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  1. The new gen of the QX debuts March 20th. imo Klipsch should've pick a different car brand. Infinity is a "3rd grade luxury". It's not popular or reputable or volume enough brand to match Klipsch name and history. No offence to Infinity owners. The new 2025 Ram will have Klipsch-Panasonic audio system as well and while Ram is "less premium" vs Infinity brand it shows much higher sales numbers and sells a lot more expensive models and will be a better match for Klipsch.
  2. Did you hook up the cables to the 8000's bottom terminals or "heights" Atmos terminals?
  3. I always had 80-85W rated Pioneers and had no issues with loudness. My current Denon is 95W rated, but it's not as loud as my previous Pioneers. Imo and based on my research Denon and Marantz avr's are overrated in loudness department, so definitely get a 100W model.
  4. Yes, we can't go by the specs alone. And we all have seen this info at the RP-8000II products page :). But will it make any noticeable difference? If you have a composers sensitive hearing and listening to classical music in FLAC - maybe.
  5. Based on what do you expect to hear big difference? Based on specs 33Hz-23kHz ± 3dB vs 35-25kHz +/- 3dB + bigger horns and CROSSOVER FREQUENCY 2000Hz vs 1630Hz I doubt you'll hear any difference... Yes, PR's are newer, but it's the same level of quality and technology, differences are very minimal..
  6. Try to put them on top of your fronts first. My room is 14 x 16, 8 ft. celling and got my R-41SA on top of my fronts, imo it increases the dispersion of the sound.
  7. +1 In stereo and 5.1 mode my 95 watt rated Denon x2300 feelsnotisably less powerful vs the older 100 watt rated Pioner I had before.
  8. Not everyone has a cathedral hall size HT room. 5.1.2 is more than enough in many cases. IMO music still sounds better in 2 and 2.1 channel and Atmos is good for some movie tracks, but not for all.
  9. I had a 50" TV on top of RC-62II before I mounted on the wall. Any issues with mounting your TV on the wall?
  10. R-41sa $250 https://www.ebay.com/itm/392314050132?hash=item5b57bd5654:g:XKEAAOSwNJtdA~W7
  11. Tascam DA-30MkII Professional Digital DAT Recorder. The face bezel is like new, just a few very light scuffs on the top cover. The deck was rarely used and then stored in a closet for a while. I'm selling it for my buddy, but he don't have any recorded tapes, only a few new unrecorded and sealed tapes. The unit load tapes, runs, rewinds, stops, pauses etc. with no issues. No remote, no manual. Comes with the original box. $400 + shipping, I'm assuming $30 via UPS. Local pickup would be ideal, DFW 75006. If interested contact me at: molson.david@yahoo.com
  12. I would get a bigger center and 2 surround speakers.
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