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  1. Try to put them on top of your fronts first. My room is 14 x 16, 8 ft. celling and got my R-41SA on top of my fronts, imo it increases the dispersion of the sound.
  2. +1 In stereo and 5.1 mode my 95 watt rated Denon x2300 feelsnotisably less powerful vs the older 100 watt rated Pioner I had before.
  3. Not everyone has a cathedral hall size HT room. 5.1.2 is more than enough in many cases. IMO music still sounds better in 2 and 2.1 channel and Atmos is good for some movie tracks, but not for all.
  4. I had a 50" TV on top of RC-62II before I mounted on the wall. Any issues with mounting your TV on the wall?
  5. R-41sa $250 https://www.ebay.com/itm/392314050132?hash=item5b57bd5654:g:XKEAAOSwNJtdA~W7
  6. Tascam DA-30MkII Professional Digital DAT Recorder. The face bezel is like new, just a few very light scuffs on the top cover. The deck was rarely used and then stored in a closet for a while. I'm selling it for my buddy, but he don't have any recorded tapes, only a few new unrecorded and sealed tapes. The unit load tapes, runs, rewinds, stops, pauses etc. with no issues. No remote, no manual. Comes with the original box. $400 + shipping, I'm assuming $30 via UPS. Local pickup would be ideal, DFW 75006. If interested contact me at: molson.david@yahoo.com
  7. I would get a bigger center and 2 surround speakers.
  8. Hello guys. I decided to use this old thread instead of starting another Atmos related thread, to keet the forum a bit "cleaner". I bough a pair of R-41sa and hooked them up a few days ago and now I'm running 5.1.2. My HT room is 16 x 13' with 8' ceiling. MLP is almost in the middle of the room, 4' away from the back wall. After reading recommendations for Dolby Atmos guidelines, due to my 8' ceiling I went with Atmos enabled set up. My R-41's are sitting on top of RF-82's apprx. 11-12 ' away from MLP. I've tried to google for information on now much reflected from the ceiling sound waves are getting disperse, but can't find any data or formula oh how to calculate the bestMLP location based on distance from Atmos enabled speakers in relation to the ceiling height. Do I need to move my MLP forward or it's right where it need to be to get reflected from the ceiling sound waves? Audyssey calibration measurements: Front R - 11.7', - 4.5db Front L - 12' , -6.5db Center - 11.2', -7db Sub - 13.1', -9db Sur R - 6.7', -3.5db - adjusted to -2.5db Sur L - 6.6', -4db - adjusted to -3 Front Atmos R - 11', +1db - adjusted to +3 Front Atmos L - 12.2', +2db - adjusted to +4 I've added 2 db to both Atmos channels to make them more audible, as far I've read a lot of people are doing +2db for Atmos up-firing and down-firing speakers. So, despite following statements "Will I always get better Dolby Atmos sound with overhead speakers?" "Dolby Atmos enabled speakers produce slightly diffuse overhead audio that is quite lifelike and, in some cases, preferable to the sound that comes from overhead speakers." "Audio experts agree that the overhead layer of sound produced by Dolby Atmos enabled speakers can be preferable to the sound originating from overhead speakers." "Dolby Atmos enabled speakers do not rely on virtualized processing. That means you don’t have to sit in a specific spot to get the full Dolby Atmos effect." "Based on an understanding of how the brain interprets sound, Dolby Atmos enabled speakers modify select audio frequencies to reinforce the sense of sound coming from above. This filtering is also applied to any sound that may leak horizontally from the speaker cabinet to further amplify the perception of sound coming from above." Do I need to increase the distance from Atmos speakers to MLP since the sound has to travel up to the ceiling and then down to MLP? We've watched a few movies and we sure feel the difference of 5.1.2 vs 5.1 , but I want to be sure that I'm getting the best possible sound from my current set up.
  9. I'm in TX and very well familiar with lightning storms. 7 years ago almost all my equipment got killed by a lightning charge. After that I've installed 2 grounding rods and connected all audio-video equipment onto 3K+Joules rated 8 outlet RCA surge protector.
  10. My vote is for Pioneer. I had a few receivers in the past (Yamaha, Onkio, Denon and 2 Pioneers) and all of them were "mid line" and Pioneers left most positive memories. Also, it's my first Denon and maybe I'm wrong, but imo the x2400h sounds pretty dull compared to my older Pioneers and new to me SC-55. At least for now I'm still going to keep the x2400 for HT cuz of 4K and Atmos, but all music going through the SC-55.
  11. I believe I'm a bit late to discussion, but... I just dethroned my Denon x2400h from "HT receiver" position and imo mid-line Denon receivers (at least x2400) is overrated and under powered. It felt under powered and was running hot compared to my old Pioneer from the beginning and 95W in 2-ch sounded less powerful and less detailed than Pioneers 80W. So after a 1.5 years I'm back to Pioneer. :)
  12. Never had Maranntz, but I can;t say I'm happy with Denon x2400H. After my old Pioneer it feels under powered and running hot.
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