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  1. Exactly! I did the same except I replaced my mid horns.
  2. I dont know about that Dean. The un-dampened hf horn sounds like an empty dixie cup when you tap on it without dampening. With the dampening applied, sounds much more solid. btw, I do mean installed in the box. Also found some other issues while doing the crossover mod. I noticed the shielding on the back of the HF driver had come loose, at 2 of the 3 glue joints. Quick easy repair, just something to look for if ever the drivers come out for service. Craig
  3. I asked gothover to come over today to upgrade my RF-7 (deans crossover mod) and dynamat the horns. We did one at a time, used dayton capacitors, and mills resistors. A/B comparison was really night and day, some tracks that were previously unlistenable, are now nicely detailed no longer harsh and bright. This is not the first time I have heard this mod, though it is the first time I could a/b them side by side. Dave thanks for taking time out of your day to straighten out my 7's. Dean, nice crossover upgrade. Craig 73
  4. I dont know about the sit2, but the daves f5 is killer. I suspect the SIT will be just as good. 10 watts is plenty of power for KHorns or Lascala. Craig
  5. Dave brought this amp over for a demo. I am here to tell ya it's sweet Carolina. No noise, bass was spot on as a leopard. Top end smooth and detailed. Demo done on my Ambiance Reference speakers. Its all I ever needed. Craig.
  6. Its awesome that 5 people like this network, but its far from unbiased. Just having Dean build it, and no financial incentive is bias enough. Just knowing what the objective is and theory can tilt the scales. Fortunately the battery bias should have no ill effects, and is relatively cheap to build. Dean, I think its neat that you have applied this to Klipsch networks, I am not sure it is necessary or will compare to your paper/oil builds, but at least you have tried something new. Craig
  7. When I worked for ESS in the 80's both battery bias implementations were tested. It was determined at that time it was too expensive and test results were inconclusive. My design preference was the bridged method, however either way the improvements were subtle. With the price and quality of capacitors these days, either method should be fairly inexpensive to implement. I just looked at parts express. Building a pair of type B's with Dayton capacitors standard configuration is $11 Building in bridge configuration would run $14 for the cap, and an extra $3 for the additional battery. Dave just built a pair of Heresy with bridge bias, sounded great. Craig 73
  8. Like I jumped out of a plane without a chute, then got run over by a truck. You know how it is. Craig
  9. I'm back. I have had a heck of a time trying to get my old account back after the forum update, due to an old email account. Thanks to the help of Amy I am back, at least temporarily. Craig 73
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