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  1. Semi original owner here. Are these still for sale? Fate may have stepped in.
  2. Marion, I especially like the part about MSU. BTW, I just moved to Hendersonville with the family, of course.
  3. Looks like that one has had a little jeweling by somebody...looks marvelous. Again, good choice. []
  4. Good choice...He can make a pair of Monoblocks for you, as well. BS
  5. At the same db, they're not as loud.
  6. Found that out very quickly...Fix is in place..
  7. Unpacked yesterday. Everyone like pic's..I guess
  8. Yes, Sort of. I once had a Dynaco ST 70..actually a MkII if I recall correctly, then later a Vincent rebuilt Baldwin. I've never been able to compare it to a Will Vincent Dynaco. However, given the relative simplicity of the Baldwin...I'd give it the edge. Will does fantastic things with these amps both Dynaco and Baldwin. I always had the feeling like I could drop the Baldwin out of a second story window and it would be OK...plus the auto biasing feature is a bonus. Pretty sure the Dynaco was rated higher output Wattage, but with Klipsch it matters very little. Sound was similar, but the Baldwin was dead quiet. Typical lush tube mids, little muddy in the bass...yadda, yadda, yadda.
  9. Today I received a brand spanking new pair of RF7 II's..Anybody on the fence should come on over...
  10. Amy answered, nevermind...
  11. Thought about that product for use on the outside of metal horns...
  12. An AL-3 would also be much better than the dredded AL.
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