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  1. Here's my opinion after a few hours of listening to the R-117 and then going back to the HK 730. Wonderful detail and no doubt a powerhouse! I got to about 11 o'clock before easing her back down. I'm not sure I've ever heard my Chorus 2s put out that many decibels. I just don't have a big listening space (20×25 and a 7.5' ceiling) for that level of listening volume. Maybe neither the amp or speakers were breaking a sweat at that level, but it was extremely loud. And for the record, I'm not apposed to rocking AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, Rush, Simple Minds, The Doobies or the Beasties at high volumes. I would say my tolerance level is higher than most. It became very clear to me at that moment that this receiver has way more power than necessary for my C2's. Okay covered the power... it has that in spades. Excellent detail as I originally stated... especially in the upper frequencies. Plenty of bass too which is why I fell in love with my C2's and sold all my other Klipsch speakers after weeks of testing (Cornwalls, Forte 2's, Chorus 1's, Heresy 1's and 2's). That certainly made the wife happy. You know what they say, "happy wife = happy life". I want to save up for a pair of Heresy 4's! Unfortunately, the wife would never approve that purchase so I'll just have to wait 10 years to get some on the used market. But I digress... sorry. It really wasn't until I reconnected the HK 730 that I decided it was the clear winner for me. The best word to describe it is smoothness. The 730 just sounds smooth at all volume levels. Plenty of oomph in the bass, soft but detailed mids and smooth highs. Even at high volumes, I find myself thinking "damn that sounds good!... too bad I need to turn it back down bacause the family and neighbors are home". Now, maybe in an auditorium or outside with the speakers 100' away, I might feel the R-117 sounds better but in my listening space, the 730 came out on top. Yes, I could tweak the treble and bass settings or break out my Yamaha GE-60 EQ to customize the sound, but that isn't how I listen to music now. Tone controls are at 12 o'clock and only the loudness/contour gets engaged at low volume levels. Maybe that's being foolish or even naive? I do understand why so many people praise the R-117 (and the rest of that line). It has an incredibly clean and powerful signal. You can also tell it was built extremely well when swiching inputs and adjusting dials. I'm going to hold onto this R-117 for a while. Audition it again in a week or so. Maybe in a different room with some other speakers I can pull out of storage. I want to be sure of its journey with me before passing her onto someone else to enjoy. Thank you for your input and opinions. Stay safe and healthy out there! Kernel
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll go take a look at it this weekend. If it looks as good in person, I'll pull the trigger. Have a great weekend! Kernel P.S. I try posting more so I'm not such a stranger. I do read a lot of other's posts... just don't comment. 🤘😁
  3. Hope everyone is well out there. Okay, currently have Chorus 2s. I know the R117 will have plenty of power but how will it sound? Over the years I've used various NAD 72xx receivers, SX-950 and currently have a HK 730 which I've enjoyed the most. Mostly listen to CDs, iPod and the radio. Local sale for R117 $450.00 (no remote). Good/Fair price? Looks to be in excellent condition. What to look for/avoid? Reliability long term? Repair costs? Thank you, Kernel 5/8/20
  4. Longdrive03, Taking a long shot here with this post being over a year ago, but wondering if you still have any of the wire posts? Freak accident that snapped off both posts. Super easy to repair IF I can find the correct part. Help me Obi One, you're my only hope. Kernel
  5. Selling my Forte II speakers. They are in excellent condition and have consecutive serial numbers in oiled oak. Really would like a forum member to buy and enjoy them. I just have way too much equipment right now and these shouldn't sit in storage. I've got them up on CL for $750 but for forum member I'd be willing to let go for $650. I live in SW Portland, OR. Don't want to ship, could possibly roadtrip if reasonable. My photos are too high res so I can't even post one! Geeesh! Here's the link to Portland's CL https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ele/d/klipsch-forte-ii-speakers/6715348490.html *** SOLD *** 11/7/2018
  6. Rivernuggets made me promise to post some comparisons after getting it hooked up. Currently running Forte IIs with a HK 430 in the garage. Maybe one day the wife will let me bring it in the house! More to follow. Thanks guys and happy holidays.
  7. Rivernuggets, let's do this. I have a 430 and have always wondered how much better the 730 sounds. Xmas early for me! Let me know how you want to do this. I have a Paypal acct. Thanks, Kernel
  8. David, I basically have these two speakers running together in my garage (KG4's on top of HII's) and I have to say they sounds pretty good together IMHO. By themselves, neither speaker really does much for me but together they fill in each others holes. The acoustics in my garage make pockets of really heavy bass. If I want, I can really fill the street with sound. ;-) Everyone's ears are different and certainly the power source will affect how they sound to you. I am running mine with an old HK 430. I took the advise of others here and picked up this receiver without auditioning it on my speakers first... very pleased with the combination. Have fun mixing and matching, John
  9. I like my Chorus I's better after adding 7" mailing tubes into all the bass ports. I get just as much deep bass out of the C1's as the F2's in my room set-up and can have the C1's right up against the wall. I will be upgrading my tweeters as soon as BC gets them in. I'm not bagging on the Forte II's. Awesome speakers, I just like the flexibility of not dealing with the passive radiator. That's my $0.02... why the hell did they get rid of cents symbol on keyboards??? Kernel
  10. Amy, you did a great job of giving us lots of options. I think a few more garments in black would do well (i.e. S/S & L/S T's, polos and hooded sweatshirts). A neon sign would be awesome! Yes, I realize it would be a $200+ item but I think if you numbered the back (even with a Sharpie) you'd go through 50 pretty quick. What about a mouse pad? A 12 month calendar show casing the old and new would be cool too. Thanks again for all that you do for us.
  11. Let me explain how I have things hooked up and then ask the question. Sansui G-8000 with speakers connected to both A and B Tape 1 "play" input RCA cables from CD player Tape 1 "rec" output RCA cables to input on subwoofer When the Selector is on FM and the Tape Monitor is on Source, all the speakers including the sub are playing the FM signal. When the Tape Monitor is switched to Tape 1 the speakers switch to the input (CD player in this case) but the sub stays with the FM signal. Why is the sub stuck on the FM signal? Should I be using the PreAmp out for the sub?Thank you, John
  12. Moray, you lost me. Are you saying taking the banding (nylon or steel) used for securing loads on pallets and strapping the speaker cabinet? That would certainly tighten up all the joints but how would that stiffen up the sides where it would most likely flex? These cabinets are pretty beefy. If they are flexing, I can't feel it. There isn't a whole lot of vibration felt at all. Maybe my 40 wpc NAD just isn't breathing the fire that these speakers can handle, but it is F'in loud and not lacking in the bass department either... especially now with the added port tubes. I am all ears though. I am not interested in drilling holes in the cabinets or anything because I like the stock look they have now. This recent modification is about the best bang for the buck (pen intended) I could imagine. I've had every guy at the office come in to hear the difference between the two speakers. We have all been astonished in the difference. Now I am installing them into the other speaker and never looking back. JWK
  13. Moray, you called it. I have some Chorus I's from '88. Been saving up for the big B.C. upgrades, stumbled upon this post and thought hmmm cheap experiment. I walked over to our shipping dept., grabbed a 4" mailing tube, measured the OD. Wouldn't you know it... exactly what I needed. I cut two down to 7" in length, wedged them into the ports of one of the speakers and put in a song with some pretty heavy bass. It took all of about 3 seconds to confirm significantly more bass coming from the speaker with the modified ports. Now, is 7" the ideal length and is a mailing tube the ideal material to use? I don't know, but it was affordable and it works! Spread the word. Kernel
  14. I too am a newbie... better late than never right. My “story”… I was a huge JBL guy until April 28, 2010 when I heard something new. I was out acquiring audio equipment for a sound system we were putting on top of our Hood to Coast van (whole other story I won’t bore you with). Anyway, I’m at a gentleman's house and every room has its own system. Some have everything (flatscreen 7.1) and others are just 2 channel but have 3 or 4 sets of speakers side by side. We pass his living room and Chains by Fleetwood Mac is playing. I love this song anyway but I had never heard it sound like this. I asked him, “what speakers are playing this song?”. He shows me his Chorus II’s. We spent at least an hour listening to various artists. Ever since that day, I have been looking for a pair of Chorus II’s. As you can see, I now have a pair of Chorus I's and Forte II’s. I search CL everyday. I hope to get an older Sansui Receiver this summer. I also like the looks of the 70's Pioneer receivers like the 1050 but some of you say it doesn’t sound as good as say a G-7000. Yes, I know that I should be on the look out for a SET tube amp (based on what I read on different forums) but quite frankly tube equipment intimidates me. I have no experience with it and they are expensive. I can get a SS for my budget range on CL, clean it up and if I don’t like how it sounds, normally sell it for what I paid for it. Yes, I could probably do the same with tube equipment but again, no knowledge/experience = more likely to get burned. I appreciate and respect all of you more experienced audiophiles. I enjoy reading your posts and adding to my knowledge of the classic 2 channel gear. I agree, it would be tragic if the Audiovox changed what Klipsch has built up these past 50 years. I only take comfort in the fact that Klipsch speakers hold up over time and if patient, I can get them on the used market. Someday I will have Bob Crites upgrades to all my speakers, a 7.1 system using Forte II”s and some Khorns in my 2-channel man cave.
  15. That makes sense. I have heard good things about Detoxit bringing older SS equipment back to life. Thanks TF and Bill.
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