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  1. I'm in TX and very well familiar with lightning storms. 7 years ago almost all my equipment got killed by a lightning charge. After that I've installed 2 grounding rods and connected all audio-video equipment onto 3K+Joules rated 8 outlet RCA surge protector.
  2. My vote is for Pioneer. I had a few receivers in the past (Yamaha, Onkio, Denon and 2 Pioneers) and all of them were "mid line" and Pioneers left most positive memories. Also, it's my first Denon and maybe I'm wrong, but imo the x2400h sounds pretty dull compared to my older Pioneers and new to me SC-55. At least for now I'm still going to keep the x2400 for HT cuz of 4K and Atmos, but all music going through the SC-55.
  3. I believe I'm a bit late to discussion, but... I just dethroned my Denon x2400h from "HT receiver" position and imo mid-line Denon receivers (at least x2400) is overrated and under powered. It felt under powered and was running hot compared to my old Pioneer from the beginning and 95W in 2-ch sounded less powerful and less detailed than Pioneers 80W. So after a 1.5 years I'm back to Pioneer. :)
  4. Never had Maranntz, but I can;t say I'm happy with Denon x2400H. After my old Pioneer it feels under powered and running hot.
  5. Thanks. That's pretty much what I thought and no frequency response specs makes me think over and over that small bookshelves is the way go. I got a foam filled wall and sharp angling attic, so running wires is going to be a huge pita.
  6. I'm running 5.1 and looking to add 2 front Atmos speakers and have my eyes set on just released R-41SA. The only issue with these speakers is $400 price and so for a I haven't seen even a single used pair, but hopefully they gonna go on sale in a few months. The other option is to get a pair of used R-14/15M for $120-150, spend another $30-50 and mount them on the wall via adjustable wall mounts. I like the R-41SA design and key hole on the back, they sure would look cleaner and more "high tech" vs small bookshelfs, but apart from the looks, does it make sense to pay extra for the R-41SA or save $200 and go with small bookshelf speakers? My room is 12x16, 8 ft ceiling and the main sitting is about 12 ft away from the front wall. Ceiling Atmos speakers is not an option
  7. well, I'm a Denon owner and not defending it. Could you post a link to a x3400 test? x3400 is a bit more powerful than my x2400 (105 W vs 95W in 2-ch @ 8Ohm), not sure if 10W would make a noticeable difference though. X-series is Denons upper line and even though the x2400 is the second cheapest receiver in line, it should perform according to the specs. Another issue is running hot and apparently it's normal for Denons.
  8. I have a similar setup. If I'm not mistaken my fronts set at 40 and imo it sounds wider and more natural than 80. And LFE at 120. See if you can try a x3400 somewhere first. After owning two Pioneers I'm not impressed with x2400h. It's ok, but imo Pioneers had more alive and realistic sound. Also Denon is overly confident about their WPC rating. "though just a BIC F12" I have a F-12 as well and never wanted to replace it. Considering the price, the F-12 is one awesome sub.
  9. When I was looking for a pair of 82 II's I had a local CL seller twanted $600 for unopened boxes with receipt and warranty as well, he was trying to sell the warranty which is not transferable. I found another slightly used pair with boxes for $425. Great speakers.
  10. Rampage... I like the Rock, but that movie was way too cheesy for a star of his size. My sub had a good workout, besides that, Rampage is just another movie that you wont remember.
  11. http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQPpcKQ9eWZGxJe6eXyCW91eayLVm4KqruvJz3GP0F2T2w46yKZ It was ok, but I'm not impressed. Imo this is one of the weakest Marvel movies.
  12. I had the same issue with my AVR. Lower the gain on you sub as low as it goes (i went down to 1/8 or so) and run Audyssey. Raise the sub level by amp control and or sub gain later to desirable level.
  13. 12 strong. Good story, good movie, good sound. Most of the war scenes are too light and civilized, but still, it's a pretty good movie and definitely worth watching it. I'd give it 7 out 10.
  14. If you can get that one for 100+ 65- that's good deal, but if you are planning to hit "buy now", I would wait. The last 2 RC-62II that got sold just recently went for $215. Here is another 62 II for $230. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Reference-RC-62-II-Center-Speaker/282943694007?hash=item41e0c224b7:g:uvIAAOSwWbta5Lft Also if you monitor you local CL you can find one even for less.
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