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  1. I have an unproven theory that speakers used often don't need cap replacements as soon as speakers not used much, especially ones stored unused. 


    If your K-horns sound polite and laid-back, perhaps distant, you probably need new capacitors.  Your K-horns should sound big, bold, out in the room and lively.  I had one H700 from the early 60s that needed new caps and one that didn't. 


    If you have Type AK crossovers, change them to AK-3s.  Shop ebay and our Garage Sale section.


    If you decide to replace the caps, replace them with the exact values your crossovers have and use very high quality film and foil caps.  They will be expensive.  To a point, your K-horns deserve them.  Somewhere around $100 each, you begin to pay for prestige rather than sound.  Avoid metalized film caps, they tend to have a subtle, hard edged sound. 

  2. All you need to do is match capacitance and make sure to voltage rating is 100V or greater.  One hundred volts into 8 ohms is 1250 watts. 


    Yes, most capacitors for sale are electrolytic, because they are cheap and and small.  For an audio circuit they tend to (perhaps subtly) change the waveform passing through them more than other caps and that is undesirsable. 

  3. Not me.  Once I got my Integra Pre/pro with internet radio, I quit FM.  Other than to test it to be su re it works, my FM section  never gets used. 


    OTOH, I have a late '70s Technics receiver driving my H IVs and it often has FM on as as background music. 

  4. I enjoy my Heresy IVs and would generally recommend them as first Klipsch.  But from what you've been listening to, I'd recommend Fortes, as new as possible..  I have found the IIIs and IVs very pleasant and "real" sounding with roughly another octave of low bass over the H IVs. 

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  5. On 7/5/2021 at 3:37 PM, Cathedral Guitar said:

    So I currently drive my La Scalas with a Boyuurange A50 MKIII, and I love the sound, but have gravitated to the genres of music that sounds best with this system, and I had previously thought this is what the La Scalas did best. However, I recently listened to A British Audiophile's review of the amp, and he said this exact same genre was what the A50 amp did best!! This being singer/songwriter, folk + folk/rock, acoustic music, sparse jazz. So my question is, givin the assumption that not all speakers are universal, and will do their absolute best work when focused on specific genres of music: which genres do you think the La Scalas do best? 





    All of them!  Metallica to Diplo dubstep. 


    You may not hear or realize just how good they are, though, until you hear them play acoustic instruments.  Acoustic instruments have a characteristic sound and are readily identifiable, unlike a synthesizer.  If you go see the orchestra, or acoustic jazz, you will immediately recognize each instrument.  The arrangement need not be sparse, either.  The instruments should be readily heard regardless of how many pieces are playing.  

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  6. Mine didn't have that much damage, but there were some chunks missing out of the point of the dog house.  I paid a good antique restorer to repair them and stain them red mahogany with a satin polyurethane finish.  Whatever he did to the wood putty and wood (conditioner?) I can no longer find the repairs now that I have forgotten where they are.  My avatar pic, on my member page gives a pretty good view.  The edge plys are covered with a 3/4 x 3/4 cherry strip. 

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  7. On 6/21/2021 at 5:55 PM, joessportster said:

    Thanks Rich


    Seems like solar would be better regulated power than typical line power. I would think the invertor would put out a steady voltage. I assume it would depend on the type invertor  though. I am looking at a PURE Sine Wave style invertor.  


    Locally it seems like if the wind blows we lose power. I am always unplugging every time I think it might go out.  I am fairly confident in this projects ability to perform well. More as a way to have a better regulated supply than as a way to affect SQ but we will see




    Your equipment's power supplies are FAR better than that.  Don't fall for audio nervosa. 


    I have a small, educational solar system.  The panel output is all over the map, both current and voltage.  I'm running a Victron MPPT charge controller and a 300 watt Aims sine wave inverter.  The battery voltage changes several 10ths every few minutes until the battery is topped off.  So, the system voltages are not that stable, but the output of the Aims inverter does look to be stable to the volt, but I can't see what sort of harmonics are on the line. 


    A typical rail voltage for a 100 watt amp is +/-40 to 45 volts.  So what if your line voltage varies from 117 to 125V?   Then, with Klipsch speakers you are mostly applying 10 volts or less to the speakers, never challenging the available 40V.  Those fat caps in the power supply absorb and fill the tics and pops and brief sags that MAY make it past the transformer and rectifier.   


    If you are worried about power system upsets, get some of these:


    The breaker box style is cake to install. 


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  8.  Check the resistance of the woofer alone.  Should be the same as the other one.  Any K-33 will work.  Crites Speakers has woofers built to match early K-33s.  There have been small changes over the years.  Optimum would be another K-33-J; check ebay. 

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