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  1. ya chabab , hibo baud hibo baud OK if you don't know arabic it means, come on guys love each other ,love each other!! And no not like the way you are thinking you FREAKSs> out there ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ This message has been edited by fawwaz on 05-30-2001 at 08:23 PM
  2. lol HA HA HAs> You guys keep bitching about this thing it makes me laugh!!!!!!!!!! I already told you what the hell to ,and for the risk and warrenty nonsence.SHIP the damn thing insured!!! If it arrives with any defict the shipping company will return it to the USA (forward address) where they can get a replacement!! If you don't like the hassle and a bit of risk, then hell pay the extra cash and be happy about it(this is to all of you) You have to plan a little bit for good things in life Look at me for example I live in Lebanon ,not even a klipsch dealer , no proper shipping companies ,rip off people(third world) and managed to get these babies for a 363$ (U.S) So Do AS I already told u , I don't feel like typing it again , check for urself :I- ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  3. use the aux. out of your TV into the line in of the soundcard and then enable the line from the surrond mixer of the sblive! ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  4. ok here's a link which the 5.1 in a small pic http://gamespot.com/gshw/stories/news/0,12836,2764657,00.html ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  5. ok so CPDE500 is an entrprise edition , damn even Sony can't tell the difference they sent specs that look the same check this: From SONY : Among the few differences between the models in your inquiry, of chief impact is the SONY marketing division which sells the product. Our CPD-E series are our business "Enterprise" editions, while our CPD-G series are designed and marketed towards high end "Graphic" users. Often there is little difference apart from the model ID itself. You may review the product specs for each model below: NOTE: As the CPD-E500 is marketed through our Corporate Enterprise Division, only limited information is available through the Consumer Support Department. Please reference your User's Guide for additional product specifications. MODEL INQUIRY : CPDG500 MODEL DESC : 21" FLAT DISPLAY TRINITRON SUGG RETAIL $ 949.99 WARR TERMS LABOR- 1095 PARTS- 1095 CRT- 1095 *** SPECIFICATIONS *** - CRT TYPE 21" FD TRINITRON W/90 DEGREE DEFLECTION - - W/HIGH CONTRAST AR COATING - MAC ADAPTER ============================================ - INCLUDED? YES - VIEWABLE IMAGE 19.8" VIEWABLE - DISPLAY AREA -- - APERTURE PITCH 0.24MM FIXED PITCH - MAX RESOLUTION 2048 X 1536 @ 75HZ - ASPECT RATIO 4:3 - COLOR TEMP PRES 5000 / 6500 / 9300 KELVIN (ADJUSTABLE) - HORIZONTAL SYNC 30 KHZ - 121 KHZ - VERTICAL SYNC 30 HZ - 160 HZ - PWR REQUIREMENT 100-240 VAC, 50-60 HZ, MAX. 1.7A - DIMENSION 19.61" X 19.33" X 18.89" (WXHXD) - WEIGHT 70.5 LBS - PWR CONSUMPTION 145 WATTS MAX. - INPUT VOLTAGE -- - OPER TEMP 50F - 104F - OPER HUMIDITY 10% - 80% (NON CONDENSING) - COMPLIANCE ========================================= - SAFETY UL 1950, CSA 22.2 NO.950, - SAFETY EN60950 (TUV, GS MARK) - EMISSIONS FCC CLASS B, IC CLASS B, EN55022 - XRAY DHHS, DNHW - ERGONOMIC ZH1/618, ISO9241-3, -8, TCO99 - PLUG-N-PLAY DDC1 / DDC2B / DDC2BI / DMI, VESA GTF - PWR MANGMENT ========================================= - -- INTERNATIONAL ENERGY STAR, NUTEK AND VESA - -- DPMS COMPLIANT, TCO99 - -- OPERATION: LESS THAN 145 WATTS - -- STANDBY: LESS THAN 100 WATTS - -- SUSPEND: LESS THAN 15 WATTS - -- ACTIVE OFF: LESS THAN 1 WATT - CONTROLS (DIGIT DISPLAY MOUSE: ON SCREEN DISPLAY ========== - -- CENTER (CENTERING, SIZE, OR ZOOM) - -- HELP - -- COLOR - -- GEOMETRY (ROTATION AND SHAPE) - -- CONVERGENCE (HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL) - -- LANGUAGE. - -- RESET. - -- OPTIONS (DEGAUSSING, MOIRE, CONTROL LOCK) - INPUT CABLE HD15-PIN DIN AND BNC-5 - WARRANTY THREE YEARS PARTS, LABOR, AND CRT - TCO TCO 99 - ECS YES - ASC YES - AIR YES - SCREEN COATING HIGH CONTRAST - HI-DENSITY GUN YES - HELP MENU NO - USB NO - SYSTEMS ============================================ - ----- WINDOWS 95/98 - ----- MACINTOSH COMPATIBLE *** FEATURES *** - SCREEN TYPE 21" FLAT DISPLAY TRINITRON - ACT VIEW AREA 19.8" - BRIGHTNESS CTRLYES - NON-INTERLACED YES - COLOR TEMP CTRLYES - POWER MANGMENT YES - P N P LEVELS YES - MONITOR CONTROLON SCREEN DISPLAY - POWER ON / OFF YES - BRIGHTNESS YES - CONTRAST YES - H. SIZE/CENTER YES - V. SIZE/CENTER YES - PINCUSION CORR.YES - H/V STATIC CONVYES - COLOR TEMP. YES - TECH FEATURES DIGITAL MULTISCAN TECHNOLOGY - TECH FEATURES HIDENSITY ELECTRON GUN W/ENHANCED ELLIPTCIAL - TECH FEATURES CORRECTION SYSTEM. - TECH FEATURES DISPLAY MOUSE OSD MENU CONTROL - TECH FEATURES ACTIVE SIGNAL CORRECTION. / GEOLOCK - TECH FEATURES DUAL INPUTS - SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES: - - AC POWER CORD - - HD15-HD15 CABLE - - WINDOWS 95/98 INF DISKETTE - - USER'S MANUAL ******************************************************************** MODEL INQUIRY : CPDE500 MODEL DESC : 21" FD TRINITRON DISPLAY SUGG RETAIL $ 899.99 WARR TERMS LABOR- 1095 PARTS- 1095 CRT- 1095 *** SPECIFICATIONS *** - CRT TYPE 21" FD TRINITRON W/90 DEGREE DEFLECTION - MAC ADAPTER ============================================ - INCLUDED? -- - VIEWABLE IMAGE 19.8" VIS - APERTURE PITCH 0.24MM - MAX RESOLUTION 2048 X 1536 @ 60HZ - HORIZONTAL SYNC 30KHZ - 109KHZ - VERTICAL SYNC 48HZ - 160HZ - PWR REQUIREMENT 100-240 V, 50-60 HZ - DIMENSION 19.6" X 18.9" X 18.8" - WEIGHT 70.5 LBS - PWR CONSUMPTION 145 WATTS - SCREEN COATING HIGH CONTRAST BLACK SCREEN COATING - HI-DENSITY GUN YES - SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES: - - AC POWER CORD - - INF DISKETTE - - MACINTOSH ADAPTER - - USER'S MANUAL Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance. The SONY Internet Group Customer Information Services Center CRJH ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  6. so you like to cut and paste from gamersdepot.com Anyway I wouldn't be too exicted I only have had the 4.1 for maybe 3 month and already their is a better one. Damn that is unless you haven't bought the 4.1 , but wait 3 more month and something better will come along an improvement on the 5.1 like the v-2 400 to 4.1 . It will never end! :D ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  7. Well I am not sure about the BNC conncectors ,never used them and don't know where they go in a monitor. but the I didn't find anything different from the E500 and G500 except the 65Hz to 75Hz refresh at max. resolution @1600X1200 the same 85Hz check the G500 specs: nothing about connectors(what are they exactly do they make such a difference?) : http://www.ubid.com/actn/opn/4806931.asp ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  8. check the above URL ,I've just bought this minitor it is CPDE500 it differ's from the CPDG500 by the refresh rate @2048 x 1536 which is 65Hz for this and 75Hz for the CPDG500 the 1600X1200 is the same for both!! Did I get a got monitor ? would do u think? ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  9. ok 480$ is quite much but still reasonable! about the transformer, don't worry I guess you can get from any electrical shop which sells accesories(harware)like lamps,electric machine and stuff. It is around 4- 5 kg ,Transformers don't have to have a brand to be good(unlike audio and computer equipment. As long as they give u 110v at the other terminal and don't get hot there perfect .I'll say you'll find them for a max of 30US $ any way you don't have to get a 1000VA like me (more ratting is beter) mine barely barely gets warm not hot!! so 500-600VA will do fine !! Good Luck to you!! ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  10. and yeah the 1000-VA transfomer(you need a 500VA ) cost me a 10$ ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  11. Although I taught each one how to get these speakers from the U.S no one seems to get it! AH well for a 1000US dollars ,or lets say for 800$ ,I'll get them for u ship them for you and still make enough in comissions . Damn Ripoff dealers!! They are not worth 1000$, 900$ . you buy them for that much you are a Suckers> they are good ,very good for the price klipsch offers them !!! and yeah quote: also we have 240volt power here.. not 110 or whatever it is in america.. so that means that the transformer has to be changed which voids the warntee instantly.. it's pritty ya habibi you use a transfomer which is a step up magentic coil You don't touch anything in the klipsch. It is an external machine(like the UPS back up power supply)!!! ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  12. I won't say it again , get a forwarding address in the U.S , buy from any site in the U.S with a credit card and thats it. I live in leb. and there isn't a dealer anywhere in the whole middleeast (mainly) You can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it!!! ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  13. Well cd you live in austrlia ,I in lebanon so the shi-pping may differ but expect to pay about 5-8$ on a kg. for next day shipping,and to mention customs ,here we have no customs on computer acc. not sure how it works in austrlia. As for the transformer it cost me 10$ and is rated at 1000-VA it doesn't even get worm all you need is a 500-VA for the promeida,I found that the 1000-VA for only 10$ so what the hell more is better Good Luck! ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  14. I really don't understand what breaking means or does nor what pink noise (this hissing sound) does with speakers , nore the need to play them for 20hr. I got mine ,played a little music , then played some more and sounded great!!!! ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  15. and yeah I forgot , use a FORWARDING ADDRESS. This is how it's done! ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  16. Hey body , I know what you mean I live in lebanon where there isn't a klipsch representative . Anyway I bought them directly from the klipsch site and used a step down transformer(220-110) and they are rocking! I think you should do the same! Cheers! ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  17. Quistes I think you made the right choice , don;t forget the mointor though look what I just got: I wouldve got the G500 which only differs in 75Hz @2048 as opossed to 65Hz , but the one I got is new and the G500 is refurbished!! 21" Monitor!!! PC will never be the same again! ------------------ AL-FAWWAZ
  18. well I think this is better : http://www.ubid.com/actn/opn/4701087.asp it can go to 2048 x 1536 Max Res !!!
  19. I don't about you but I bought the 110v version and used a 10$(10A) transformer and everything is rocking! Since you bought the 220 version there should be no problems!
  20. It just happens that I am bidding on You bid!! I have just been outbidded and am checking this monitor : http://www.ubid.com/actn/opn/4698984.asp and I think it's a better deal than the Nokia . I wish some one can help!!
  21. What do you guys think of this moitor: Nokia 21-Inch Model 445Xi MultiGraph Display 0.22mm H Dot Pitch / 1600 x 1280 Max Res Features And Benefits 21 Nokia Multigraph 445Xi Color Display The 445Xi is a 21" high resolution monitor designed for 1600 x 1280 resolutions with flicker free presentation. It is perfect for CAD/CAM and imaging applications. The excellent picture quality from the screen center to the corner is insured by Nokias dynamic convergence correction. The new architecture of the flatscreen tube with a 0.22 mm horizontal dot pitch gives superior color/whiteness uniformity and brilliance. CRT Size 21-Inch Flatscreen Monitor CRT Viewable Image Size 19.69-Inch = 500 mm viewable area Dot Pitch (Horizontal) 0.22 mm Maximum Resolution 1600 x 1280, 76 Hz and 1600 x 1200, 80 Hz Adjusted Picture Size 30-102 KHz Plug and Play DDC level 1/2AB Vertical Scan Frequency 387 x 290 mm Horizontal Scan Frequency 50-150 Hz Max Dot Frequency 200 MHz User Interface Brightness, contrast, height, vertical centering, width, horizontal centering, pincushion correction,tilt, trapetzoid, orthogonality, preset recall, colour temperature, red amplitude, green amplitude, blue amplitude, moire cancellation, convergency, degaussing and language (7 choices), Soft Power switch. Synchronization Separate TTL, positive/negative Composite TTL, positive/negative Composite, on green 0.3Vpp, negative Power Supply Universal 50/60 HZ, Connector type IEC 320, 90-260 VAC Power Saving According to VESA DPMS Notice None Requirements Detailed Description Resolution 1600 x 1280 Dot Pitch 0.22mm Horizontal Size 21-Inch Speakers None I haven't heard of any nokia monitors so tell me about it thanks!!!
  22. ok I think napster is out of buisness ,you can't find ANYTHING !!!
  23. Thanks Hipnotic_Tranz ! What is a monitor TV ? what do you tell the seller (he's ignorent already) I don't know about Text , I am thinking of games here! ,not sure though but I think the better the Video card the better the picture ,although I don't know if you can get a higher than 800X600 resolution!!
  24. I not sure about the new stuff, but I think the highest resolution a TV can get is 800X600 , but the color as so good you won't notice! You don't have to be too close ,imagine playing a shooter with a 29" !!!
  25. let me get this straight. The card must have a Tv-out(S-Video out) so that you use your 29" monitor as a T.V! TV-in in a card will let use your monitor as a T.V If what you say is true then who the hell needs a 900$ 21" monitor when he can get a Geforce with a S-video out(same as TV out) and use a 500$ 29" monitor.you will be saving about 400$ and using a 29" I am saying that becuase many people here are buying new systems and asking about monitors 19"-21" which cost the same as a standard 29"-32" TV . s> Correct me if I am wrong!
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