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  1. I love the sound of tubes and horns, and to enhance my private listening, I recently picked up some Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones. They sound wonderful, with a rich, full sound when played through my Macbook or iPad. But I cannot enjoy them with my current hi-fi setup as my Mac MX-110 Preamp has no headphone jack. So now I'm looking for suggestions. I've been reading a lot about the inexpensive, Class A tube headphone amps such as the Bravo Audio Ocean units. I don't want to spend more than $200.00 and want to be able to roll tubes to refine the sound. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Herb
  2. They look fantastic! Keep up the pics! Herb
  3. Those suckers are massive! How are you coming on the veneer?
  4. Let me second Dave's recommendation. Herb
  5. Hey Bobdog, NICE! How bout a picture of the front as well? Herb
  6. Exactly, going to do some mods on the crossovers but still loving the APT-150's with the horns you made! How are things in sunny CA?
  7. Found the thread: http://community.klipsch.com/forums/p/124427/1670161.aspx#1670161 Have fun, the journey is the best part!
  8. Man, those are some rough pups! You can always try a stripper unless you're afraid it will decompose the plywood. Lowe's sells one I think is called J&L. It's in a gold can and it will take your skin off, but it works. My 1984 birch cabinets responded to a 50/50 mix of denatured alcohol and lacquer thinner, but I think that might be to tame for that paint. Finished mine with shellac and they came out great. I will try to find the link to the thread that I posted on the project.
  9. Hey, I've seen these before! Still loving mine that you made for me in 2010. Now I'm looking for a beat up pair of Klipschorns to restore. Glad to see you are still pushing the envelope! Herb
  10. Haven't been on the forums much lately but saw your note and wanted to give you my two-cents worth. The woofers are the original Klipsch K-33's. I changed the horn from the original to the Fastrak wood horn made by GotHover. Still using the K-55 Driver. A BIG improvement, highly recommended! Tweeters are now the Crites CT125's but I made a set with a pair out of the APT drives mounted on a horn made for me by Kg4Guy. They are identical to the Crites tweeter. I really like the CT-125 sound. It is not as loud as the K-77's but I think they are much smoother and cleaner, especially on cymbals. The K77's are kinda more "in your face". The other change I made was that I built a pair of crossovers, using a configuration I got from Gothover, but it is the design of Al Klappenberger. Spent a lot of time researching caps and finally settled on a Sonicap blend that also made a big difference in both clarity and imaging. Dave (Gothover) is now doing a project with the crossovers that bears looking into. Not sure what you mean by the alphanumeric code reference but I did not get to empirical with my project because I don't have all the test gear that some of these guys have. My attitude was if it sounded better I went with it. If you want, send me a private message and tell me more about what you are doing with your speakers. Herb
  11. Hi Dave Are these similar to the one's you help me build two years ago? I used the Radio Shack attenuators and ribbon foil inductors, and that set ALK off if I remember. Now that you two have smoked the peace pipe, how can I swap the RS attenuators out with a pair from you? Merry Christmas! Herb
  12. Dave, Is this the same design as the one I built for my Cornscalas? Herb
  13. Thanks for the nice words, I loved this project! Starting to think about the next one now. I've always wanted to do the same type of mods to a pair of Klipschhorns, but it's hard to find a pair nearby that need restoration at a reasonable price.
  14. Hi Robi, Long time since we talked! Como stai? Any new projects? Herb
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