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  1. Very nice Weiming. How do the paraglows do on the bottom end? Looking at building a pair myself.
  2. Jmon, thanks for the reply but was talking of tripling the power not doubling. And as far as amp goes to get better than an Adcom 555 mkII i better plan on spending at least 2k so i will stick with that until the tube bug bites.
  3. Ray, Thanks for the great advice. I think i will take it being that i am totally happy with the 1 amp and more than enough power than i need. If it can knock me off the couch now what am i looking for to get knocked clear out the window behind the couch . Really i think it's just the buying bug thats been trying to bite me. Thanks for the replies. Adcom GFA 555mkII Adcom GFA 555mkII Cal LAbs icon mkII Chorus II's Cardas interconnects & cables
  4. Very nice article. Wonder how the chorus II's fall into the equation. Seems there are 2 extreme opposites for improved bass. (1) being as close to the rear wall as possibe and (2) being at a very large distance from rear wall. Being that the chorus II's use a passive radiator, wonder if that has another effect to the equation? Might be an optimum distance from corner for passive radiator as to let the pass breathe. Anyone else find a formula for the optimum distance from corner or rear wall with passive radiator? Thanks and again great post Mad Bat
  5. Pete C, Thanks for the reply. Yeah have to agree thats going to be alot of volume. One thing i have noticed with my set up at the moment is that it is very clean and detailed. And as i turn volume up, no distortion at all just increase in volume. I have turned volume to 1 oclock one time cause was in the jamming mood and distortion lights didnt even begin to flicker on my amp so who knows how far before even 1% distortion starts. And as far as impact now it definitely hits you hard. Actually the bass impact at 1 oclock about knocked me off the sofa. Just kind of curious if there would be more dynamics and punch at lower volumes running at 600wpc vs 200wpc? I understand its all overkill . Kept at clean levels though wondering if chorus II's could stand up to that kind of power? Sure dont want to melt the voice coils. Randy
  6. Just wondering if chorus II's could handle 600 wpc? I now have 1 Adcom GFA 555 mkII and thinking of adding a second which would take me from 200wpc to 600wpc.I guess many have been running monos and guess greatly increases dynamics and punch but "wow" cant imagine that they have klipsch speakers.Just wondering what that might be like? My volume on my preamp now goes from 7 oclock to 5 oclock (12 oclock being half way) and i cant turn much past 10 oclock now and stay in room.I wonder if i would even be able to turn volume a fraction at 600 wpc? Inquiring minds like to know
  7. Gil, Thats just the problem. For a good 5 watt amp got to mortgage the house Happy Hunting!!!
  8. Hi all, wondered if someone could help me out with some specs? Need the specs for the chorus and chorus II's. Got a friend looking at getting one of the above but i seem to have lost my spec sheet for my chorus II's. All help appreciated. Thanks
  9. My opinion is look at other reasons for your dislike of the mids and highs. Maybe equipment or maybe wire. But i will take my chorus II's straight-up thanks. Adcom GFA 555MKII Adcom GFP 555MKII Cal Audio Icon MKII Chorus II's Cardas inters & cables Rock on!!!
  10. One Word CARDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I like the older adcom stuff myself. Great bass,wide soundstage,some decent depth,alot of power and highly durable. Just my 2 cents Good Luck!!!!! Adcom GFA 555 MKII Adcom GFP 555 MKII Cal Audio Icon MKII Chorus II's Cardas inters & cables Rock On!!!!!!
  12. Ever try getting a sub? Also if you decide to change from klipsch to psb be prepared to ask yourself what happen to your amplifiers power. Cause the psb's will eat it up. The volume you are listening to your klipsch at 10 o clock will have to change to about 4 o clock to get the same loudness out of the psb's. Dont mean to be sounding bias but i guess i might as well tell it how it is. But goodluck with all Chorus II's Adcom GFA 555 mkII Adcom GFP 555 mkII Cal Audio Icon mkII Cardas cables & interconnects rock on!!!!
  13. Just to reply to last message. The speakers he is replying to selling for 500 last week were chorus not chorus 2 and the seller withdrew them early from the bidding so i would imagine buyer made a deal but most likely well over the 500. I have never seen chorus 2's sell for less than 800 personally and if anyone did sell them for less they would have to have "I AM STUPID" on there forehead.Just my 2 cents. Chorus 2's Adcom GFA 555II Adcom GFP 555II Cal Audio Icon MKII Cardas Cables & Interconnects ------------------
  14. Thanks for all the advise.I called klipsch and they said just 10 dollars for the new binding posts. So i guess not as big as deal as i first thought. Also like the advice of just using banana plugs.That would probably be the best way to go anyways.Thanks again and long live klipsch. Klipsch Chorus 2's Adcom GFA 555 MK 2 Adcom GFP 555 MK 2 Cal Audio Icon MK 2 Cardas Quadlink 5c's
  15. I just got my new/used chorus 2's the other day.They are in absolute mint condition except for one thing.The plastic nut on the speaker binding post of one of my speakers is stripped. It just turns completely off which is not suppose to happen and it will not tighten up. Never ran into this problem before.Are replacements readily available at all audio shops or will i have to get a replacement from klipsch? Also i am wondering how replacement will go on being they are meant to be slightly smaller than the end of the binding post.All help appreciated. Thanks
  16. Anyone help me out with choosing a good tube pre-amp for my chorus 2's? Looking for one at a moderate price that helps smooth out the mids and highs and yet excells in some bass slam. Thanks
  17. Just needing some help distinguishing the differences in sound between the 2 speakers. Thanks.
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