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  1. I have a Harmon Kardon receiver (AVR 520) and love it. You can not go wrong with a Harmon Kardon receiver. My Stereo; Harmon Kardon Receiver - AVR 520 Sony CD / DVP Player - SDVP 680 Klipsch RP 5 Powered Towers - Front Klipsch RC 3II - Center Klipsch RS 3II - Rear 10 Guage Speaker Wire Monster Cable Bananna Plugs Steve
  2. Stephen / Homer, thanks for your response. Steve
  3. You should try ebay. I think that there is currently a pair on ebay for sale. Steve
  4. Please send me an e-mail. Steve stvans2@yahoo.com
  5. What is the best way to wire / hook up the RP 5 Reference Speaker. 1. Subwoofer out on my Harmon Kardon AVR 520 to LFE In on one the RP 5 speakers, then using the LFE Out on this speaker run a subwoofer cable to the LFE In on the other RP 5. or 2. Subwoofer out on my Harmon Kardon AVR 520 to Line In on one the RP 5 speakers, then using the Line Out on this speaker run a subwoofer cable to the Line In on the other RP 5. or 3. Other - please let me know.!! How should the Line Level and Bass Contour controls be set? I have read here there the crossover of 90hz diminishes the performance of the RP 5. Is there any way of correcting this? In a nut shell I am looking for the best way to wire up these speakers. Thanks in advance. Steve
  6. My Home Theater System comprised the following: Klipsch RP 5 - Main Speaker Klipsch RC 3II - Center Speaker Infinty IL10 - Rear Surround Speakers. I want to upgrade the Infinity IL 10 to a Klipsch Surround Speaker. My question is what woyuld be the best Klipsch Rear Surround Speaker to match my current system; the RS 3II, RS 25 or the RS 35. Thanks in advance Steve
  7. I have a pair of RP5,s which are the big brother to the RP3's. I love these speakers, but you need pleanty of space to properly position these speakers. Steve
  8. I am using the JBL S Center. This is an excellent center channel speaker, but I want to match my RP5s with a Klipsch Center. I like both the RP5 and the JBL S center, What have you heard about both of these speakers that I am using. Last Question; what would be better for rear speakers, the RS3 or the RB3. Thanks Steve
  9. Would my Klipsch RP5's be better with the RC-3 or the RC-7 center channel speaker? I am afraid that thr RC-7 would be too overpowering. Thanks Steve
  10. I bought a pair of these on UBID. These are excellent speakers. The 8 inch midrange really brings out the mids very well. Steve
  11. Bose are the worst speakers I have heard in over 30 years of owning or listening to stero equipment. Fisher speakers are a huge step up from BOSE. Since this is the Klipsch forum, BUY KLIPSCH SPEAKERS. Steve
  12. I have owned my RP5s for about 7 months. These speakers are both look and sound excellent and could not be happier with them. My center channel speaker is the JBL S Center. This is a 3 way center and I have to admit also sounds great. I know this is the Klipsch forum, does what is your opinions about matching my RP5's with the JBL S Center Speaker and what would be a better rear speaker the Klipsch RB3 or the Klipsch RS3 II Thanks Steve
  13. to :Klipsch-daddy ----------------- I got my RP5's for $289 each plus shipping at UBID. The way to get the best deal (I am not kidding) on UBID is to look for speaker auctions that end between 4 to 5 am EST. How many nuts stay up all night watching their UBID auctions. This is how I got the RP5's for $289 each. If you can get a pair of these speakers for a reasonable price jump on it like ugly on an ape!!! These Mothers Rock. By the way $200 is $500 too much for the Wharfedale MFM7's. Unfortunately, I know from personal expereince. They suck you know what. By the way lets stop talking about Wharfedale and only talk about Klipsch on this forum. Steve This message has been edited by stvans on 10-16-2001 at 07:32 PM
  14. I paid approx. $700.00 for the RP5's including shipping charges. Great deal for Brand New Speakers. I find it hard to believe that you can get these speakers for $200.00 including shipping. I paid $289.00 each plus shipping from UBID. I have seen these speakers on UBID go for as much as $569.00 each plus shipping. Great Speakers. Steve
  15. The Wharfedale MFM7's are the worst speakers that I have ever owned. I bought a pair in Rosewood from UBID. I could not get rid of these speakers fast enough. I sold them for a 67% loss and was happy to get anything back for them I replaced them with a apair of Klipsch RP5s. The RP5's are a powered tower speaker. These speakers are truely fantastic. I am very happy with my new Klipsch speakers. Why are people posting about Wharfedale speakers on the Klipsch Forum. I love my Klipsch speakers and am a Klipsch person for life. IMO, the Wharfedales MFM7's are good for firewood, nothing else. Note: I do own a pair of Wharfedale Opal 100's. IMO, these are good speakers but still do not compare to the Klipsch speakers. If you want to buy Wharfedale speakers buy the Opal 100's. Long Live Klipsch. These are great speakers. Steve This message has been edited by stvans on 10-14-2001 at 01:26 PM
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