp i had at it the night i posted. The marantz 2275 sounding the least harsh which surprised the heck out of me. I figured for sure the fisher tube amps would be the softest sounding. ---------------- From what i have heard that really isn't all that surprising.
  6. Very nice! Looks like the twins are in exceptional shape.
  7. What a great program! Definitely be passing this one along to all my friends. Thanks Parrot
  8. Sounds like you had one heck of an evening. Just a second and i will be sending you the address of the landfill to send all that junk. That is the one thing about any vintage gear. You either have to send it to a trusted tech and have it brought back to factory specs with everything taken apart and cleaned and lubed. Or keep fighting with intermittent problems and buying up every can of deoxit you can find. Sorry to hear about the misfortune tuned.
  9. Heya Sarge, Don't think that thought hasn't crossed my mind. 2385 might be right up my alley.
  10. Woah at least folks have to turn to tubes to hear a difference in that midrange.In the solid state world Marantz even eats up harmon kardons on klipsch IMHO(sorry folks). I would love to hear a tube amp kick it like marantz. Dynaco(ST-70) couldn't do it for me but there has to be some out there with great mids and a tight forcefull bottom end. My long time dealer told me that i needed to refine my listening. He said once i did that klipsch would be out of the picture and hes even a klipsch dealer.He also stated that tubes would be in my world. He also added that my listening habits should change more to the world of classical and jazz. Now i do like jazz from time to time and can handle a little beethoven. But my daily listening is some pretty grungy good ole rock and roll. Actually im a 41 year old headbanger. I listen with sense though to keep my hearing. But on those moments i feel like throttling i want a concert in my room not a sissy bose radio.I am not referring to tubes with that comment i am referring to my dealers talk of refinement. I've not heard phase linear with klipsch. I have owned adcom equipment and the 555mkII and 565 monos could slam with my chorus II's but i couldn't take the brightness. As far as the smaller marantz i haven't heard it either but tuned4life mentioned the 2325 and i doubt the smaller siblings can keep up. Now i have went the route of a tube pre and a ss amp. Actually gave me a little more air around the instruments and put the singer in a bubble so to speak and did better at seperating everything.All that money later it still couldn't hit like my marantz when called upon. Smooth and tight is the best way to describe my experience with the 2325.I think they made a gem in 1974. Just my 2 pennys.
  11. I have to agree. A properly tuned marantz 2325 hooked up to klipsch just works fantastic for me. Marantz just seems to have the right amount of warmth but without losing any detail. I have alot of success with the chorus II /Marantz 2325 combo. Chorus II's have a nice smooth character and the marantz just brings out the slam factor like no other amp/receiver i've had hooked up to them.
  12. Nick, Your wisdom is years past your age. Congrats to you! Dont folks understand respect and courtesy anymore or has this society just hit bottom. It never really was about an opinion. It just has to do with common courtesy. Opinions are great. Helping others with your own experiences are what makes forums so much fun and educational. Also being kind and courtious to fellow members creates a nice environment to share in discussions. But none of that is what is really going on here. What is going on is pushing your own idea at the expense of others. Its not right folks.
  13. Klipsdude, I think you really need to delete your above post. There are alot of folks who actually love the combination. And to step on a long time members toes with your own opinion is very rude. Good luck Whell on the sale. Sorry that i wasnt able to take it off your hands a few months ago.
  14. One other note. There are alot of things that change over 30-35 years with these old receivers. Pots become dirty,bias drifts,dc offset goes out of whack not to mention leaky caps. These things really need to be gone over and brought back to factory specs if you want to truly give an honest and fair opinion of these classics. And by the way. Both of these old classics have tuners that are just amazing. Just my 2 cents.
  15. ---------------- On 7/11/2005 9:41:52 PM meuge wrote: Don't bother with a receiver. Get a used Aragon preamp (18k or 28k). As far as amps are concerned, you can either go with Aragon or B&K. Aragon 4004 is the budget option, B&K Reference is the middle option, and Aragon 8008 or B&K 200.2 are the more expensive options. ---------------- I use to be in the same camp. Then i received a mint condition marantz 2325 with wood case. I sent it off to bring it back to its former factory specs. IMHO it just spanked the aragon 4004mkII and audible illusions L1 pre set up i have. Much fuller in the mids without the brittle highs. Now recently i have acquired a mint condition HK 930 with wood case. The marantz is better at lower levels but as the volume is raised the 930 just becomes sweeter and sweeter to my ears. Not to be taking away from the marantz at all but the folks are giving some good advise around here about these old twin powered HK's I wouldnt just dismiss a receiver because they obviously arent all created equal and for the prices these things are going for its almost insane not to at least give them a listen. Good luck in your search.
  16. Let me know what kind of price your looking to get out of your Marantz 2325. I would be interested. Thanks
  17. Just to give fedex a little credit where credit is due. I use them daily from our facility. Actually express and we have only had one claim in the last 6 months. I filed the necessary paper work for that claim and faxed it. Within 4 business days i had a check in the mail box. Just as a side note UPS wont even ship our product. Now UPS does ship in alot of our supplies without to many problems. I realize alot of accidents do happen and the claims should be taken care of immediately. But i just wonder if most of the problems arent packaging related.
  18. Martindemon, I'll try to get this back on topic. Good question. That is one speaker in my opinion they could just keep on building. I sure wouldnt mind having a new shiny pair sitting next to my antiques. I dont believe the cost of the passive has much to do with it. Most of the new designs have went to a narrower design to assist in imaging. You should be able to pick up a nice pair of chorus II's between 600-800. Good luck.
  19. I believe the 2218 was designed that way. Others with more experience with that particular model may chime in with their knowledge. Let me direct you to a great site for vintage audio gear. http://audiokarma.org/ All of your questions concerning your marantz can be answered there.
  20. Well congrats on the great score! Another thing....those grills rock leave em! Now excuse me while i go puke....189.00 total for chorus II's and hersey II's. Pawn shops around here have 20.00 speakers on sale for 100.00. Olorin congrats on the 1000th...wait feelin sick again all in a year and a half.
  21. Thanks Colter. Yes i have had some pretty exciting trips to michigan and wisconsin for speakers but never the kind of fun your adventures have been. It's really been fun watching you travel the country.
  22. Thanks Dylan and Indy. LMAO Gary. Yes it looks like some folks do
  23. I can understand where you're coming from Dr Bill. You work on what you like to work on and there is nothing wrong with that. Congrats on being a super dad and helping even though its not your favorite line. But i sure am glad that not all folks feel the same way you do. I sure would hate to lose my vintage SS techs. Some people i know would much rather work on a vintage ss piece than anything. Good luck and happy listening.
  24. Try this
  25. LOL Thanks for helping me get out of newbie status Fini.
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