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    Home Theater: Elite AcousticPro UHD 125", Optoma UDP50, Onkyo TX-RZ740, OSD XA5180, Sony UDP-X800, Roku 3, X2 Dayton Audio Sub 1500, MiniDSP, KL-7800-THX LCR, PRO-4800-W front height, RVX-42 surround / rear surround, RB-10 rear height
    2 CH: Cambridge Audio Azur 851A, White U-turn Orbit with a Grado Prestige Gold3, Pioneer DV-45A (cd/sacd), Pioneer N-50, Klipsch RP8000, Raspberry pi/ Hifiberry /Volumio

    2 CH: Cambridge Audio Azui 651R, Pioneer DV-45A, KEF R3, Chromecast Audio

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  1. That's what I told myself. I checked my RCAs, tried the AVR in pure direct, and stereo with the crossovers for the front LR set to large. With spirited listening through the AVR the bass doesn't sound as deep. I am hoping to avoid spending money on a amplifier for the AVR.
  2. In my home theater, I have an Onkyo tx-rz740 that handles movie duties. Connected to the front Left and Right speakers is a Cambridge Audio Azur 851A setup in home theater bypass mode and a 5ch OSD amplifier powering my base layer. Has anyone compared a two channel integrated amplifier to an AVR using a two channel power amplifier connected to the AVR pre-outs? I would like to move the Cambridge to a dedicated 2 channel setup. When I removed the Cambridge and used just the AVR to power my Klipsch RP 8000 the speakers lost some of the low-end grunt. I even connected to OSD amp to the pre-outs of the Onkyo and I still did not like the sound compared to the Cambridge. Has anyone experienced this, and what solution did you come up with? Thank you for any advice.
  3. Since making changes to my setup in my home theater I no longer need the two speakers that are listed. I decided to go with towers for my front left and right speakers and keep one 7800 as my center behind a AT screen. $300 a speaker you pay shipping. The speakers are in good condition with some paint on the edges of the frame. The grills no longer have the white material that were attached to them when I purchased them. They are painted gray.
  4. What did you not like about it? Also, what speakers did you use with it?
  5. Here is the states I was able to purchase three R-610f speakers for $267 from Adorama. They are good for $89 a speaker. Nothing compared to the Heritage line or RP but a good entry point for Klipsch.
  6. Sorry, I have not heard the R-12.
  7. Welcome to the forum, Of the speakers you have listed I have only heard the Klipsch R-610F. My father made some changes to his media room and wanted to change his front three speakers in a 5.2.2 setup. I was able to find a good deal on the R-610F so I purchased three for his LCR speakers. After setup and calibration I cannot believe how good they sound considering the money spent. I set the crossovers to 80hz so anything below that goes to his subs. Sounds great. Hopefully others will chime in that have heard the Polk of JBL systems you mentioned.
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