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  1. Well like I said I threw it away so I really don't remember the exact model. Who f'n cares anyway? I'm not trying to sell you anything man so why be mad? It's just my OPINION dude. You can be dissatisfied if you want to with my answer but I still won't even consider any Emotiva products for MY home system.
  2. Pretty harsh criticism of Yamaha, why do you not like it? Their modern stuff leaves something to be desired but the vintage stuff is incredible in my opinion.
  3. Bought an Emotiva amp as a temporary replacement while I had my Yamaha amp restored by Skip at Legendary amps. I noticed a definite difference in sound quality from the Emotiva compared to my M80. Although there was no way these amps were comparable in wattage or build quality the price was cheap. While I was using it it crapped out and one of the channels quit so i threw it in the trash and bought an Adcom 60 watt per channel amp to replace it. Never had a single problem from the Adcom and the sound was really good compared to the Emotiva. I still have the Adcom and actually bought a preamp-tuner for it to use in an office room or den. I believe the Emotiva was an A200. I bought the Adcom for 60 bucks and the Emotiva for 50. The Adcom is a gfa 535.
  4. Emotiva is crap. If I had to pick I would go with Yamaha most certainly.
  5. Hello, I have a pair of Klipsch CF-3 speakers in great shape. The first edition with the 5 inch bass ports. I was just wondering what you folks on the forum think they are worth. They are black finish with some light wear on the top edges. Sorry no photos.
  6. They are black finish. If you are interested I will email you photos. Just contact me directly At Duc.998@hotmail.com
  7. Hey if you are willing to take a small step down I have a set of CF-3 speakers for sale. They are black and have the 5 inch bass ports that mean they are the coveted first series. I am the original owner and bought them in 1993. They are in great shape and the drivers are fine. They really are awesome speakers but I have moved and they just take up too much space. You can contact me at Duc.998@hotmail.com if interested. My name is Mike.
  8. Pair of CF-3 epic series speakers for sale. These are the first series with the 5 inch bass ports and monster type wiring. I am the original owner and bought them in 1993. They are in excellent condition for age. These sound fantastic especially if you love heavy rock or metal. They are capable of ear melting volume levels with a 200 watt per channel amp. $500.00 or best offer that is reasonable. No low ball offers accepted. These are large heavy speakers and I will not ship them. You can pick them up or arrange for shipping yourself. Located in Des Plaines IL 60016 zip code. Contact me at Duc.998@hotmail.com if interested.
  9. I am the original owner of these speakers, bought them in 1993. They are black and are the 1st series with the 5 inch bass ports. Excellent condition with no driver problems. The little Klipsch emblems were torn off the grills by my cat a long time ago but other than that they are in great shape also. These speakers sound fantastic, especially if you like heavy rock or metal music. $500.00 or best offer. Located in Des Plaines Illinois just outside of Chicago. Will not ship, you must arrange for shipping yourself or pick them up with an SUV or Van. These are large and heavy so two people are needed to carry them. You can contact me at Duc.998@hotmail.com
  10. Sounds like you are looking for an integrated amp not an amp.
  11. If you want a great high end amp for khorns get a McIntosh MC275 tube amp.If you want to go cheaper and still have great sound check out Prima Luna tube amps.
  12. ] I own a pair of cf3's and i love them.They produce a lot of bass and they are fantastic rock speakers.And they are efficient.The cf3's with the five inch ports are the ones i have.I have seen some bad press on the 2nd and 3rd series ones with the shorter ports.
  13. American woman?Really?They were a canadian band and the song was a dis to america.I don't need your war machines Idon't need your ghetto scenes etc.Bad choice.
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