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  1. Wow. I grew up in North Syracuse and my folks still live there. Do you know what finish they are and year? I just sent him a message asking the questions you asked. Would be best to have him communicate directly with you. Somehow or another getting each others phone numbers. Let me know.
  2. He's interested. Would you consider a trade or partial trade of some sorts with a real nice pair of Cornwalls ?
  3. My brother in law has a real nice pair he's looking to sell. Located in North Syracuse, NY Let me know and I'll have him get in touch with you directly.
  4. I can resist anything except temptation ... Just sent my brother in law a text to see if he is interested. We are only about 1.5 hour from Ithaca.
  5. Thanks ...that's the 71 Stingray. Looks nice sitting next to my 02 Z06 too.
  6. Those are nice too ...but holy crap $3,500.00 is a bit steep for a pair of Heresys
  7. Not sure what to do with them ... Every room in the house that you would want to listen to tunes in already has a set of Klipsch. I just couldn't pass up a good deal like that. Not too bad to have for some speaker redundancy.
  8. Craigslist find ... Pristine Heresys for $300.00 HWO - Walnut Oiled S/N 164Y419 & 420 Not sure but I think they are from 1983. Can someone confirm ? I noticed too that the serial numbers are also stamped on the top ridge of the cabinets as well. I have had a couple pairs of HBR's in the past but they never had the stamp on the cabinet.
  9. Anyone have an electronic copy of a user manual for an ADC Soundshaper Two MK III ? Or tell me what the best way to hookup to my Denon 3805 AVR ...
  10. Belles are very nice looking speakers ...take a peak at the set I just purchased within the last few weeks.
  11. If it helps anybody ... I travel to the Buffalo area at least twice a month and also over to the Albany area as well. I'd be willing to give someone a hand if it's on my way back and forth to pickup and deliver.
  12. Very good condition and fully functional. Any offers ?
  13. I see there selling for $89.00 on Ebay and even one place is looking to get $112.00 Any offers ?
  14. Very Nice !I had those same Rhinehart True Duals on my Screamin' Eagle Road King a few years ago ...I took the baffles out and cut 3/4 of them away and reinstalled. Sounded mean as hell.
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