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  1. After looking at the photo very closely, if the front section between the grills was lightened it would make all the difference. From the front all the edge banding, bass bin riser, and tophat riser look the same. Email me when you get a chance...
  2. That was a big concern when I was working on that center cabinet...There is no stain applied, only oil finish, that is just the difference in character of sheets. To lighten the tone of the wood we can use oxalic acid, which will lighten the natural tone of the rosewood on the center, or use stain to darken the L-R cabinets. This is a pic of a sample from the center veneer (on the left) and a sample of the old veneer that I used to help select the sheet for the center. PS: That set up looks good
  3. Been a while since I lurked around the forum and want the thank 2nd Genklipsch for the post and thanks to all for the nice complements. Glad to see that you are enjoying the KHRW 2012. The dust allergy thing sux, but finally after having "poison ivy " 3 times I was able to figure it out. Now working with a paint & body man to do the finish sanding. Thanks again.
  4. Its a 40 or 42, anything larger in this room and it would feel like watching a tennis match from the front row.
  5. And now they ripped some more channels... So, they stole The NBC HD, ABC HD, CBS HD, FOX HD, + the other local HD Then they took: A & E, CNN, TNT AND NOW THEY TOOK: FX, COM, BET, TBS, FNC WHATS NEXT HIST, ESPN, DISC I've done some research now and it turns out that in 2008 the cable companies wanted a waiver from the FCC to allow for an all digital signal, and to require end users to install a DTA (Digital Transport Adapter) or as others more acuratly call it a DIGITAL TO ANALOG. This device basically makes my digital tuner in my TV useless. And because the networks charge the cable companies 60 cents per subscriber to retransmit the HD broadcast, the cable company bundles that into the premium subscriptions. So unless your are willing to pay for more service than you want you get screwed. Now the cable company is trying to extort money by witholding channels that were originally offered in lower packages...Breach of contract? Failure to provide services...Who reads the fine print...I know somewhere there is a clause "We reserve the right to change anything at anytime" Well consider it lesson learned. Next time I review a contract for service I will "X" out anything I don't like and have the company rep sign it. If they don't I will take my buisness elsewhere. I would say on average we sit down to TV less than 10 hours a week, except during the cold moths of Football. So, I am not intrested in paying for TV that I don't use......I will be watching HD football OTA this year ...the cable company can K#*S *& *&$%^)(&*^&* ^& #5&^% *&S If anyone is intrested in a OTA HD antenna parts package PM or email to trail.mail008@gmail.com Thanks to all for letting me vent, Ty
  6. Actually on the C band networks you get the same feed as the cable / dish companies, before they have a chance to compress it. You get the whole uncompressed feed, and much more selection.
  7. Now that I've finished the shelf antenna, and sat down to flip a little toob, BY GOD THEY HAVE DONE IT AGAIN...TWICE in 1 week. Now that have knocked out A&E, CNN, TNT, AMC, SCFY + the original punch in the gut of stealing the Local HD on Tuesday!!! These guys are unbelievable I know this is a Klipsch[] and audio forum, but audio / video are related cousins and anyone else out there on the CoCastic/ Xfinite networks will be experiencing these same problems BCrites fought UPS and won and got his refund, so I am hoping to do the same!
  8. With that face its looks like he can do no wrong...Nice lookin pup[Y]
  9. Shelf antenna_ cant get one of those at a box store.... and the WAF on this antenna is thru the roof ... no prostest or explaining to do on this one!!!
  10. Got one of those dang pretty Walnut HD antennas now [], And when positioned just below the toob it gets about 80% signal strength, soooo it will now become my "antenna SHELF" for the center speaker [H]
  11. I am drawn to the locals in the morning to find out where the traffic is and it seems to be everywhere ....all the time....and then there is the weather and it seems to be HOT and DRY, so dry actually that everyone on the gulf coast wanted the tropical storm to come their direction... and lets not forget NFL in HD, I cringe at the thought of 480 football Mike, I will do. I am making several antennas (antenni) for the neighbors and am going to put 1 on my trailer for football camping and tailgating. I will have a camping trailer with HD and Klipsh[H]
  12. Perfect ! a $20 antenna! Anyone out there with DTV signal being hijacked or those of you that want to see that the providers are "altering" your signal. I tend toward DIY to keep my mind and hands busy. It helps keep my brain busy and my butt outta the chair, while I can still listen to KLIPSCH![]
  13. We must not continue to be BAMBOOZLED by the providers, they don't give a darn because they know how easy it is to wrench a few extra bucks out of everybody. I figured that here in the Houston metroplex if there are 500,000 subscribers paying $20 extra per month = $120,000,00 per year! NOT EXACTLY CHUMP CHANGE And you are exactly right the PICTURE QUALITY OTA IS MUCH BETTER than what the Satelite or Cable companies "will" deliver, because by law they are allowed to DEGRADE THE QUALITY 30%. This remixing of the signal allows them more space in the bandwidth (errr) more channel options (errr) more subscription options (errr) more cash! and how often have you looked at your channel line and thought "I really want that 1 channel but its on the next tier subscription" And if you really want the best quality and selection, I have heard that the old "C" band dish (the old 5 footers) get their feed directly from the "main" satelites that have not been compressed. The neighbors would think you fell off your rocker if they saw a "C" band dish being installed! But they all think youre crazy anyway when you invite them over for a beer, BBQ and a listen to your new tube amp or turntable..... You know they talk............ "Did you know that Ty still has vinyl records"............ "yeah he's kinda weird that way"
  14. The cable company is changing their name and their transmission to "all digital". All you have to do is install the new box that they will give you free! Sounds good so far, heck they will even give you 3 free boxes, and access to the latest digital transmission signal! Great sign me up, I have never been happier...... Wait a minitue where are my local HD stations, I really liked watching "Antique Roadshow" in HiDef, but more than that I REALLY like watching the NFL in HiDef. The cable company has hijacked my HiDef local stations with their little "blackmail- extortion box", and now want an extra 10$ per TV per month for me to watch the locals in HiDef. Outrageous, another service provider offering a lesser service for more money. I know I know, I know Switch providers... not so simple. I need SE exposure for a Sat signal, and my exposure is blocked by a 4 story building facade. I am fighting back and they are not getting another cent!!! The locals are OTA FREE and my homemade antenna set me back about $4. PERFECT 1080 reception !!! This one is pretty ugly, so I will be in the shop (better know by some as the speaker spa) to make a purdy one to hang on the wall. I fought the man and I won. If you need an antenna. Google seach, or email me for the specs
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